Patrol Rifles Are Necessary For The Safety Of Communities

The outrage that erupted in the city of Fresno (CA) over their agency purchasing 300 rifles once again proves the limits and disdain that many politicians continue to place on law enforcement.

I agree with Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer that this equipment is needed because of the continued attacks on law enforcement and that if you wear a badge, you need a rifle to protect your community and your officers.

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We are coming up on 20 years since the North Hollywood Shootout where LAPD Officers were having to go to gun stores and ‘borrow’ rifles just so they had a chance of surviving.  Why is this still seen as controversial in parts of our country?

We’ve seen officers across this land constantly murdered with a bad guy with a rifle and I won’t even go into the multiple instances where children and adults were targeted but the fact that there is still ‘controversy’ over an agency that acquires this basic tool for their job is literally maddening.

One citizen, Gerald Bill, said that “when we spend large sums of money on buying military style weapons for our police, the message it sends is something like the police are ready to go to war against the citizens of Fresno.” David Sasser called the rifles a “weapon of war.”

Are we seriously going to continue this ridiculous talk that when law enforcement prepares or trains to fight the most evil among us, it somehow is a “war” against general citizens.  Just the mention that there is a “war against cops” brings out every keyboard warrior crying from  their ‘safe place’.

There have been more American Police Officers killed on American Soil then American Soldiers overseas in Afghanistan since 9/11 so stop it already that our law enforcement faces no threat.

Fresno and other parts of our country needs to get over themselves.  We live in a violent society where evil people prey on our citizenry and you don’t call a politician to come save you.  You call a police officer and shame on all of us if we do not ensure that law enforcement has all of the necessary equipment to save our citizens.

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  1. Mike Klarman

    All officers in the USA should be equipped with assault rifles. In fact, if you told me that the officers would be safer if they carried bazookas I would endorse the idea. I am so totally fed up with all of these pansies and anti law enforcement groups and individuals. I have not heard a single member of BLM or a anti-police protester say that they hate the police so much that they won’t call them in an emergency. In fact, a video was just posted showing a protester that was blocking a highway getting hit by a car. What is the very first thing the other protesters yell: Call the police! Hey, if you hate them so much and want them to die then have the balls to say “I swear I won’t call them if I need help”!!!!! But you will never ever say that because you would call them to save your sorry ass in a heartbeat you morons.

  2. ltc444

    In WWII the M-1 carbine was developed and issued to troops which would have normally been armed with a pistol. The reason was that these troops could not defend themselves with a pistol. A carbine was more effective than a pistol. It took less training. The same goes for a LEO. Most of the cops are notoriously bad shoots. Those same cops equipped with a carbine are less likely to miss and hit an innocent bystander.

  3. Richard Sease

    It is long overdo for the American police officers to regain the ground that we lost as a result of the socialistic citizen who have no concept as to what the police really do. One of the best tools in the tool box of any good police officer will be a good shotgun and definitely a good patrol rifle. The same people that condemn the purchase as well as the use of patrol rifles are the same ones that demand protection from the evil that falls upon them.
    Unfortunately the police in this country have been handcuffed by social reaction judges, and the Supreme Court. We have not been allowed to real police work in years. We need to maintain control by the presence of “quasi-military” presence which startes with the uniform as well as the proper training and equipment do we can perform the required service of whatever community we serve in. If officers are not supplied with the necessary tools to do the job correctly then we are allowing the criminal element to advance and take over the control.
    It has become very apparent over the last several years that there is a war between citizens and the police. Until 2016 this war was bubbling and would occasionally rise it’s evilness by the murderous cowardly act of killing a police officer. In today’s society this is not just occasionally it is becoming an everyday occurrence. Why ? because officers are not allowed be properly equipped to protect themselves against the criminal element. This was made very care with the murder of several Dallas police officers.
    LAPD was another example when they were “outgunned” by two heavily armed bank robbers. That could had very tragic results for the officers as well as citizens. It was only by the grace of God that no one was killed. There have been many horror stories that show the ill prepared police officer going up against a heavily armed criminal. Crooks have no rules. Society allows them that option. But, when it comes to those that serve and protect their community they want to impose “rules of engagement” on the police. News Flash there are no rules when you are in a fight for your life. This is either armed or unarmed. Officers face individuals that are taller, heavier, and stronger. They can prepare everyday to do battle but when you are fighting an individual without initial backup it will seem a lifetime until help arrives. Just yesterday if it was not for a licensed private citizen the FL deputy would have been killed by a suspect that was beating him to death in the middle of the roadway. The private citizen shot the suspect three times and he died.
    You do not see people rioting over that incident. That citizen is a hero and deserves to be noted as one. The deputy was critically injured as a result of the horrific attack. He was heard yelling for help as he was being beaten . How many people drove past or if the did stop did absolutely nothing to help him.
    I could go on and on with horror stories of officers that have been ambushed, viciously assaulted, or worse yet MURDERED. The point of the matter is the everyday citizen has no clue what a police officer faces everyday. So, , if you Mr.Citizen want to complain so be it but keep your opinion to yourself. The next police officer you see please walk up to him and tell him you appreciate his service.

