Watch: Man Ropes Calf While Riding On Police Car

One Tennessee sheriff’s office likes to do things the old fashioned way—albeit with a little extra ‘horsepower’ in the form of a police cruiser.

When one rogue calf was spotted running Highway 79, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office knew exactly what to do.

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Sheriff Monte Belew grabbed his ‘ole buddy’ David Bevill, who hopped on the hood of the sheriff’s patrol car with a cowboy hat and a lasso.

Bevill showed some true cowboy skill and successfully roped the calf, much to the delight of Sheriff Belew. “We just got him! Bevill just… tie him to the front of my car!”

So far, Sheriff Belew’s video on Facebook has been viewed over two million times.

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  1. genann59

    Love it. Way to get it done. And more than a bit amusing. Bet those two guys are a lot of fun when off duty, and maybe while on duty as well.

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