White House Ignored Request to Illuminate White House in Blue

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (F.L.E.O.A.) Foundation announced its request that President Obama honor the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen Dallas police heroes by illuminating the White House in blue. The request occurred on Friday.  It has not happened.

Police Magazine reports that FLEOA Foundation President Jon Adler issued the following statement:

“While we appreciate the President’s proclamation to have our flag flown at half-mast in honor of our fallen Dallas police heroes, I respectfully request that he demonstrate his full respect for their ultimate sacrifice by illuminating the White House in blue. Actions speak louder than scripted words, and the honorable act of displaying law enforcement’s ‘Thin Blue Line’ at the White House would demonstrate the President’s sincere commitment to our fallen heroes and their families.

“Please know that the law enforcement community draws no comfort from Speaker Ryan’s remarks that it’s ‘A time for healing.’ As Speaker Ryan made that statement today, a police officer was shot in Missouri. We can’t heal while law enforcement officers continue to bleed.

“Please know that the law enforcement community draws no comfort from House Minority Leader Pelosi’s dispassionate remarks when she quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today. We don’t need her self-serving quotes from Dr. King; we need her to exude the leadership of Dr. King.

“I respectfully ask that all elected officials drop their scripted speeches, and feel the pain resonating in Dallas and across the country. Light a blue candle and say a silent prayer, but don’t insult the law enforcement community with perishable scripted gibberish. Five honorable heroes made the ultimate sacrifice in Dallas, and it would be a tribute to their service by illuminating the White House in blue.

“May all our fallen heroes rest in honor, and blessed eternal peace.”

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association is the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan professional association that exclusively represents over 26,000 active and retired federal law enforcement officers from over 65 agencies.

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  1. Christopher Lee Hartsock

    No one is surprised. I don’t care if the White House gets lit….Obama’s administration already belittled that potential by rainbowing the place with a gloat.
    It would demean and belittle the cops to be placed as second consideration to queer marriages.
    What will light up the White House properly is the removal of the darkness which crept in eight years ago.

    And I’m sure some will call me racist because I said ‘darkness’. And I’ll chew them a new one, as always, pointing out he’s the only president in history to sign into law the ability to kill American citizens without evidence or trial, extended the Patriot Act he campaigned against, oversaw the largest deficits and domestic spying apparatus in human history, and undermined the very fabric of our nation with lawlessness so OVERT, it’s become a punchline to a joke about corruption.

  2. ZynWoof

    Not surprising, but truly disgusting!

  3. Frankenputer

    Ordering the Nation’s Flag to Half Staff to honor the fallen, was not good enough for them? Someone alert the GOP that we found some of those whiny self entitled children they were talking about.

    • Andrew Brian Evagelou

      They disregarded Speaker Ryan’s comments as well, nobhead…

      • Frankenputer

        Nobhead? I suppose, if you don’t have the ability to use real words to express yourself? Making one up is ok. Let me see if I can find you a “participation” Trophy.

    • Kat

      glad you find the murder of 5 police officers humorous. …need a officer. .don’t call…handle it yourself instead of whinning

      • Frankenputer

        I don’t find it humorous at all. Nor do I find self important children playing Politics with fallen Officers appropriate. Thanks for stopping by and whining to me about calling out the self entitled whiners.

      • Frankenputer

        Hmm. I don’t think you know what whining means. Just to get you up to speed? It’s what you are doing.

  4. Kelvin Ahamefula

    so what happens to the blacks that were killed???…some of them were breadwinners and their families’ heroes too! What flag are they gonna light for them???

    • Kat

      attacking police is not a job

      • Kelvin Ahamefula

        neither is attacking blacks a job

  5. Dorine McKinnon

    This President and his Democratic enablers only support specific groups of people and LEO’s are NOT among them. If you make me choose between #BlackLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter then I’ll go with the Blue every time without exception… PERIOD… END OF SENTENCE…

    • ahaz

      Your attitude is precisely why Black Lives Matters exists. You believe a black life matters less.

