NAACP Says Black Police Officers Are Not Black

Photo:  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brentley Vinson Shot & Killed Scott After Scott Displayed A Gun

On Tuesday, the NAACP demanded justice after Keith Scott was killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer.

The civil rights group wants immediate change from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and city council.  It is unknown what “change” they want and it is hard to understand how could they even know this early into the investigation.

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All of this after we have video evidence of Scott with a gun and a long violent criminal history including shooting a man and being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.  A protective order was filed on him after he threatened his wife with a gun.

Meanwhile, the NAACP made an insulting and uneducated comment about African American Police Officers.

“Many black people who become police officers become blue, not black,” the organization said Tuesday. “In order for you to survive in a police department, you take on the police department’s ideology, ways of life, and culture.”

Instead of defending an ex-con that attacked a police officer and insulting minority police officers throughout this country that are making a difference in their community, the NAACP should commend Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brentley Vinson.

Vinson, a 26 year old police officer, graduated from Liberty University and played football at the School.  He ran a popular bible study group and was touted by his coaches as a man of integrity and character.

If only the NAACP could display the same integrity and encourage minorities to join law enforcement, all of us would be much better.

Sadly, their statements not only prove they are out of touch but they only care about divisiveness.


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  1. cary fujita

    The NAACP has outlived it’s usefulness, same for the ACLU, U.N., and the Congressional Black Caucus.

  2. Unas

    Black police officers, in 90% of my encounters, go above and beyond went to comes to dealing with black people in public to fuck you over, probably to look tough in front of their superiors, meet a quota, get promoted, or what have you. They are not your friend. That’s a Fact. I have 3 emergency savings funds, one for a good lawyer, one for hard times, and one for a buddy to bail me out some jail somewhere(Thankfully, the third option hasn’t come up yet). It’s bad enough as it is. Black cops are wolves in sheep’s clothing.



  4. Kilpatrick A Greg

    That’s funny. Because being black does not define you .. You define being black . being a cop . defines you . its a choice. You are a police officer. Police don’t need to rely on being black . this is what wrong with blacks. What is being ” black” anyways?.. Being jealous of other blacks that move up without the NAACP boosting you along? Or is it being like the rich blacks that give absolutely nothing back to their audience by taking that 700 million jayz and Beyonce is worth and not build you a self funded school? Is it having a church in every state you land your airplane ..but no private schools?..that’s why blacks don’t have ” black privilege “..they don’t build none federal funded schools like the Irish did. We have the biggest best schools in America.. From rail roads to the Alamo Irish have always stepped up to bat..90% of the Alamo help..was Irish that trecked across the country to help form our greatest state and built the railroads that walked slavery out the door in exchange for industrial machines to do the work. How can a business keep a sign in the window that says Irish need not apply if you got to ask and pay US for an EDUCATION!!?.. Blacks need to step up. Build your own is the key and the foundation of most of the successes we have accomplished. Oh..and equal property but Lincoln wanted to tax uncultivated land soooo..he who can’t pay the tax gets their house taken and HANDED to blacks in housing..equal property and education was James Madisons formula for self government. State legislation. Not ghettos and piss poor schools that come from it. You even want tax money to feed you in school free .. And get food stamps..lazy.. Pack a lunch and make breakfast or really.. Your neglecting your kids. You got twice the food upper class people have..act like it.. Books from tax money = educated.. Free food from tax money in schools.. Is why you use up your budget for the black communities schools. Thanks black panthers for oppressing your people and blaming us too Dr dre and jayz
    .your messed up.. Your so bad you make whites that CANT make up for your slack look bad..step up..quickly. Or you can go another 100 years without any ” privilege “

  5. wellhungjury

    The NAACP: “In order for you to survive in a police department, you take on the police department’s ideology, ways of life, and culture.” …… You know, helping protect people and the rule of law. Well then, using their logic; “In order for you to survive in black society, you take on black society’s ideology, ways of life, and culture.” which means rampant black on black crime, drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, majority single parent homes, a steady stream of unloved and un-nurtured kids, dropout rates above 40%, generational entitlements and a stubborn proclivity towards embracing the most ignorant, juvenile, criminal, self-defeating culture and mentality.

    • WB

      false equivalency: Being black is an immutable characteristic and not a culture. also, while protect and serve is the motto, a sub culture within the police department that is unwritten exists that is antithetical to said motto. Also, are you aware that the police in america was formed for the explicit purpose of policing and keeping black people in line? What was the nature of policing prior to the emancipation of slaves?

