New Minnesota Police Chief Commits Suicide

The New Richland (MN) police chief died Monday, after taking his own life, according to the Waseca County Sheriff’s Office.

The news was announced in a press release, which stated, “It is with a heavy heart that we share news that Chief Scott Eads of the New Richland Police Department took his own life on the evening of September 12 in rural Freeborn County.”

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It is the second time in a week that a police chief has committed suicide.  Bay Police (MS) Chief Mike De Nardo killed himself in the station parking lot after he found out that he was under investigation for selling department property.

For some time, our policy at Law Officer has been to not post the suicide deaths of police officers.  Our editorial team has decided that in the interest of making our profession more aware of this issue, we will begin to do so.

Suicide is a sad reality of our society but it has been a particular disturbing issue within the law enforcement profession.  We will continue to work hard to bring you the information and resources needed to properly deal with suicide and the emotional wellness of our profession.


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  1. Young Werther

    There is only one issue: The WAR ON COPS.

    • free_inhabitant

      You are fucking yourself along with the other cops that have a stick up thier collective ass. There’s no war pinhead, YOU want war so you can justify your worthless profession. gfy

  2. Maria DiGiovanni

    It is about time and finally Thank You for helping those of us who seem to have been screaming in silence for so long about this issue. I would love to connect to see how we can raise the volume together with solid programs to eliminate this issue.

    • free_inhabitant

      Eliminate your profession, that’s the ONLY way to eliminate this issue.

    • Young Werther

      I have been watching *the issue* now and again as it appears through the lens of liberal media. Naturally, I am talking about the WAR ON COPS. It is rather difficult to watch as men and women in uniform stand silent and still as crowds of anarchists growl, spit, and scream in their faces. So very many Americans would love to see them all punished.

      • free_inhabitant

        You are spreading BULLSHIT as there is NO war on any COPS. Cops fuck themselves and need no help doing that so fuck your warmongering bullshit. Find a real job and stop sucking off the taxpayers young werth-less pos.

  3. Doreen Barr

    What a lot of people don’t realize is the extreme amount of stress that is a part of the police officer’s profession. That there is a high degree of substance abuse, divorce and family problems. This is not exclusive to police, it occurs in many high stress positions. Medical, legal, firefighters etc. As budgets get crunched the first things to go are often the most important. Stress reduction seminars. Therapy sessions. Debriefing sessions. The psychological health of the individuals performing the most stressful jobs in our society is overlooked in trying to save money. This leads to many unfortunate and preventable outcomes. We are all only human. When did we exchange understanding for profit?

    • free_inhabitant

      When you chose thst profession and strapped on a firearm.

      • Young Werther

        *When you chose to be Police Officers you exchanged understanding for profit* (Can it be possible that anyone could be so silly as to believe such an absurd statement?)

  4. Young Werther

    It is always a sad thing to hear that someone has become so distraught over what seems to them a *no way out hopeless situation* that they have no choice but to take their own lives. Sad in so many ways. Sad, especially because the *situation* they feel is so hopeless is in fact oftentimes anything but that. They just can’t see it because of perhaps many other factors befalling them at once; biological, stress…so many variables. Often it is an impulsive act.

    Cops have such a stressful job that it is true that it takes a special kind of individual to be one in the first place. They are our only true Constitutional militia. They are our only Army For The People. They are our only protectors against many kinds of hostile forces and without them we are lost as a society and as a nation. That is why they are being targeted. They are America’s Citizen Army.

    They are being targeted individually and institutionally and from all angles.

    They need a government in place that comprehends their unique role in the peace and order of this nation. A government that desires to provide them with all the various aid possible to make their jobs safer and better. Cops need more pay and less hours. They need to be off every other week if they so choose. They should have special funding for housing, health, facilities of all kinds and safe places.

    They are expected to be SUPER-human (and no doubt many are) and yet where are the funds for them personally and for their families? Cops ARE special, why not admit it and treat them as such? Instead, our government at the most highest levels (DOJ and the entire Executive Branch as well as the other two branches, for what they are worth at this point in time) are deconstructing police departments all over the nation via Federalized Strong Arm Tactics based upon politically irrational notions and ideologies and down right hate and resentment and sheer contempt from largely mis-guided, brain-washed, indoctrinated, anti-American schools of thought bent upon re-creating an America that will provide all things necessary for the uplift of many third-world type nations but at America’s expense. It is intended, this is no accident that our society we are going down so quickly (or seemingly so but it has not been a quick process and yet it has been rather fast in some ways) .

    This government and many of its pathetic so-called citizens care nothing at all for the men and women who patrol our communities. Oh, but they care about criminals, killers, rapists, cop-killers, child-killers, society misfits and anarchists they would empty the prisons of the nations in a heart-beat to the detriment of this nation. But, they WILL target cops. They WILL make scape-goats of them at the drop of a hat.

    They are what is called malcontents.

    The world is full of them and always will be; they are nothing new. But they are insane for attention; megalomaniacs in a word. They feel they are the SPECIAL ones.

    Cops ARE special and they should be treated as special. That includes doctors of medicine, but not NFL players and two-bit celebrities. Certainly, mankind is flawed and too often represents evil. I don’t think it is difficult to see and understand what is happening or has been happening. It is history. Everything is interconnected. We won’t give proper care to our soldiers, cops, medical researchers and doctors, first- responders but we will bring into this country non-citizens and give them medicine, food, and housing even as they plan and carry out acts of criminal and terroristic kinds of mischief upon our nation. Who pays for this?

    Anyone who pays taxes. Citizens who work and pay taxes. Mostly the actual workers of America are the ones who are being robbed to pay for the betterment of these often rogue countries whereby many of their leaders are mere warlords living lifestyles as great potentates and kings; their people and nations getting nothing. As a former teacher I know what it looks like when government backed radicals take over a school system of tens of thousands. I know what it looks like up close and at a distance. Sane people cannot live in an insane society. Can it be any wonder why citizens and cops often feel a sense of helplessness and worse; hopelessness?

    Who can wonder? We are in a hostile society created by hostile forces.

    Hold out and hold on officers.

    • free_inhabitant

      Killing innocent people and raping, pillaging and taking advantage of people that fear cops might have something to do with it. Soldiers are doing the SAME thing.

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