Cowards Behind The Camera

A video of a man berating a Tulsa police officer is just another example of what has happened across the country to those behind the badge.

The video was posted Tuesday afternoon by a man named Eddie Kash and it shows Tulsa Police Officer Justin Beal talking to individuals during a vehicle stop.

The video of the stop, in front of a known drug house, has gone viral.

“I plead the fifth. I don’t talk to police. I have the right to remain silent and I will,” you hear in the video. “We know our rights. Well, I’m not driving so you don’t have to ask me. I don’t have to identify myself. I’m waiting for y’all to violate my rights. Yeah, I’m a get paid.”

The almost four-and-a-half-minute video continues to escalate as Beal remains calm as he is peppered with profanities.

“What you want to shoot a n*****. This ain’t Mike Brown mother f******. This ain’t no mother – I’m chosen. I’m the chosen, you know. Look at this p**** ass cracker. Ain’t got s*** else to do. Violate my rights p****. Violate mine, I promise you I’m a get paid,” they say in the video.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Shane Tuell said these types of situations occur too often.

“This is something we deal with out in the field a lot. We deal with individuals that try to taunt us, that say racial slurs to us, that say things that try to provoke a reaction and it’s videoed and they want a reaction,” Tuell said.

After viewing the video, several thoughts come to mind.

  1. While the racist individual filming Officer Beal berated him with racial slurs and accusations of police brutality, the truth is, he is emboldened to say what he says because he knows that the officer would not react.  Think about it.  If you truly thought that a police officer was going to beat you, would you say what this coward said?
  2. Speaking of a coward….that is exactly what this guy is.  He would never say or act that way on the street.  If he did, he would be beaten or worse.  The only reason he is saying what he says is because he is in his “safe place.”  That place is a police officer standing in front of him.
  3. This is where training comes into play.  Very few individuals on this planet could take what police officers take on a daily basis.  With that said, law enforcement professionals are not robots and society needs to understand this.  There can be a “breaking point” and that can take many forms including alcoholism, divorce and even excessive force.
  4. This coward is a reflection of those around him.  Whether that is his parents, his pastor, his neighbors and his friends on Facebook.  Silence is acceptance of this punk’s behavior.  The community that knows him should be ashamed if they do not hold him accountable.
  5. This is exactly why we advocate that law enforcement release all of their videos when interacting with the public.  Instead, we wait for the media to request a video and videos like this one (that happen daily) are never seen by the public.  The public needs to understand what our heroes behind the badge have to deal with.
  6. Officer Beal was featured on Live PD and was the officer that refrained from shooting the suspect that tried to pull a gun on him.  Isn’t it ironic that he is being accused of police brutality from a racist coward that had no idea that he was talking to an officer that by the standards of law could have shot a guy with a gun but through his training was able to keep from doing it.Is this how we thank heroes like Officer Justin Beal?  Come on Tulsa….you can do better than that!


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  1. Frank

    Then why wonder why these animals are hated by the police…

  2. Jim Cunningham

    For someone that doesn’t have to talk to the police, he sure does a lot of it Try some grammar classes for God’s sake! No wonder you’re not taken seriously. I’M A GET PAID! HAAAAA!!!!

  3. Chuck Grosche

    Stay classy Tulsa!

  4. Brian Holbrook

    Awww, did his poor widdlle feelings get hurt? Stop fucking murdering unarmed civilians and generally being self-righteous, authoritarian pricks, and maybe people will stop calling you what you are.

    • Vasil Svolopoulos

      Do you even READ statistics, bro? Police shooting unarmed individuals is a fraction of a percent, and whites are shot more than minorities.

    • Alicia Borth

      You missed the fact that particular cop had the right to shoot someone with a gun not to long ago and didn’t?

    • Jim Cunningham

      Brian, you have loads of people to apologize to for being white. Better get on it. If that fails, whine somewhere else.

  5. Mike Weaver

    Some of you including the dumbass thug on the video need to learn the definition of NIGGER it has not 1 thing to do with color it basically means sorry as hell period!

    • Alicia Borth

      I believe the official definition is Ignorant

  6. Count_Iblis

    Most of these “activist” are just plain criminals. They film the police because they live on the wrong side of the law.

  7. Vince

    Niggers are gonna Nig. It’s that simple.

  8. Katrina

    My sister-in-law raises chickens. When she lets them out of their coop in the morning,they race to the piles of horse dung from the day before and cluck and scratch to dig into the pile and consume what the horse didn’t digest the day before. These fools remind me of those chickens. Cackle and flap their wings, but they can’t fly. Sad. Humans are able to have a better existence when they act like humans.

  9. Cliff

    Irony: A black calling a white a “nigga.” Karma is going to come back to that POS.