  6. AmazedHuman

    And that would be because our president never had, or never will have, the desire to stand for decent Americans in his agenda. He is, and always has been, for Muslims, the weird and perverted, and the criminal element. It’s shameful that he can’t get behind out law enforcement people. Every tragic event that happens where we lose more of our brave men and women in blue, causes America to see him for what he is. An anti-American, anti-law enforcement, anti-decency disgrace. Obama has no qualms about bemoaning the loss of yet another thug, another criminal, who, if they had been obeying the law as they should, would never have lost their lives….and yet he can’t even do a proper, presidential job at the Memorial of our recent fallen heroes. He is a beyond pathetic. Millions of Americans – that would be – WE THE PEOPLE – have our law enforcement folk in our thoughts and prayers every day. And our fervant desire to get Obama out of our White House.

  7. GigiAnn

    Bath House Barry Only caters to the Gays and Thugs…

  8. ahaz

    I agree with Valley Girl. The White House acted appropriately.

  9. John Craig

    Just like Obama broke the law after the Supreme Court overturned his not allowing 4 million illegals to be deported, he said” I’m not going to abide by that law they are staying”! Yeah a real good law abiding leader!

  10. Kat

    keep up the great work law enforcement. ..remember…when faced with a split second life decision…better to be judged by 12 of your peers, then carried by 6 of your friends….America supports you

    • Valley Girl

      And, I’m normally not a grammar/spelling police online, because typos happen.

      But, I think you meant to say “Better to be judged by 12 of your peers THAN carried by 6 of your friends.”
      Big difference using “then” vs “than.”

      I support law enforcement, too.

      • x38_Specia1x

        Pointless observation. I understood the phrase. Getting hung up on trivial matters, for what? To be an asshole.

        • Valley Girl

          I would say fair point, but the more I read Kat’s comments, the more I think Kat doesn’t understand what he/she is saying.

      • Kat

        at that time; at the time in question.
        “I was living in Cairo then”
        synonyms: at that time, in those days; More
        after that; next; afterward.
        “she won the first and then the second game”
        synonyms: next, after that, afterward/afterwards, subsequently, later
        “she won the first and then the second game”

        • Valley Girl


          [T͟Han, T͟Hən]


          1.introducing the second element in a comparison:

          “he was much smaller than his son”
          It’s better to be judged by 12 RATHER THAN be carried by 6 friends.

          Meaning I’d rather shoot someone in self-defense and be tried for it RATHER THAN be killed and carried by 6 pall bearers.


          • Kat

            afterward/afterwards, subsequently, later
            I meant it as spelled..not as a comparison ..no rather..it is exactly how he said it..it’s a quote..he would rather be charged at the shooting then be dead..get it..correct someone else

          • Valley Girl

            Goodness gracious, Kat. Look up the quote. Everyone writes it the way I did.

            Even 38 Special knows I’m right, even though they think I’m an asshole for pointing out your error.

          • Kat

            according to the Urban dictionary and your posts, you have selected the perfect name..now go back to your safe space, the mall 😉
            valley girl
            A spoiled, idiotic adolescent female from the southwestern part of the United States, typically rich and white, whose language is insulting to human intelligence.
            Proof that the San Andreas fault needs to hurry up with sinking California back into the Pacific Ocean.

          • Valley Girl

            Name calling: the last resort for someone who can no longer argue their point.

            It’s really no use trying to have a reasonable conversation with people who gather their “facts” from Photoshopped internet memes and Urban Dictionary.

            So, I’ll leave you with this quote that I’m sure you’ll all take to heart, given the source:

            “The problem with internet quotes is that you can’t always depend on their accuracy.” – Abraham Lincoln

            (You can Google it. There are images of him next to the quote and everything!)

          • Kat

            name calling? where?…I will say your educational level is questionable

          • Andrew Brian Evagelou

            Name calling right here, Kat:
            “according to the Urban dictionary and your posts, you have selected the perfect name..now go back to your safe space, the mall”
            Implying that not only is she a stupid Cali mall rat but she’s already aware of this and has called herself that in her own username so you didn’t have to. In other words, the name calling wasn’t explicitly performed by you since you felt she did it to herself already for you.

            Furthermore, you’re usage of the word “then” rather than “than” actually was completely stupid, just fyi…

          • Kat

            classic…I post the Urban Dictionary definition

  11. Anne Widener Redd

    At least it’s still The WHITE HOUSE!!!!

