Walmart Bakers Refuse To Make Police Retirement Cake

Todd Starnes reported that three Walmart workers in McDonough, Georgia refused to decorate a “thin blue line” cake for a police officer’s retirement party because they said it was racist.

The police officer’s daughter went to the Walmart to order the cake for her father’s retirement party after he served 25 years on his police department.

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It was then that the baker told her the “blue line cake” was racist and that no one there felt comfortable decorating it.

Walmart did not deny the allegations and apologized for the incident and in return agreed to decorate the cake but there was just one problem…all three bakers refused, so someone else did it and according to the officer’s daughter, she was very disappointed in the quality.

So just so we are clear, Walmart uses local police around the country as their own personal security at the hint of trouble but they will permit three bigoted bakers to refuse a cake with a simple blue line on it?

This isn’t the first incident of this type at Walmart and who do you think they called when the Charlotte Walmart was about to be looted?

Walmart, it’s time to stand up for what is right.




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  1. mindy1

    I think the word racist is becoming so overused it’s pathetic.

  2. congressive

    It really is shameful when an officer is killed, how the police force rallies around the killer, protecting him from prosecution, and pushes to help the killer keep his job and retirement benefits. We wouldn’t need a #bluelivesmatter cake if police would arrest and prosecute those who kill other police officers.

    Wait. That sounds like gibberish. Blue lives do matter, but no one in a position of authority is killing them without consequences. Never mind.

  3. Larry M. Robertson

    That is a bunch of crap…….. the corporate office needs to establish a policy and enforce it. There is no way 3 bakers would keep their job if they refused to do their job.. Everybody needs to quit being politically correct and start doing the right thing.

  4. Kiki

    I’m just guessing but I would think that it being GA, these workers are BLACK. You know these people are ignorant of what is going on apparently since they cannot recognize that their own people are the terrorist and are terrorizing their neighborhoods, children, and all ways of their lives. I’m old but I never knew racism until NOW. Horrible, sickening feeling. Maybe if they stop thinking they are from African things would be better for them. People in Africa detest Americans who think they are African. Most BLACKS have never been to Africa and if they went there, the AFRICANS would probably kick their asses if they exhibit the behavior they exhibit in this country. I want this crap to end.

  5. kent

    If somebody ever holds up that Wallmart bakery, those three bakers better not call the Police but instead call the “Black Lives Matter” for help!! : P

  6. RobWJr

    This is one of the reasons they are closing stores and losing business. I hope they keep losing it. At the very least, those 3 bakers should be fired.

  7. Purplefreak3

    If read the full article the manager did tried to do the right thing for the customer after the lower level employees refused(not doing what you told different topic though) by making the cake themselves it might not look the greatest but least the manager tried cause they most likely just a manager and not a experienced cake decorator.

    • William Bahr

      Bull! the manager needed to show some leadership and authority over these racist losers. I called the store this afternoon so far it seems nothing has been done. Lets see if anything happens tommarow when corporate opens and they get some calls at that level. Any decent company would have brought in a district manager on the weekend given the amount of negative coverage. This is the second time in two months they have reacted slowly to something like this.

    • Larry M. Robertson

      The manager should have told the bakers to do their job correctly or hit the road…….. poor management.

      • Purplefreak3

        Would still be in the same spot of no one to make the cake either way, is more what my comment was about.

  8. jackie

    The employees should be fired..If I managed a company and employees refused to accommodate a customer, they’d be in the unemployment line.

  9. UglyGirl Hunter

    They probably spit in it. I would not eat it.

  10. Cindy

    What is racist about the cake? A lot of cops are black. They make up all races.

      • Cindy

        Ignorance with the cake or ignorance of the bakers?

  11. Sue Rawson

    i wouldn’t pay a dime for that cake…. what a horrible job!

  12. david ratay

    So what race is blue? I mean are we talking the huge dudes in Avatar or smurfs, or what?

    • Larry M. Robertson

      It was not the blue that was the problem…….. it was the racist that would not do their job.

      • david ratay

        Agreed. I just don’t see why these people think it is racist when somebody says “Blue Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter”. I guess they think that only “Black Lives Matter” and how racist is that?

        • mindy1

          They be thinking da polices are racist

  13. Michael Dillon

    next time someone walks out of Wal Mart with a stolen TV or someone tries tov rob them I wouldn’t blame the police for not responding and letting the thugs rob them or the drug addict walk out the front door with whatever they stole once they start lose profit because of the loss business and from ppl walking out the door with their products without paying for them maybe things will change

  14. boot879

    Who the heck wants a Walmart cake anyway? I hope they didn’t eat it after the employees made it clear they don’t like cops.

  15. pen44

    Wasn’t another Walmart in trouble recently because a checker wouldn’t check out a customer’s purchases because he was in a police officer’s uniform?!? Walmart is getting some really baaad publicity lately….I’m sure Target or KMart are on this like a hawk on a pigeon!

    • William Bahr

      Yes in a place called St Cloud.

  16. bigtony8

    This story misses the point. Shame them by putting the store Number and name of people who refused to make cake. Also put the Headquarters Number and lets flood their phones with complaints.

    • yikesarama

      It’s the store on Willow Lane in McDonough, GA.

      • Kiki

        People should make a banner about this crap and display it on the front of WM.

  17. Chuck L.

    This really pisses me off…. Of course, wal mart would never fire an employee for bigotry, but let an employee say anything about BLM and see what happens.

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