Navy Reservist Who Protested National Anthem Could Face Jail

A U.S. Navy reservist who protested the National Anthem could face jail time. Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Janaye Ervin chose to remain seated during the daily Colors Ceremony in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Ervin recorded her protest and posted it to Facebook shortly after it occurred.

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While Ervin may have thought it was her “right” to protest like others have done, she couldn’t be further from the truth.  According to U.S. Navy regulation 1205 all naval service personnel are required to stand at attention and face the flag if not in formation.

The Navy is now threatening to to jail her for violating Navy regulations. She is in direct violation of Article 92, which states troops can be punished for failing to obey a lawful general order.

An investigation has been launched ans since she recorded her protest, we may know soon her fate.

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  1. stop crying

    She needs to be in jail and not the military.

    • tyrone

      She would probably already be in jail had she never joined the military

  2. Ed Skiba

    Taking the oath and wearing the uniform, you forfeit your right to free speech. I did so for 22 years.

  3. Dominick Healey

    I don’t agree with her politics and acknowledge that wearing that uniform means she has no right to publically protest in that manner, BUT this is ridiculous. Slap NJP and chapter if command deems necessary. The amount of Soldiers and officers posting anti-POTUS material on social media in violation of UCMJ with no consequences… justice is fairness and consistency.

  4. Monica English

    Listen, you weren’t drafted – you volunteered and took an oath. If you want to support BLM, do it as a civilian. Which you may get to do sooner rather than later.

  5. shirleys

    And she should be jailed in the brig then court marshaled…dishonorable discharge! She is a disgrace to her uniform!

  6. Count_Iblis

    Not to fear, Obama will come to her rescue.

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