Video Released Of Suspect Shooting Georgia Police Officers

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed a suspect was arrested after two police officers were shot in Franklin County Monday evening.

Chief Bruce Carlisle with the Lavonia Police Department said the incident started as a traffic stop near Jones Street around 8 p.m. He said the two officers noticed the vehicle which suspect and Greenville native 22-year-old Khari Anthony Gordon was driving had been reported stolen out of Greenville and went to arrest the suspect.

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The suspect then shot both officers, according to the chief.

One of the victims is veteran officer Captain Michael Schulman, 50, who was shot in the arm pit area above his vest. The second officer, 22-year-old Jeffrey Martin, was shot in the hand and will have to seek out a specialist to remove the bullet.
On Tuesday afternoon, Carlisle confirmed Jeffrey Martin had been released from the hospital but would be having surgery in Athens on Wednesday for his hand, where a bullet is still lodged.

Schulman is still in the ICU at Greenville Memorial but is expected to be moved to a normal operating room after fluid is drained from a punctured lung.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said Gordon took off on foot after shooting the two officers and a manhunt then ensued. A few hours later the GBI announced the suspect had been caught.

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  1. Richard Brown

    You have a vehicle stop because its reported stolen and this guy is moving around suspicously with his hands in his pockets, The second officer arrives and the first backs off and looks to be a little to relaxed or even distracted to me. Why????

    Isn’t the idea of backup to protect the other officer? Seriously this was a suspected stolen vehicle its not like you caught grandma driving to slow coming home from church. Alarms should have been going off on this one.

  2. Myron "Ron" Allen

    You NEVER let a suspect stand there with his hands in his pockets, without physically patting him down first! I mean I shouldn’t even have to say this here!

    • Iwillbeme

      They were slacking a bit for sure – but did not want to appear insensitive.

      • Myron "Ron" Allen

        Dude, we all look bad when others make mistakes! The haters wanna say we ALL are incompetent, but the deal is we’re all HUMAN!

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