Can You Imagine?

Three Baton Rouge Area Officers lost their life on July 17, 2016.  It was 12 days after two Baton Rouge Officers shot and killed Alton Sterling. Sterling is a convicted felon with violent tendencies.  He had proven it on more than one occasion.

On July 5th, It was reported that Alton Sterling pointed a gun at a citizen.

Sterling received 5 years in prison for fighting cops with a gun in 2009.

Alton Sterling received 5 years in prison for fighting cops with a gun in 2009.

Baton Rouge Officers arrive and Sterling defies their commands.  Six years earlier, he did the same thing but in that instance, the gun he was carrying fell out of his pocket.  He went to prison for five years following that.

In this incident, he reaches for his gun and it never comes out.  He fights two officers and when he would not relent, with a gun in his pocket, the violent felon is shot to death.

Let’s imagine you are the wife, children, and immediate family of one of those Baton Rouge Area Officers killed in the line of duty.  It’s been a little over a month since you lost the closest thing to you, the father of your child and your soulmate.

Let’s imagine that The President of the United States requests to see you.  You are hurting, struggling and there is no question that the highest office in the land could console you and empathize with the pain.

It’s a tough day but you meet President Obama.  It is an honor but also painful.  The sting of your husband’s murder because of the uniform he was wearing hurts more than anyone can imagine.  You are thankful that President Obama took the time to meet you.  His words were kind and thoughtful.  For a time, his presence helps you.

Then you watch the news.

Can you imagine what those family members thought when they see that President Obama met with the felon’s family that started it all.

If Alton Sterling would have been a man that night and simply followed the commands of the officers, admitted his guilt and complied, none of this would have happened.  The media firestorm and the riots following the shooting would not have sparked a coward to travel to Baton Rouge.

All of it is the fault of Sterling.

Can you imagine what it would feel like if the President paid a visit in homage to that man’s family….To Alton Sterling’s family?

Unfortunately, there are three families in Baton Rouge that knows what that feels like tonight.  We can’t imagine the pain.

For President Obama, law enforcement doesn’t understand you nor do we.

This act is despicable.




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  1. Katarina

    0bama is not a president. He is a merely a community activist who was placed in the White House. He has done nothing but harm the citizens of this country and he expects it to continue by endorsing the corrupt Hillary. I truly hope he helps the injured officers and their families and it is not another publicity stunt. He should certainly see that they are taken care of in a first class facility for the rest of whatever kind of life they have left. It is his rhetoric that got them shot. He had no media coverage of “honoring” these police families with his presence? I’ll bet he didn’t want evidence of having them turn their back on him.

    • ahaz

      Forgot your meds today Katarina? President Obama acknowledges the truth that there are disparities in which police attempt to enforce the law based upon race and somehow this equates to him being responsible for the nut jobs that target our officers. The assertion is farcical and dishonest. Bur then again, a lot of citizens has an aversion to hearing the truth, especially when it doesn’t fit their narrow view of the world

      • Recon5

        He’s a liberal. They’ve been whining about “disparities” and racism and teh war on teh little wimmins ever since they figured out their target demographic was dumb enough to buy it.
        And since he’s the only Prez I know of that can’t get his face in front of the camera fast enough to tell us the pd “acted stupidly” in failing to get shot by some little psycho, yeah – he’s reaponsible. That’s another part of the job he finds difficult to deal with across the board.
        He makes stupid policy decisions, he basks in his stupid constituents adulation for them, and then blames everyone else for it when they go down the toilet just like we said it would.

  2. Sarah

    WTH??? Unbelievable!

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