      Now, to your aforementioned point about black society’s adoption of an ideology that espouses what I would deem as self- destructive and not advantageous to the survival and prosperity of an individual or race/culture:

      is it your assertion that to be black is to be all of these despicable behaviors?
      If we go with the absurd argument that this is the case, what do you believe are the root causes of said conditions and “cultural beliefs”

      Moreover, is it only black people that kill people who look like them? Seeing that statisctially, people are killed by someone who looks like them due to proximity. And if we want to talk about gangs, are you aware of the fact the those gangs were formed originally to protect communities against violence and persecution from white gangs who harassed them for moving into their neighborhoods and wanting the same things that white americans wanted as well. Who killed, rape, vandalized and abused the people who espouse to live the american dream which was in alignment with what White america deemed to be the model for happiness. Those gangs would not exist without the larger gang.
      As far drug and alcohol abuse, I would ask you to show me the stats that say black people are more prone to alcohol and drug abuse than whites or any other race for that matter. Ill save you the trouble and say that the american indians are at the top of the list. It is so rampant in the native america community that, alcohol’s introduction to the indian people after their extermination and subsequent displacement by European settlers, has led to the formation of genetic markers to exist in the children of of nearly every american indian alive due to its abuse, meaning that once an american indian takes a single drink, he is immediately an alcoholic and exhibit all of the psychological and physiological traits that an alcoholic who has been drinking heavily for his entire life.

      Single parent homes: Are blacks the only race of people to have single parent homes? Have blacks since their arrival to america via the middle passage ever had the opportunity on a wide scale to have nuclear families as you say? Was that ever the model for blacks to mimic? Hmmmmm….I would like to know. After the emancipation of slaves, were there not countless examples of black communities who came together to create thriving communities free of counter culture that were subsequently burned down by whites and the people massacred? Were there not policies created by our government designed specifically to divide black families incentivizing black women to have children outside of marriage and keep black men out of the homes for the last 50 years? Help me understand where I am wrong. Hence the culture of generational entitlements which was modeled behavior learned from the creation of a welfare state by America. Was not crack introduced into the black community by an outside “entity”?

      • Michael Sullivan

        Non-working race-bating Anti-American pro-violence anti-white racist PLEASE. There are too many elements conflicting in your statement to give an effective response. There, I just “helped” you to understand a thing, you racist anti-white moronic Imbecile.

        • WB

          You’re still talking? We get it man. You are angry and you feel left behind. I hope life gets better for you little fella………hugs

          • Michael Sullivan

            I hope you get shot in the head for treason ya lazy bastard.

          • WB


  6. Cindy Dalton

    Every American citizen should read the book entitled HELTER SKELTER by Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor in the 1970 trial of madman Charles Manson – then compare Manson’s insane ramblings about a future “race war” he claims to have seen in a “vision.” His vision of another civil war mirrors the Hell-inspired vision of Black Lives Matter and the corrupt NAACP of today. The bridge of brotherhood that peaceful Civil Rights activists built with their blood and sweat is being ripped apart by modern elitists with a money driven agenda. If blue lives, black lives, or any lives matter to us, we had better pray and seek God for peace in this land, because war has been declared by Satan himself.



  8. Dwight Maxwell

    Sounds like Black cops get equality and the NAACP doesn’t!

  9. Don

    The naacp has never , since it’s existence, had an ounce of integrity or justice, nor has it ever cared about justice. It is , however, just another racist, corrupt, criminal organization out for itself, money and fame at any cost. The only reason it still even exists is because of corruption within it’s own cells, I mean walls, which actually supports rioting and looting, murder and mayhem… Pretty simplistic racist thug group…….

  10. aquacjp

    This also means that the NAACP can not push for additional “black” officers, because they really aren’t. Does the same apply to Police Chiefs, District Attorneys, Mayors and others? Do they feel now is the time for all “blue” offiicers to quit and become “black” again?

    • Monica English

      Excellent point. The NAACP can’t have it both ways.

  11. Shirley Privette Baucom

    Most police officers are good human beings. Color is not important. Just because some are black doesn’t mean they will protect criminals & murderers. The victim mentality is what is killing the black poor communities. Get off your ass and get a job, show respect, take care of your wives & babies – I could go on. Thinking people will get my drift.

