Black Lives Matter Interrupts ‘Moment Of Silence’ For Fallen Officers At The DNC

Following pressure from various police organizations, the Democratic Convention decided to offer a ‘Moment Of Silence’ for fallen officers.

It didn’t go so well as the crowd began yelling, “Black Lives Matter.”

It follows along their chants of “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” and other hideous acts.  We know here at Law Officer that these individual acts do not speak for an entire  movement but it is very troublesome when the movement itself never speaks against these acts.  Tonight was more of the same.

No one knows more that “Black Lives Matter” than police officers.  It is the police that took bullets in the place of Black Lives Matter Supporters in Dallas.  It is the police that go into black neighborhoods and arrest the criminals that are victimizing blacks and it is the police that investigate the murders of young black men around our nation.

“Black Lives Matter” to the police.  We just wish that Police Lives Mattered enough to stay quiet for 30 seconds.

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  1. Gary

    Some talking primates just haven’t evolved fully into humans. Not much you can do about it except to realise what you are dealing with when you come across one and act acordingly. No point in getting upset. Do you get upset by a rabid dog barking at you?

  2. ahaz

    Respect is a word that is thrown around a lot but rarely given. I agree that a moment of silence is not the proper place for chants, boos or whatever. Respect should be easy to give to the dead.

  3. Barmaid51

    And this is at the DNC? Why am I surprised at the ignorant asses whom rather blame than take responsibility for their own action and their poorly raised children.

  4. Betty Jordan

    One word………Respect. Respect for elderly, respect for parents, respect to your teachers, minister, firefighters, police, kids next door, military, etc. No one teaches RESPECT!

    • Fire_and_Steel

      It’s sad, but it seems like there hasn’t been much R-E-S-P-E-C-T in this country since back when Aretha first sang about it. It was probably fading away then, too.

      • Betty Jordan

        I was raised with that. Kindness, holding a door, yes ma’am, no sir. Our parents knew where we were. I never thought about defying a parent or talking back to a teacher. The ME generation isn’t necessarily the one to blame but more the generation that didn’t care enough about their children to teach them the basic fundamental values.

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