10 reasons to become a police officer

So you want to be a police officer? Of course you do, the uniform, a firearm, driving a police car, the power and authority; all very appealing. But wait, there’s more. These 10 reasons support your desire to become a law enforcement professional. 

  1. Politics never enter the work environment and politicians are adept at defending your actions.
  2. Pay and benefits are second to none.
  3. The media will always have your back, willing to write favorable stories about your work.
  4. Activists groups treat you with the utmost respect.
  5. You get to see humanity at its best regardless of the nasty things happening around you.
  6. The work schedule is incredible, never working weekends or holidays.
  7. Sleep comes easy since the job is stress free.
  8. Maintaining a healthy diet is a piece of cake.
  9. Bosses tend to be hands-off allowing you freedom to be yourself.
  10. The job is just like TV, non-stop car chases and gunfights with almost no accountability.

How many of these 10 reasons appeal to you? Well, if you believe anything on this list, you’re disqualified from becoming a cop due to your gullibility.


(Feature image: Bruce Emmerling via Pixabay)


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