  12. konc2

    Not black? Are these ignorant hating spewing pavement apes really that stupid?

    • Michael Sullivan

      Why, yes konc, yes indeed, they are evidently that stupid. I share your amazement.

  13. Tom Sims

    For the naacp, it appears the only true black is one who remains a slave with them as the master, telling them what to do. Yeah, they really care about blacks.

  14. tarvana

    By saying that they’re not “real” black people they just basically said that real black people are lawless. What an insult!!

    • Shirley Privette Baucom

      I call it “self description”.

  15. Bullet

    NAACP and BLM kind of like Hyundai and Kia,,,,, different names but same family.

  16. Rich Bawol

    I have never seen a Blue Cop, ever! I see a man or woman who deserves our respect for putting their lives on the line everytime their on duty and often many time while off duty. This is about the most asinine statement I have ever seen. My Wife and I move to Alabama in 1994 and from then until about 2007 I was pulled over easily 10 times. Not once did I get a ticket. Reason being, I gave the Officer respect and let him know each move I was making. None of them were mean or evil or trying to shoot me. I was given the same respect I gave them. Since then I’ve learned to slow down and obey the Laws and haven’t been stopped. Police Officers are not out there to kill people. Can you imagine having to live with the fact you killed another human being. I fought in Viet Nam and that was bad enough. Respect=Respect!

  17. Cindyn1210

    So, if your pants are at waist level and not down at your knees, and if you’re shooting to protect lives instead of shooting to take them randomly, then you are not black. Seems to me that the NAACP has just defined the entire problem with the black community in the US… And it’s their own.

    • WB

      Do all black people behave in this manner?

      • Cindyn1210

        Obviously not—-since there are plenty of black cops—-exactly my point

        • WB

          so if I follow your logic, all blacks who are not police, behave in a reprehensible manner and exhibit low performing personal behaviors such as standing on street corners, sagging pants, do not possess legal occupations and have no education, etc.?Is that correct?

          • Michael Sullivan

            Unlike nits like you WB, a lot of blacks are American Workers who support the police, live in fear of the manifold black killers that make up 6% of the US population, and want nothing to do with trouble. You, on the other hand, you want trouble.

          • WB

            Because I ask a question for clarity, I want trouble, hmm ok…..

          • Michael Sullivan

            Because of the history shown of your questions as well as your attitude, you most definitely want trouble, you ignorant thick sculled small brained treasonous non-working parasite.

          • WB

            How dare I have an attitude. I should whip myself for daring to question you right?????? I am sure you have more choice words for me correct? Why use all those words when you can say the one word that sums up your feelings. set yourself free guy! dont hold back. have fun at your job.

          • Michael Sullivan

            I can do better. I have two words. Treason and execution. Those are the two words that spring to my mind, you anti-Liberty anti-American treasonous piece of sludge. Take your tribalism and stick it up your arse.

            Nationalism Now!

          • WB


  18. mindy1

    They are putting race before community or unity, and are immediately siding with a criminal? how does that help blacks change the perception people have of them?

    • WB

      What is that perception that “people” of have all the entire black race that you speak of?

      • mindy1

        The perception that the only REAL blacks are those that “keep it real” and act a certain way. Otherwise, you are accused of “acting white”

        • WB

          if I follow your logic, all blacks who are not police, side with criminals, believe criminal behavior is a worthwhile endeavor that they are only capable of, any black person who does not subscribe to a criminal culture should be “excommunicated” from their race and have no concept of community? Am I mistaken in what you think, if so please correct me.

          • mindy1

            No, all blacks who accuse black cops, and well educated blacks in general, of selling out, are saying that the only “true” blacks are those who “keep it real”

          • WB

            So you’re saying that educated blacks, we will leave that one alone for now, side with criminals and say that black cops are sell outs and only blacks who “keep it real” are “true” blacks? I am really confused now. and can you define what “keeping it real” mean? Does it mean criminals are true blacks? I am not familiar with that terminology as well. This is enlightening so thank you.

          • WB

            exactly what I thought

          • Michael Sullivan

            You are always “confused” you worthless non-working nit.

          • WB

            thank you

          • Michael Sullivan

            pinhead treasonous trash

      • Michael Sullivan

        1) Never built any aircraft carriers…

  19. Robert Travis

    Well I guess the NAACP ar the experts when it comes to identifying an individual’s race, just ask Rachel Dolezal.