  12. Once you go Bear, Arnie Grape

    Blue might upset his Commie Red lovin’ little buddies.

    • BostonBean

      That’s hate speech.

    • Brent Hall

      You are sociopathic idiot. Tell that to my friends who, every day, protect you from your community and your community from you and your right to say stupid things. You say that to them when they pull you over and you deserve extra scrutiny.

    • Kat

      Who is chanting death to others?…all lives matter…how about BLM clean up your inner cities where black on black murder rates are high…that too much effort for you? #racist BLM

    • x38_Specia1x

      Most? Proof? Lol generic blanket statements from the dramatic.

  13. Bear589

    “This people honors me only with lip service, while their hearts are far from me. The worship they offer me is worthless; their reverence of me are merely like rules taught by human beings.” (Isaiah 29:13) Enough said.

    • Andrew Brian Evagelou

      I’m sorry, but are you honestly trying to demonstrate equivalence between God Almighty and law enforcement? My Lord, that’s blasphemous…

  14. Tom Losh

    People are killing each other in the streets and yet someone is more worried about what color the lights are around the Whitehouse. Tell me again who is trying to divide us …

  15. Valley Girl

    How did the FLEAO go about requesting the illumination?

    Was it simply this announcement/press release/statement released by the FLEAO president?

    Did they go through the same channels as the requests by the other groups (for same sex marriage and breast cancer awareness)?

    I mean, I doubt the WH will be lit blue for this anyway (it is not lit up for other tragedies or for mourning any other group). The flags flying at half-staff is what is traditional and appropriate. Why is this no longer enough?

    • utahshadow

      No they put it out in their newsletter for all to hate the President.

      • John Craig

        Yes, but you missed his first speech overseas, where he said officers have to get over, “their racial bias” can’t get more racist and divisive than that! He wasn’t honoring officers at that point, he was lowering his thoughts about them!

        • Andrew Brian Evagelou

          How exactly is that racist?

          • Christopher Lee Hartsock

            It presumes racial bias in the first place, and if you think for a -second- he meant all cops, instead of just white ones, you’re daft enough to defend him.
            If you think it wasn’t divisive, how does it smooth over police/civilian race relations to demonize LAW ENFORCEMENT?

    • Alan Eldred

      I guess you missed the purple WH for Prince

  16. tunghoy

    The White House honored the memories of the five slain Dallas police officers in a more traditional and appropriate manner, with President Obama issuing a proclamation ordering the flag of the United States to be flown at half-staff at the White House, upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels.

    So you can STFU.


    • utahshadow

      I wish I could “like” this 50 times.

      • DMChasmail

        Me, too! And I also love the other’s comment, “…Tell me again who is trying to divide us…” Over and over again I hear people saying how the WH has done nothing but divide people while it’s those same complainers who post crap and don’t care if what they’re posting is true or not.

      • Valley Girl

        Or breast cancer awareness (in 2012). But, those were the only two times it has been lit up, as far as I’m aware.

        And NEVER in response to a tragedy.

        • David

          They did it for the French massacre, a while back. How about the purple for Prince? is that enough Hypocracy for you Valley Girl?

          • Valley Girl

            Please, check credible news sources and not Photoshopped internet memes for your facts.

            The White House never lit up for Paris and especially not for Prince.

      • utahshadow

        ridiculous comment.

      • Valley Girl

        The WH didn’t light up rainbow after the massacre in Florida.

        It also didn’t light up after terrorist attacks in France, Libya, Turkey.

        Not even after Prince died (though people are spreading that rumor, too).

        The White House doesn’t get illuminated in colors because of ANY tragedy.

        That’s what flags at half staff are for.

        • BostonBean

          thanks valley girl. this is not ‘any’ tragedy. These policemen were ‘executed’ for being white, and for being police officers. Killed by a black racist, and in a total twist of irony, killed while they were protecting blacks who were protesting against police, protecting their rights. These officers were completely innocent. This is ours, an American tragedy.

          • Valley Girl

            Again, that’s what flags at half staff are for: Traditional and appropriate.

            So, when the next “American Tragedy” happens (Newtown? Pulse? Dallas?), what’s the limit to what we light up the White House for? Certain amount of people dying? The reason they died? Police and Military only?

