Denver Police Officer Shot While ‘De-Escalating’

A Denver Police officer was shot Saturday morning after attempting to calm down a man “in crisis.”

Police tried to defuse the situation when the man shot a police officer.  Officers returned fire, hitting the suspect. Both the officer and suspect were transported to separate hospitals and have undergone or are currently undergoing surgery. Both are alive.

The officer, whose name has not yet been released, was shot in the leg.

Officers went to the house on South Quitman Street near West Amherst Avenue around 4:30 a.m. Saturday. The man was outside his home, saying he was suicidal. Officers went around to the back of the home, and according to the Denver Post, attempted to “defuse” the situation when the suspect shot the police officer.


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  1. Charles Phillips

    I’m sure the city will compensate the officer with Michael Brown money–$1.5 Million at least.

  2. captain shlushy

    You don’t take a taser to a potential gun fight. I hope the rookie just made a mistake of the heart and the tactical error was not taught by the academy or his T.O. in the field.

  3. LegalBeagle

    This is why the entire concept is stupid and unethical. Cops ESCALATE as needed to impose control – the only person who is responsible for the deescalation of any given incident is the offender. The lunatics who advocate otherwise, such as PERF, need to shut up and go away.

    Officer safety matters – suspect safety only matters once they are safely placed under control and in custody. Not only was the officer injured for no good reason, but the offender still had to be shot.

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