    • Mike Klarman

      Amen!!!! Extremely well said!!!



    • Jesse Mathewson

      A law does not moral make., it would behoove blind order followers to understand that. Especially considering I guarantee NO ONE makes it through a day without breaking some silly non essential absolutely useless law.

  5. Jesse Mathewson

    The narrative is being driven by politicians and politically appointed anti gun cops. Want your patrol rifles, dont take them from law abiding individuals, eg., do not enforce laws that do. Period. You know as well as I that 97% is committed by 3% NOT by law abiding individuals. Promote self defense versus whistles and bullshit. Additionally if you study statistics and reality armed civilians have a far greater success rate hitting felons versus observers, (eg., almost every police shooting in New York harms passerbyes and it isnt the bad guys bullets) enhanced training, better training for cops! Most state POST certifications are a joke, I for one as a former civilian contractor who TAUGHT (volunteer) cops how too shoot better, feel safer WHEN THEY ARE NOT waving a gun in my families direction.

    • GB

      As a retired LEO who continues to shoot, train and instruct, I’ll challenge you to prove your statements by providing links to stats stated in your above statements. I will agree that most states criminal justice standards or POST are lacking in quality; however, POST is aimed at the median. They’re not there to train snipers, they are designed to get the average shooter through standards and into the departments where hopefully, they’ll get better training!

      I don’t know where or what you taught, but I do know that in my former department, the firearms (and line officer tactical training) given during in service has risen significantly over the years to meet the threats!

      You taught volunteer cops as a contractor.
      I instructed both reserve (volunteer) and full time LEO’s as a full time LEO, as well as military personnel, so yes I have a little bit of background.

      You are correct as well that most officers do not train as frequently or as diligently as they should! Then again, when it has to be done on your own time, and your “own time” consists of the couple of hours between your last shift, court, off duty, trying to grab a couple of hours of shut eye and an effort to fins a couple of minutes to figure out how to be a husband, father, wife or mother, it’s just not conducive. A truly progressive agency will allow officers the availability of both time and location to train regularly, and require a higher standard at requal.
      If the officer fails to take advantage of this opportunity, then it’s on them and they should stand ready to be dismissed if failing to meet the higher standard.

      Anyway, please provide sources for you allegations or I’ll just have to consider them the ramblings of another disgruntled citizen upset with the police.


  6. ahaz

    Actually, the regular patrol officer is already with enough firepower to keep them safe. There is no need to have every beat cop on patrol looking and acting like a SWAT member. In fact, police have far too many military grade weapons at their disposal. And despite the recent tragedies where police officers have been targeted, the profession is still safe provide the officer uses good tactics. If there is there is a need for firepower beyond what the patrol officer has, then utilize SWAT for the purpose that they were designed, instead of having them issue search warrants. Again, there is no War on Police. It’s a myth propagated by the LE in a attempt to demonize those that want to regain control of police departments and eliminate the poor and constitutional practices that have evolved during the so-called Wars or Crime and drugs.

    • Fire_and_Steel

      I’m going to guess that you’ve never had to “use good tactics while waiting for SWAT.” I’m also assuming you were nowhere near Miami on 04/11/1986, or North Hollywood on 02/28/1997, or in San Bernardino on 12/02/2015.
      “No job is too tough for the man who doesn’t have to do the job.”