  20. Michael Sullivan

    the so-called NAACP shows itself to be a Treasonous organization vying for discord and terrorist chaos in the United States of America. Now then, what is the penalty for treason….? The federal government is a joke that does not protect Liberty and has zero interest in doing so.

  21. Monica English

    “Many black people who become police officers become blue, not black,”
    the NAACP avers. That’s quite a statement. It’s meant to be divisive, to show that somehow black officers abandon their ethnicity and culture every time they don their uniform. It’s a statement meant to be insulting not only to black police officers, but all police officers. It implies that an entire group of people abandon their race and somehow morph into another, separate race. A blue race.
    The NAACP appears to be telling black police officers to choose: be black or be blue. They disparage the “…ideology, ways of life and culture” of police officers. Let’s talk about that.
    Police officers share a bond comparable to that of the members of the armed services. They both have literally placed their safety and their lives in the hands of their comrades. They think of themselves always as “we” not “me.” When one of them falls in the line of duty, they mourn together, and then do the impossible – they put their uniforms on and roll out the next day. Men and women who go into danger on a daily basis, who face their own mortality every day without flinching, embody courage and selflessness. They depend upon each other in ways that we as civilians, cannot begin to understand.
    Of course this fosters a unique lifestyle. How could it be otherwise?
    Out of their shared experiences, they forge their ideology, their culture and their way of life. It’s an ideology of courage, self sacrifice, and honor. Their culture is one of brotherhood. Their way of life is one that few of us would choose: they serve and protect the very people that vilify them, and they are willing to lay down their lives in the process.
    The NAACP does a great disservice to black officers – especially in the current racially divisive climate – intimating that one must be one or the other, but not both; that black officers must make a choice: be a black police officer, or be a police officer who is black.
    They are overlooking the fact that all officers, regardless of color, bleed red.

    • Michael Sullivan

      The bastards put race creed and color before Citizenship. They are Traitors.

      • WB

        While the statement made was rather “Trumpish”, I do not follow your logic in regards to being traitors. Could you walk me through that line of thought?

        • Michael Sullivan

          Read the constitution. Race, creed, and color are to be subordinate to Citizenship in this Republic. All who object to this, the mandate of Liberty over tribalism, are Traitors. What, you need it carved in a stone, sent up in smoke signals? Enough with restrictions on the Nation States and Civilization. Primitives are getting out of hand.

          Nationalism Now!

          • WB

            WOW…..yeah umm is this the US Constitution you are referring to? I dont see that language anywhere. but ill let you have this one because you sound crazy. Trump is your ruler, hail trump I get it I get it. bless your heart.

          • Michael Sullivan

            The Fifteenth Amendment (Amendment XV) to the United States Constitution prohibits the federal and state governments from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen’s “race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

            Executive Order 8802 signed by President Roosevelt on June 25, 1941 required federal agencies and departments involved with defense production to ensure that vocational and training programs were administered without discrimination as to “race, creed, color, or
            national origin.” All defense contracts were to include provisions that
            barred private contractors from discrimination as well.

            Yea, you got me. It was the seeds planted in the constitution that led to these fundamentals that became reality in National law. Those who go against this declared reality are traitors against Liberty regardless. How do you like me now, traitor?

            I support Individual Liberty.

            You sound like a person that does not work. You have no idea what work is, you agitate for anarchy that only hurts working people, you don’t care about peace and prosperity, and I’ll bet you just happen to also hate cops on top of seeing only collectives at all times.

            Go tweet you non-working twit.

          • WB

            lol. you are so special i love it. and what do you do for living sir. ru a cop? how many more assumptions can you make. they are rich. so rich.

          • Michael Sullivan

            I labor in a factory for low pay doing a dangerous job, you filthy treasonous bastard.

    • Shirley Privette Baucom

      Excellent post.

    • Tony Armstrong

      The statement by that NAACP representative may in fact be divisive. It is also – to at least some extent, true. The culture of policing, as you rightly point out, fosters a bond and fraternity. We’ve all heard about the “thin blue line” and we see this brotherhood played out daily. What you seem to be doing is, equating such a bond with nothing but good. The problem with such an assumption is that we can see that the same culture of policing allows police officers to commit crimes that go unknown and unpunished, exactly because officers rather stand with their blue brothers and sisters, and not the populace they are sworn to protect.

