The Defense Of Sergeant Dave Walker

I am about to break my own rule in writing.

For the last 12 years, I have written in various publications about national issues as they relate to law enforcement.  I have purposely kept my own agency out of my articles and I have done that out of respect for their support in what I have had the incredible honor to do around the country which includes speaking, training and writing.

In recent months, it didn’t matter that I wrote about national issues.  The keyboard cowards that take false narratives and spread lies have attacked some of what I have written and attempted to stain myself and the fine men and women at the Tulsa Police Department.

Yes, the Tulsa Police Department has been a headline in the news for the last nine months and that came to a crescendo last Wednesday when Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby was acquitted.

I do not write about Tulsa issues but consider today a break in that rule.

When I saw the demand to Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan to fire Sergeant Dave Walker and the ensuing applause from the crowd it made me sick to my stomach.

Sergeant Dave Walker doesn’t need me defending him but it wasn’t too long ago that I needed someone to stand up for me and no one did.  I made a promise that I would not waiver when I needed to stand up for someone else.

I understand grief and I know that in that grief there is often a need to blame but to look at a man that has dedicated his life to serving others and a man that is one of the hardest working police officers I have ever seen and accuse him of corruption, a cover up and not doing his job is wrong and our society cannot stand for it.

Sergeant Dave Walker and his team of homicide investigators have done more for black lives in Tulsa than many of those telling lies about him. They have literally investigated hundreds of horrific crimes committed against African Americans.  They have consoled and brought closure to countless families and attacking an honest, hard working man is just plain wrong.

I am not close friends with Sergeant Walker but when I have walked into his office, I find a man that is no-nonsense, honest to the core with ethics at it’s highest.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with him gives them no right to viciously attack him.  The members of the community that have done that should be ashamed.  The City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Police Department are fortunate to have him.

Sergeant Dave Walker treated the Officer Betty Shelby case like all cases before it and he has treated every case since the exact same way.  He was one of the few that did things the same way in this case and for that, the community should be proud.

Dave Walker stuck with the facts when it seemed like everyone else was spreading lies and what does he get for that honesty and hard work?  He gets accused of horrible actions with a demand for his termination.

Law enforcement wants reform and improvements because with that comes professionalism and those that continue to ask for it that lie and attack individual police officers without any cause what so ever will never be successful in doing so.

Sergeant Dave Walker and his homicide unit are the best in the country.  I am proud to have them and they deserve a community that is equally proud.

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  1. Van Hamlin

    I am on a Mediterranean cruise right now, but I wanted to take a minute to praise Sgt. Walker for his courage and honesty. Standing up for what is right can wreck your career, even when you have the moral high ground. God bless Sgt. Walker.

  2. Jeffrey P. Rush

    I am shocked that no one stood up for the Major. He was one of the best.

    If we do not stand up for our brothers and sisters, no one else will. I know it’s trite, but also true.

    Thank you Major Yates for this article. And thanks Sgt. Walker for being true to your profession.

  3. David Bennett

    God bless you Sgt. Dave Walker don’t let anyone run you off from your job, anywhere you are at! God bless you you too Travis for writing this article!

  4. 30yearlawman

    Dave, don’t let the bastards get you down, stay ethical and professional and this too shall pass. Semper Fi brother!

  5. Police Chaplain

    Well said brother. Praying for Dave…and for you. Stay the course.

  6. Katrina

    I had sympathy for this family for their loss. Terrence didn’t “deserve” to die, but his actions, behavior and drug use caused HIS own death and took him from them. He is the only one holding blame. Then I watched the press release by the family and I I saw only greed. They want us to believe that They are victims, and that the city of Tulsa owes them. Owes them a Lot….of Money. Tulsa didn’t provide him with PCP and other drugs. It isn’t Tulsa’s fault that the family didn’t come to Terrence’s aid with his drug addiction. Tulsa doesn’t owe this family anything. This family owes Tulsa for slandering Officer Shelby and Sgt. Walker. They were in that courtroom and saw and heard exactly what happened and why. Get over yourselves and take responsibility for your own actions. Shame on those money hungry attorneys!

  7. Ronald Dean Ivy

    Meagan, you are 100% correct about SGT Dave Walker. He is as advertised. He and his Homicide Detectives do the very best when they get called anytime day or night. SGT Walker is the first one on scene on any homicide. He strictly goes by the book and leaves nothing out on his cases. The people that call for his resignation do not know how hard working this man and his crew really is. Thank you SGT Walker and team for the great work that you do for the city of Tulsa. There will never another one like SGT Walker!

  8. Samuel Fivey

    Very nicely done.

  9. De Rhoden

    I had the privilege of meeting him many years ago before he went to head the homicide team when I was on a ride a long, a ride a long that would set the course for my career in law enforcement. I will never forget his demeanor. He was professional and unwavered the entire time he was on scene. He is everything that law enforcement needs. People screaming for his termination and those that are mad at the jury, obviously have no idea how the law dictates that these cases are to be judged.

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