      • ahaz

        Cry that “Walk in my shoes” crap somewhere else. I don’t buy along with many other Americans

        • Bob Pointer

          So, don’t call 911 if you are in trouble, we won’t bother you.

          • Jesse Mathewson

            I dial the fire department if in need of fire services I pay for. However, unless a person is terminated, I wont call the police. The odds are good in my city that they would attempt to invade my home and or arrest me versus doing their jobs.

        • xbull

          Well they are several agencies in dire need of police officers. Georgia State Patrol have two classes next year they are trying to fill. Dallas PD, Houston PD, just to name a few. Since you have it figured out please feel free to apply.

    • RogerDane

      Ahh, the Kool-Aid has rotted thy brain. There’s a war on society, American society, based on the Constitution. That assault begins with the front line of the duly authorized representatives of society, which my sadly confused bumkin is Law Enforcement. It is not myth. Our ideological enemies scream it out daily, “death to Amerca, the great satan”… but of course because you share that ideology you deny it (Taqiyya) because its legal to lie under your tenets.
      Law enforcement has been behind the ‘curve’ of firepower since the ’20s and it was proven again in the Hollywood shootout. We do not see the majority of LE in militarized clothing/gear “but” it should be available at a moments notice when “military tactics and munitions” are used by violent radicals in assaults upon our society. Anyone who suggests differently is on the “other” side of Freedom and our Republic.

      • Russ King

        A genuine idiot! You so rarely see them in the wild.

        • RogerDane

          Ad hominem attacks are the last refuge of people who cannot refute the facts!

      • Mike Klarman

        Very well said and so very true Roger!

    • Bob Pointer

      I see you still live in the make believe world of TV shows. Go back to your sanctuary safe zone. The patrol rifle is a very necessary tool for survival. No one wants to bring a pistol to a confrontation with an AK 47. You would also be afraid for your wife to have a gun in the house so she can wait for the police to arrive while being attacked. Take another toke from your legal medical cigarette snowflake.

      • Jesse Mathewson

        Bob, when has an ak47 been used outside of gangbangers land? Twice maybe three times in the last 50 years? Hence, ill keep my AR and keep practicing every week like the police should do…but rarely if ever do. Our local swat team kills more non combatants than criminals annually…”friendly fire” facts not bullshit.

    • St. James

      If Fresno police did not have those patrol rifles and something happened, as in San
      Bernardino, what would the citizens do? Yeah, find a hole and crawl in because
      that *might* be the only way they’d survive. So what is your plan? You must already have your hole picked out. We have these weapons for two specific reasons: 1) to be able to protect the public and
      2) to be able to protect ourselves while we work to neutralize the threat(s).

      Arming officers with patrol rifles prepares the department to be able to take on active shooters from a safer distance than side arms permit – and with much greater accuracy. Those who arrive on scene first can potentially neutralize the threat before SWAT teams arrive, saving more lives. It’s a much better
      option than taking cover and waiting for “the cavalry” to arrive while you listen to innocent people/children being slaughtered. Having patrol rifles also allows officers to be able to defend themselves on and off duty. My agency has equipped each unit with a patrol rifle, and many officers also purchased patrol rifles for
      themselves. Equipping all units with patrol rifles is a very smart thing to do, and no one in law enforcement (unless they’re an idiot) will criticize Fresno, or any other agency that does likewise.

    • Jesse Rodriguez

      Hey numb nuts SWAT Teams just can’t magically appear they need time to get ready more of them are officers on patrol some have to be called out from miles away by that time the officers needing those weapons could be dead again look at the North Hollywood Shootouts sit down and STFU

      • Jesse Rodriguez

        Ment to say some of them are on patrol

    • Mike Klarman

      Oh I get it, when a routine traffic stop goes sideways and the bad guy whips out an automatic rifle the police officer is going to call a time out and wait, in most suburban or rural areas, a half hour or an hour for a special response team (or SWAT as you put it) to arrive. How would the surviving officers in Baton Rouge made out if their SWAT team didn’t happen to be minutes away? If you are a law abiding citizen then you shouldn’t care less what a police officer carries to protect him or herself and the public.

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