President Trump Inauguration: Love Or Hate

Photo Courtesy:  @TPCarney/Twitter

Courtney O’Brien at Townhall had an interesting take as she witnessed the Inauguration of President Trump yesterday and her thoughts revolved around the difference that law enforcement was treated from those attending the inauguration to those protesting and rioting the city.



“When walking up and down the National Mall and the surrounding areas, I heard several Trump supporters expressing their gratitude toward law enforcement. One gentleman told a few police officers on the mall, “You guys are doing a great job!” Another woman who was trying to head home stopped to thank a police officer on the sidewalk. As for the police themselves, they were extremely kind and helpful all day, especially in answering tourists’ questions about directions, schedules, etc.”

pigsShe went on to describe what she say that the “protesters didn’t even try to hide their disdain for our men and women in uniform. Besides screaming “No cops!,” they blocked security checkpoints, started fires, and destroyed property.”

Indeed, we received reports throughout the day from those on the ground on the utter disdain and hate that was being shown to law enforcement that was only present to protect the citizens and even those there to disrupt.

Cops were spit on, had feces and embers from a fire thrown on them.

And the hate didn’t stop at law enforcement as “PIGS” was spray painted on an Army truck.  businesses closed throughout the city, including Starbucks, for safety reasons and over 200 were arrested by D.C. Police.

We salute every law enforcement officer that protected Washington D.C. yesterday.  We thank the citizens that showed us tremendous support.

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