      Leaving aside the most recent police shootings, we can look to LaQuan McDonald in Chicago, where the officer shot 16 times, lied and said Mr McDonald was approaching him — and had several officers back his version of events on the record in their official reports — only to be contradicted by video the officer didn’t know existed. Or the officer in West Charleston SC who shot the unarmed suspect in the back, then planted a gun — only to have his story unravel with the presentation of civilian video which contradicted his lie. Or the officer in Oklahoma City, Daniel Holtzclaw, who raped at least 13 women. He relied on his uniform and the badge to commit his crimes, because he knew the trust that comes inherent with wearing the badge would make people doubt these poor, mainly minority, women who had even minor criminal records. It was only his attempt to rape a woman that didn’t have a criminal record that led to his undoing. Officers in Chicago knew Jon Burge was torturing arrestees, but let it slide. Why?

      We can also, without much effort, find numerous instances of police corruption that go for years until someone breaks the infamous “code of silence” or the officer slips up and their crimes are exposed. These moments of the police fraternity sticking together (or using the public’s blind trust of police to commit crimes ) can hardly be seen as positive, but are certainly a by-product of the culture. The officers COUNT on it when they fabricate their stories or commit their crimes.

      Let’s be certain: not all police officers are bad. And an officer should not have to choose between the plight of their ethnicity and their livelihood or desire to serve the community in which they live.

      But we’re also mistaken if we believe all are good or their actions correct. And we’re also mistaken if we think most officers are willing to speak out against their colleagues when they witness their colleagues doing wrong.

      And unfortunately, such a closed culture provides far more opportunity for officers to be opaque and cover up bad behavior by their brother officers. That longwinded discussion is what is meant by “blacks becoming blue”. Police supporters don’t like to hear this because it threatens their notion that the overwhelming majority of officers are good people, and that police officers are beyond reproach, especially in a post-9/11 America. Well, for the civilians who observe this behavior, the question arises: how can so many be considered “good” when they choose not to be honest, choose to lie to protect another officer — even to the point of risking their own career? Wouldn’t a “good officer” expose wrongdoing by their fellow officer? Or is does being considered a “good member” of the “blue race” outweigh the responsibility to uphold the law — even those that apply against your brother officer?

      The statement made by the NAACP rep was in artful, it could have been stated in a less accusatory way — but regardless its presentation, many people believe it to be true. Because it is, in more instances than people will want to acknowledge.

      • Michael T.

        Your arguments apply equally to the NAACP, and the others in any black community. How many NAACP members have killed someone? How many other blacks have killed someone, or helped to cover up a crime? The statement made by the NAACP was both racist and hate filled.

        • Tony Armstrong

          My arguments can certainly apply to any close-knit group that relies on one another. I do not deny that. However, to ask how many NAACP members have killed someone misses the point. First, there is no “training period” or indoctrination for NAACP membership, contrary to what you might think. You’d be very disingenuous if you try to draw a parallel between police officers and NAACP members, but you’re free to try. Second, There are cover-ups of homicides all the time, committed by every race, at every socio-economic level, all over this country. Most cover-ups however, don’t have the power of the state to assist in doing so. Nor do most people have the automatic assumption of trust that the vast majority of police officers command, simply by virtue of being police officers. The statement, if taken by someone in the mainstream, without a cultural distrust of police, is certainly inflammatory. Perhaps, however, you should endeavor to understand WHY such a comment might be made. Actually sit and talk with a group of law-abiding African Americans about their fear of police, a fear developed over decades. I’m more than happy to tell you of my experience, as a 6’3″ pretty young looking, and relatively in-shape, 45-year-old, never arrested, no-criminal-record, college-degreed, home-owning and gainfully, self-employed black man. You might be shocked at my experience with police — and how similar my experience is to others similarly suited to myself and how I (and others) do question — on occasion — whether a black officer sees me as a fellow black person, or is conditioned to see me as a potential “perp”.

          • Michael T.

            Sigh. You aren’t the only one who has been stopped for no reason, been threatened by a police officer or had a service revolver aimed at your head for no reason. I was working in Cincinnati one night, at my job. I was in the company uniform, working my regular shift when seven Delhi Township police officers burst into the building and started yelling at me. They had their service revolvers aimed at my head as they accused me of stealing some of the equipment. I was installing new equipment, I had the receipts for it, and I was installing it, not stealing it. It took a half hour to convince them that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Another pulled me over one day and ran a check for B&E, just because I was in an unmarked truck. I asked Officer Hopkins, why I was stopped. He screamed that I had no #@$%^&* right to know why. I asked him again, then asked, Don’t you recognize me? I repaired the handheld radio that you left on top of your cruiser, and it hit the pavement while you were in ‘hot pursuit’. He was still yelling at me, so I asked if Joe was still the police chief. He told me that was #$%^&* of my business. I shrugged and said, I think I will go over to his house and tell him that I want to file chargers against you.

