Democratic Party To Spend $800,000 To Counter RNC

We have previously covered the preparations by law enforcement as they prepare for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the plans of Black Lives Matter to “shut down” the RNC.  The latest information gathered by hacking the e-mail of the Democratic Party by the hacker “Guccifer 2.0” shows that there will be significant resources devoted to disrupting the event including $15,000 devoted to “gimmicks” such as “dog whistles.”

The Smoking Gun reports that the Democratic National Committee’s “Counter Convention Plan Sketch” covers 22 pages and outlines the party’s activities in Cleveland, where the Republican convention begins July 18. Democratic operatives will launch their operation a week earlier, on July 11, to coincide with the opening of the RNC’s summer meeting.

The DNC plan notes that the party’s efforts in Cleveland will cost in excess of $800,000. In addition to 16 staffers on the ground, the party will have numerous surrogates available for media interviews and an RV to “serve as a mobile billboard” and green room. The plan was honed when the GOP field narrowed to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. Subsequent updates focused primarily on “gimmicks” to ridicule Trump.

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