    • bubba2m

      Isn’t it ironic that civil rights leaders of the past, worked so hard to gain equality, while the young of today want black only this, black only that, etc. Seems as if they want to go back to segregation again, and roll back the great progress their leaders of yesteryear fought for, and sometimes died for, to gain for them. They always say, and want to, “get paid”, but never seem to apply for any JOB! Sad, sad, sad.

  10. Edward Sion

    The truth is that if the officer wasn’t wearing that uniform this perp would never have said a word. The fact is that it was because it was a cop this perp was safe to say whatever he wanted to.

  11. ahaz

    Contrary to authors headlines, anyone that films the police in the performance of their duties is no coward. Regardless of this incident, numerous people have been falsely arrested of made up charges; verbally and physically intimidated by officers who prefer not to have their actions filmed and in some cases assulted.

  12. Bart Alsbrook

    Oklahoma Statutes
    Title 21. Crimes and Punishments
    §21-1363. Use of language calculated to arouse anger or cause breach of peace.

    Universal Citation: 21 OK Stat § 21-1363 (2014)
    If any person shall make use of any profane, violent, abusive or insulting language toward or about another person, in the presence or hearing, which language, in its common acceptation, is calculated to arouse to anger the person about or to whom it is spoken or addressed, or to cause a breach of the peace or an assault, every such person shall be deemed guilty of a breach of the peace, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine in any sum not to exceed One Hundred Dollars ($100.00), or by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed thirty (30) days, or by both such fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court or jury trying the same.

    Laws 1910-11, c. 58, p. 136, § 2.

  13. Ken Edwards

    I don’t think coward is the correct word to describe these men. Ignorant sounding, yes. Profoundly disrespectful, yes. Angry, yes.

    I’d be interested to know why these men were stopped.

    • Angie Ziegler

      After how many years of the black people being mistreated and shit on, id be angry too. Being compliant and respectful hasn’t worked ever for them. Time too be forceful and non compliant. Maybe then the black community will actually get somewhere. Like free.

      • Christopher Thies

        I guess Martin Luther King didn’t work out for the black people? What is it exactly, that is keeping black people from actually getting somewhere? Almost every metropolitan area has a black mayor at the helm in the United States. There are tons of extremely successful black business leaders, politicians, entertainers, athletes, teachers, scientists, engineers, etc. They weren’t held back by anything, but their own drive to succeed. Are you in a 1950’s time warp? I personally know a bunch of successful black people.

      • DonnaR

        Oh they will get some where all right……dead or in jail. That type of behavior has no excuse.

      • Frank

        Or shot…and cops will win…again..they always win. You always lose.

  14. koowah

    That is how they act, that is who they are, they are the most vile and violent animal that ever came out of

    • Angie Ziegler

      Racist much?
      Hey. You missed your meeting last night with the KKK

      • Frank

        Your people ruin EVERYTHING in the world. You move in, everyone moves out. Remember that…

  15. Sue Rawson

    we know who the N***** is!! and it isn’t the cop! What a couple scumbags…

      • Sue Rawson

        you are a good example of the hate that black people spew about whites without a single example of thruth to back it up. Why don’t you just admit that you ENJOY being thugs, it’s been bred into you for generations. Before you start blaming all YOUR race’s ignorance on whites, how about you educate yourself.

      • Todd Shene

        She was just repeating what the idiot said. Why is it racist for her to say it and not him?

  16. Paul Kopacko

    The fellow who was videoing and being so verbally abusive demonstrates an excellent display of ignorance, false bravado and hypocrisy. That he is a coward is a given. Unfortunately, unlike a feral dog in the street, he can’t be taught anything else at this stage in his life. He will always be an ignorant, hypocritical thug or he will be dead. And in death he will have given nothing to this world in return for the things he was given when he came into it. A pathetic, sad waste of a life. And there are far too many others out there in the same situation. A situation of their own choosing. They could improve themselves but they choose to remain the small, ignorant, pissant, wussy, whining cry babies they have become. The officer did a great job not rising to this racist’s hate speech. In fact he did the best thing possible – gave a little smile to show just how little the vitriol affected him. I think the fellow in the car, well, he certainly isn’t a man. I’d hate to call him a woman because that would be an insult to women. He is an hysterical, mental cretin incapable of controlling himself in his childishness and infantile mannerisms. Kudos to the officer for being the professional deserving of respect.

    • State_Slave

      Perfectly said! Those two street thugs are complete embarrassment to the human race.

    • Angie Ziegler

      White people are fully to blame for the actions of the black community. I don’t feel bad. Black community has been fighting for true freedom for how many years? You expect them not to go crazy. You expect them to stay silent. You expect them to stay at the bottom of the totem pole. To stay in the slums when the white people left them.
      Racism is full blown and the black community is rightfully angry.
      Any person that is treated like shit for as ma y years as black people have been treated like shit would probably be in the same situation. You get told that bc your black you won’t amount to anything by the white community. After years you start to believe it and resort to drugs and violence. It’s not the black ppl, its the white. Wake up and see your racism. It’s glowing.

