Officer Suspended After Choosing Whataburger Over Providing Back Up

San Antonio Police Officer Gary Nel was suspended 30 days after he failed to back up a fellow officer outside a Whataburger.  Other officers were dealing with an intoxicated man causing a disturbance.

The incident report states that when Officer Nel arrived at the Whataburger, the manager asked him if he was there to assist with the intoxicated person outside. He responded no and said that he was there to eat.

As officers dealt with suspect Aaron Navarro, Nel sat in the back corner of the restaurant, eating.

The officer outside had to call for backup because Nel wouldn’t help, according to the suspension paperwork.

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  1. Greg Hampton

    The 30 day suspension aside, if I was him I’d be a bit concerned because when I get back on the road I’m 100% sure the other guys might not be terribly aggressive in responding as back up for me. There surely is more to this story than what we are being told…

  2. Tom Alexander

    Don’t know about San Antonio but here you would be in the unemployment line!

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