Miss Alabama Calls Dallas Cop Killer A ‘Martyr’

The first black Miss Alabama has been suspended from her job at a Miami TV station after calling the Dallas cop sniper ‘a martyr’.

Kalyn Chapman James, who hosts weekly art program the Art Loft on WPBT2, recorded a two-minute long Facebook clip in her car outside her local church while struggling to hold back tears.

In it the 1993 Miss Alabama admitted that she felt little towards the five officers killed when Micah Johnson opened fire during a rally in the Texas city last week.

Despite conceding that she did not want to agree with her natural feelings, Mrs James stressed that her heart was with both Johnson and the two black Americans killed by police officers in shootings that sparked the Dallas riots – Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

The married former beauty queen said: ‘I don’t feel sad for the officers who lost their lives and I know that’s not really my heart.

‘I value human life. And I want to feel sad for them but I can’t help but feeling like the shooter was a martyr.

‘I don’t want to feel this way and I know it’s not the right way to feel because nobody deserves to lose their lives. But I’m sick of this.’

‘I can’t stop replaying the image of these men being killed in my mind and my heart weeps.’

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  1. Chris Doyle

    She would still have a job if it were a major city.

  2. kellymitch

    Here’s an idea…..how bout all the cops just pull out of black communities? Leave. They don’t want cops there, fine. Pull out. Let the blacks sort themselves out.

  3. kellymitch

    So, it’s ok to shoot police officers because a couple MAY have acted inappropriately and killed black men, because I guess those cops are representative of “the man”. So is it OK when I say, well, good for the cops, they killed a couple of black dudes and they probably deserved it???? So sick of these people. So sick of the whole “wo is me, I’m black and the man is keeping me down. It isn’t fair”. Honey, 98% of the people in this country, blacks included, ARE NOT killed by police. How about you worry about all your black brothers and sisters killing each other?

  4. Laura

    Well THAT was stupid!!! What in the hell is she thinking?? Does she look underprivileged to you?? Alton Sterling was NOT a ‘stand up kinda guy’ he was a thug and if he went for his gun then oh well…that’s a choice he made…he could have respected police officers but people with HIS background don’t respect officers… now she loses her job…she better NOT come back and say it’s white people’s fault!!

  5. Martilyo

    Freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequence.

  6. ZynWoof

    Too much… Well, my “natural feelings” say (and I do agree with them), I hope she (or ANYONE she loves & cares about) NEVER EVER needs a police officer!!! And I don’t care that I feel this way.

  7. eztalk ♀ENTP - The Visionary

    Twits are born every day.
    Enjoy your EBT card, honey……….as I doubt that anyone will hire you after this.

  8. Count_Iblis

    Her heart weeps for two scumbags, but not 5 police officers gunned down in cold blood. Sad.

    • kellymitch

      Welcome to the attitudes of black women in America.

  9. ahaz

    She certainly stepped in it and paid the price for it. I have no problem with the decision to fire.

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