            When we start lighting up the White House for tragedies (ours or not), when even lowering the flag seems to become meaningless to the public, what is going to be the NEXT thing the president/White House will have to do to “prove” it believes/mourns something? Personally cloaking themselves in the representative color of the tragedy for a certain amount of days?

          • John Craig

            None of those tragedies asked the Whitehouse to color its lights, but the head of LEO did!

          • AmazedHuman

            Valley Girl – And you think he has any better record in regard to flying the flag at half-staff? Any time the national flag was flown at half-staff, you can bet if it was for anything proper, somebody other than Obama initiated it. Any president who would have the White House colored to honor homosexuality and not honor something decent like the lose of our men in blue is a disgrace. He has no morals, he has nothing in his makeup that reflects American or what the majority of us stand for. You think lighting up the White House for gays was not meaningless, was not demeaning to the rest of the nation? Think again.

          • distachio

            Was the White House lit up for the Oklahoma City Bombing? For 9/11?

          • Lance Desker

            and the 50 people in Pulse Orlando weren’t murdered by a violent homophobe who was under the FBI surveillance? So 5 cops are gunned down and the White House has to turn blue, but 50 Latino American lgbt people are gunned down, and it’s not an American tragedy??

        • The Conservative Atheist

          I agree but the only time I remember in history that the white house was lit up was when hay marriage passed. Hence my comment. I honestly think that the white house shouldn’t be kit up for any reason except for maybe the fourth of July.

          • Valley Girl

            Again, Kat, your point?

            I’m saying the WH wasn’t lit up in response to TRAGEDIES, not that it was never lit up at all.

          • Kat

            Read your comments…yes..how rude to light up our WH for a national tragedy when you can rainbow it up for gay marriage

          • Valley Girl

            Yes, Kat. Please re-read my comments.
            We already have an appropriate tradition of lowering our flags to acknowledge tragedies. Why do we need another?

            If we want to celebrate or call attention to something positive, what do we do? Raise our flags **even higher** on the flag poles?

            I’ll put it out there, if someone is really gung-ho about lighting up the White House blue: If there is a National Law Enforcement Officers Day, request that it be lit then.

            Not out of response to tragedy, but because of overall, general support.

          • Kat

            so, of course Obama respects gay marriage more.. ..5 murdered police in cold blood mean nothing…we get it…Obama hates law enforcement loves gay marriage. ..Americans are well aware of his priorities. .pitting American against American by wealth, religion, race and sexual orientation. ..creating chaos as a means to control …light up the WH in those colors

          • Valley Girl

            So, lowering the flags and attending/speaking at the memorial mean nothing?

            I’m sure, according to you, he did it “for show” (yet if he didn’t attend, it is just further “proof” he doesn’t care).

            The WH has never been lit in response to tragedies. I doubt it ever will.

            I’m seriously wondering if people are truly this dense or if I’m dealing with trolls.

          • Barbiegirl73

            They are truly that dense. Facts and logic mean nothing to them.

          • Kat

            showing up an speaking…good one..maybe you just listened to his first 10 minutes. .at which point he pivoted and started the racial pot stirring..never in the history of our country has a President so divided our nation…and ALL for political gain..I suggest you listen to his entire “speech”.. yes, he could have skipped it like all the other dignitaries funerals he sent lackeys to..his speech was inappropriate for a memorial for murdered police

          • ChavesisGONE

            Actually has been lit up for tragedies – when gay marriage became law!

          • nanalalo

            That is equal rights for something some people are too thick headed to understand. Biology, hello…can’t hold that against people.

        • David

          Thanks for your support!

          • Valley Girl

            Are you LEO? I fully support LEO’s. You’re welcome!

        • james black

          But he lit it in rainbow for queer marriage,yeah,proud that michelle/Micheal has support

          • Jeanne Rafdal

            and that…..was considered a happy time!!!!!!!! not a mourning thing…duh..

          • John Craig

            Happy time for you maybe, but not for everybody! Especially those who have been abused by the gay community!

          • Kelvin Ahamefula

            nobody abused you. You enjoyed it…so shut up and comment on the fact. #blackLivesMatter

          • james black

            Happy for who,it showed the weakening of a country

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