Multiple Stabbings Reported At Neo-Nazi Rally In Sacramento

Multiple people have been stabbed at a Neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento, California on Sunday.

The rally had been scheduled for weeks, and that a counter-protest had been organized on social media.

The Sacramento Fire Department called the stabbings a “mass casualty event” and said that five people had been rushed to the hospital and some were “critical.”

The incident reportedly occurred before the event was supposed to start.  @ABC10 reports that “the “original protest” organized by the Traditionalist Working Party has been cancelled.”

Photo Courtesy:  @ABC10Frances

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  1. BobF50

    Didn’t the neos announce they were backing Bernie? So the Dems are killing their own ———as usual. Some day even the stupid ones will realize there isn’t really any diff be it Neos, B Panthers or Westboro B. They’re all just professing their bigotry.

  2. chickief

    I hope no LEO’s were injured during the process. But otherwise it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks! LOL!!

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