            I had a woman driver tailgating me, and others on the way to where I worked. She swung wide, and roared past me. A woman deputy pulled me over and wrote me a ticket for endangering the other vehicle. I was at fault, because the woman in the car had her kids with her. The Deputy said, You know that I could shoot you, don’t you?

            I had MPs pull a handgun on me, while I was trying to do my assigned duty.

            I’m an old, disabled Veteran. I do know a lot of older black people.

            My church was about half and half, and I talked many hours with them. I did repairs to the buildings, and ran the sound system as a volunteer, until I couldn’t attend on a regular basis. They felt that most of these problems were caused by people with your attitude. Ones who liked to stir up shit, and who always had to show their asses. When there are problems on a regular basis, situational awareness forces you to be cautious. Some areas are as dangerous for a police officer, as a battlefield is for a soldier. We have several generations of people who were never taught to show respect, and this is the harvest of those mis-sown seeds.

            You remind me of some that I served with, in the U.S. Army, in the ’70s. They were always drunk, and looking for a fight. There weren’t very many, but they gave all the other black soldiers a bad name. I was so sick of hearing, “When da revolution come!’ from those handful of fools. I worked with one in Alaska that couldn’t function without at least a six pack of beer before he left the barracks. He was supposed to be an engineer, but he was useless. He was also angry that I tested out of a harder engineering school that the one he attended. Others were very competent, and hard working. I don’t judge people by color, but rather by their character.

            I was given a bunch of crap when I attended the ceremony to at our Veteran’s Park to honor the Tuskegee Airmen. I was asked point blank, Why the hell are YOU here? I told them that I wanted to meet the Red tail pilot who was to be there, and to thank him for serving. The old man was thrilled that someone wanted to hear about his time in the service, and commented, “A lot of flights asked the to send ‘The Red Tails’ to escort them.” he was wheelchair bound, and in poor health, but he was a real gentleman.

            I have known many blacks with a college degree, and many more who didn’t. I will not use the term African-American’. Either someone is American or they aren’t.

      • Debbie Tidwell

        Mr. Armstrong, I understand each one of us has our own opinion, but Mr. Armstrong do you know what it is like having your own son put their life on the line day in and out? Sir, I do for my son is a police officer who works about 25 minutes north of Charlotte. My son has never shot anyone, but he has had drink bottles thrown at him, spit on, called killer and now you say those officers who are good cops really aren’t because they hold their tongues and do not report bad cops. First I would like to know how you know every single police officer in the U.S., 2nd I’d like to know how you have access to every police officers thoughts. This is the problem that is happening in today’s society, people, regardless of color do not follow the commands given to them by police officers. Not only that but I find it curious that all hell breaks loose if an African American is shot by a ,as the NAACP says, a blue cop, regardless if they are white or black but not even 2 weeks before Scott was shot, a white k9 officer was shot and killed by a black citizen but there were no protest in the street, there was no organization saying the man who killed the officer was wrong or another color because he killed someone who truly did not deserve to die. Why didn’t the NAACP defend that officers shooting death by someone of their own color. People of the US have gotten things backwards. Riots, destruction of property, violence all in the name of defending someone who would still be alive today if he would have just followed the rule of doing what a police officer asked him to do and then he even pulls a gun from his ankle holster. …are there some “bad” copd, yes there are, but there are so many more bad citizens of this country and hateful words being issued by the NAACP because this time it wasn’t a white police officer who shot and killed a black man but an African American police officer who defended not only his fellow officers lives but his own and now a group that should be there to support him calls him blue and no longer black. People have their thoughts all mixed up and I can say this, even though myself and my son have lived in the south our whole lives, the racism that I have been seeing has been coming from the black community and not the white. It makes me sick to my stomach. Mr. Armstrong I hope you nor your family members ever have to make the decision to defend yourselves but if it ever comes to that maybe you’ll have a book and you can take care of everything with that

        • Tony Armstrong

          Mrs Tidwell, first, I have no idea how you feel when your son is on patrol. I’m sure you worry and pray for his safety. If your son is a good, conscientious police officer who sees beyond his own bias (which we all have), and polices in a fair fashion, I’m his biggest supporter. Thank him for me, for protecting and serving. I hope he comes home safe from his patrols and lives a long, good life.