      • Law Officer

        “Wake up and see your racism. It’s glowing”……I’ll leave this right here.

      • Christopher Thies

        You’re preaching to the wrong white person with your nonsense about “freedom, stay in slums that white people left them, bottom of the totem pole,because you’re black you won’t amount to anything…” My entire family grew up working to keep our entire house together by the time we were 12 year old kids. My dad was a hot metal crane operator in a factory, coming home every day with iron ore smelt all over his arms and face from the garbage he had to breathe in all day long. Our white privilege was to work our collective asses off to survive. Our white privilege enabled every one of my older siblings to enter the University of the United States Marine Corps, because my father didn’t have money saved for any of us to attend college. My uncle lived in one of those slums you’re referencing with his family. Slums aren’t/weren’t just areas where white people left anybody. Slums were/are where poorer people of all races sometimes find themselves. The way out of the slums is to not blow off school, not get involved in the drugs and violence, and to work your way out of poverty. Why is it that the drugs and violence you’re referencing is glorified so much by the hip hop and black rappers who are making tons of money off of human misery? It’s fed to young and impressionable youth as if it’s a badge of honor to be caught up in crime, violence, and the drug culture. Women are treated as if they don’t “amount to anything” in many of the songs written by black men living like Kings off of their music. I also was in the military. I served in the Navy for 20 years. I learned a job skill and when I got out of the Navy I went back to college and finally completed my degree. I challenged myself to do the best I could, not the least, and finished at the top of my class. Tons of black people have been extremely successful in this country. It requires a work ethic. Period. Nobody is keeping the black race down or holding them back. You’re absolutely right…racism is full blown…and the black community is every bit as guilty for displaying it on a daily basis as is clearly shown in this video. Those men are what they are….rude, crude, foul mouthed, instigators, looking to create a situation out of a simple traffic stop. Sell your 1950’s rhetoric elsewhere, because it’s 2017 and many people acting like those men obviously didn’t have parents (probably no father figure) that reined them in while growing up to respect anything, let alone themselves.

        • tess007

          VERY well said!!!

        • Katrina

          These people aren’t able to understand you because they have been taught to be victims by their own kind. They don’t realized they are being used.

      • Paul Kopacko

        What an incredibly ignorant statement! That a person’s behavior is to blamed on someone else is just stupid. If I were to walk down the street and shoot someone, such as what recently happened in Cleveland, you are saying I could blame it on the stress caused me by my ex-wife and thus it is her fault? There is no racism in calling out the juvenile and childishly hysterical behavior displayed by the clown in the car of the video. Wake up and see your ignorance. It’s displayed for all the world to see.

      • Paul Kopacko

        Angie Ziegler, you are right! If I hadn’t posted my comment, you wouldn’t have posted the inane, crazy and foolish response you did. So the demonstration of your incredible level of stupidity and lack of personal responsibility is my fault! I’m sorry I caused you to display for the world to see how abysmal the education you have had truly was. How foolish it is for me to think that you and all black people have the intelligence to see what a white person writes, says or does and not be able to help yourselves but to behave in such low, self-demeaning and clownish ways. Obviously you believe in the “White Man’s Burden” theory wherein blacks are nothing more than highly emotional, just barely more than animals and are totally devoid of the ability to think intelligently. Thank you reminding me of just how stupid you are and my responsibility to keep you in line and in check in the future. Thank you for displaying your complete ignorance on the subject at hand.

      • Adam Daniel Sprague

        I grew up in a house hold where a father had cancer, and still managed to go to work despite his cancer, despite his chemo therapy, and still make something of himself. There are children in Afghanistan right now as I speak, being mortared, aka blown up, being shot at, and still manage to make something of themselves. And you expect me to believe that the kids in the United States who have the option to go to school for very minimal dollars paid, and just do their homework with out being shot or risk being killed can’t make something of themselves but yet Ahab the Arab little kid becomes a fucking neurosurgeon or physicist when they don’t even have a fraction of the luxuries you have?? And do not tell me about white privilege, because if I am so privileged as a caucasian male, then why did I have to enlist and sign my life away to obtain any of these privileges that I hear that I should automatically get just for being white??

      • Jeff A

        BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BS. Slavery was over 150 years ago. Get over it. Tell the inner city to start working, stop teenage pregnancy, stop having fatherless children, get off welfare and start doing well in school. Try that first. The black community is being held back by the black community and nobody else. Stop the whining and stop blaming the whites.

    • michael

      Sadly Paul the individual recording and narrating the encounter is not capable of reading and understanding your remarks.

    • DonnaR

      Well said Paul Kopacko……nothing we can do with these ignorant thugs. All we can control is ourselves and not get pulled into their hate.

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