‘Don’t Snitch’ Keeps Orlando Cop Killer On The Run

Despite a $100,000 reward the Orlando Police Department believes that those in the community that they are sworn to protect are harboring and protecting Markeith Loyd, a man that allegedly murdered his girlfriend before killing Orlando Police Master Sergeant Debra Clayton.

Residents and leaders in communities say that a deep-rooted culture against sharing information with police could is hurting the efforts to catch the cop killer.

Don’t Snitch Or Else

It’s an awful truth that in some communities, they would rather a murderer and cop killer be among them rather than helping serve justice on the evil.  Some, haphazardly have said that the police must do more to get witnesses to trust them but there are two reasons that doesn’t fly in Orlando and many other cities.

Few agencies have done more than Orlando has to reach communities and ironically few police officers have done more than Sgt. Clayton.  It was her passion and her life and the very community she served is the same community refusing to help bring her killer to justice.

Secondly, the idea that if you “snitch” your life is at risk is ridiculous at best, unless you don’t know how to make a phone call or send an e-mail. Technology ensures anonymity so it’s likely a much deeper issue than fear.

It’s Evil

Fortunately, area Orlando Pastors are asking their congregation to help and they are challenging them to bring Loyd to justice and that justice is biblical.

For Orlando and every community, it’s time they break the chain of an evil spirit that prohibits law enforcement from doing their job effectively and permits violent criminals to live among our children.

Community Policing has two words and while the police should always improve, there is a part that the community must play.

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  1. Tim

    It really isn’t that hard to figure out who

    “snitched”. Wether it’s a text, email, phone call, or meeting in person, you can almost ALWAYS figure out who told what. Let’s not kid ourselves. Don’t play down the fact that you become a marked person when it’s realized you informed the police. The mob is a perfect example of what happens to people that turn on their criminal families/gangs. What’s a $100,000 gonna do for me when I know there are groups of people roaming around trying to kill me? The problem has long been that local police lack the resources to adequately protect witnesses that come forward. Let’s say suspect just arrived at a house and only Willie and Sam are there. Sam decides to inform the police. Within hours the house is raided by swat and the suspect is in custody. That gang will start to wonder how the police knew about a house that the suspect JUST went to. That leaves the two other people who were actually there. And from that, and a few beatings and threats later, you’ll know who snitched and they WILL wind up dead. If you don’t be have to live in a neighborhood where this fact, you will of course be ignorant and think, ” My God! They just want to live with a cop killer, and not tell the police anything!” Folks, it truly isn’t that simple for those who have to live in these crime areas. Try living there, then comeback back and write your article after that…. if you survive. And that’s all these people are trying to do. Survive.

    • laughing tyger

      …IMHO the Truth is found between your assertion and the the author’s …

  2. Pooh

    Do these idiots know what that kind of money can do to their lives? They can move and if they invest that money, they could have a good life. Oh wait a minute, the ones who knows are probably on drugs. Can’t have a good life on drugs

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