          Next, there’s nothing in my statement that alludes to “all police officers”. In fact I go out of my way to stress that not all officers are bad, and no officer should have to choose between his/her race and policing. I quote myself: “Let’s be certain: not all police officers are bad. And an officer should not have to choose between the plight of their ethnicity and their livelihood or desire to serve the community in which they live.”

          Additionally, the vast majority of African-Americans are law-abiding, peaceful citizens, who just like you, decry violence and want to live in harmony with everyone else. We hate death just like you. We hate crime just like you. We generally call the police because hope to get help, just like you. (You’ll note, most crimes are committed by people who’ve already committed crimes, repeat offenders, indicating that most people, black or white are NOT criminals). We, in our communities, condemn murders of police. We condemn the killers. We don’t want them either. Please don’t make the mistake of believing your media in thinking that all of us hate cops and the law. That’s a fallacy.

          As far as “black racism,” I find that curious. Are there prejudiced African-Americans? Yup there sure are. Does it not make sense to you that people might respond that way as a result of what they’ve witnessed and experienced? That’s a different conversation.

  22. Count_Iblis

    Not surprised, their attitude has always been that any black that makes something of themselves, any black that doesn’t play the victim and blame the world for there problems is somehow not black.

    • Chino

      That’s exactly what there about . If your a black police officer being successful in life your a coon, uncle tom and every other name but if your black and out committing crimes , on drugs and collecting govt assistance your some type of legend to the naacp. Naacp is a black KKK

      • Max Perde

        I was going to say the same thing.

        • live online stream mayweather

          Vinson, a 26 year old police officer, graduated from Liberty University and played football at the School. He ran a popular bible study group and was touted by his coaches as a man of integrity and character.

        • Chino

          “DEEZ” nuts in your mouth Fuck boy

          • WB

            “your” nuts belong in your mama’s mouth where you usually park them along with the rest of you pig loving products of incest piece of shit. you can come find me and I can show you what a fuck boy looks like.

          • Chino

            Your mom should spit or your dad should flush more

          • WB

            good one police officer. keep it coming

          • Michael Sullivan

            I’m a factory worker that handles hazardous materials for low pay. Not sure what Chino does, but I am willing to bet you either work for the Feds, your are student, you work for a university, or you are on the dole. That’s my bet you bastard.

          • Kilpatrick A Greg

            Blacks are inbred . from Africa to Chicago. Big lips, big butts and bad speech with violent actions like fighting over a ball.. I just described something about Mary’s brother and you thought I was talking about black men. That’s because every woman on every block in every ghetto has children with the same man is the woman across the street and on both sides of her and they all have children with him and 9 other black men and all their kids are related and they all grow up and get married without knowing who your daddy is and have kids that are inbred and that is what’s wrong with the black man… He has blood tainted for 30000 years. So watch how you call white people being inbred because those towns of 300 in every other state where white people are inbred like tiger Ridge don’t even add up to half of Chicago’s ghettos

          • WB

            Thanks, inbred, for your erudite exegesis of the evolution of humanity. It was brilliant. Clearly this struck a nerve with you as you misattributed my response to an entire group of people based off of your your ability to draw this conclusion on false assumptions. However, keep entertaining me with your unintelligible babble. You receive a HIGH ZERO.

          • Michael Sullivan

            WB, you are a babbling bastard that should be shoved in an oven and burned to death for the crime called Treason against Liberty. Dance around and pretend you are not seen for what you are, it makes no difference. Traitor.

          • WB

            LMAO!!! Breathe guy…..its gonna be alright in the morning.

          • Michael Sullivan

            Greg those are not my coworkers. Black American Workers are Americans red white and blue. I will fight for them against everybody and anybody as I will fight for all Americans against terrorists, traitors, and the racist likes of you.

          • Michael Sullivan

            pig loving products? A bullet in your head Traitor, terrorist supporter, racist bastard. A bullet in your head is what your deserve.

    • Car Car Jinx

      you should see the way black students are treated by their peers when they do their schoolwork and try to make good grades.
      the other students call them uncle toms and accuse them of “acting white”

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