Nonprofit Donates $100,000 Scholarships To Houston Police Department After Police Suicide

In response to the recent suicide reported by about the Houston Sergeant with over 21-years of police service taking his own life at the police station on March 31, 2017, nonprofit Fit First Responders is donating over $100,000 in scholarships to its online program to the Houston Police Department to prevent these tragic suicides.

Fit First Responders (FFR) is a nonprofit that offers physical training, mental conditioning, and professional counseling to America’s police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, and National Guard on their online platform, For a $20 per month donation to the foundation, first responders can get online daily workouts, nutrition coaching, healthy recipes, life coaching, and become a part of a community of first responders where they can privately share successes and problems on the online forums.

“I am deeply saddened by the news of the Houston Sergeant who took his life over the weekend. My mission in life is to help these first responders be fit for life, overcoming all that life throws at them and being mentally strong enough to overcome and prevail. If we can save one life because of our program, my time on this earth was worth it,” says FFR Founder Coach JC.

FFR is donating free memberships for life for the entire Houston Police Department following the latest suicide report. According to, as of the end of the first quarter of 2017, 29 police officers have died of suicide, nationwide, an initial but significant increase over the same period last year. FFR’s mission is to decrease these statistics and help those heroes that keep us safe every day and be their best in life.

“Before Fit First Responders, there was not much to live for or much to work for. I was sad almost every day. I had a beautiful family right in front of me but it’s like I didn’t even see them,” says FFR Law Enforcement Officer Alex Peiffer. Watch Alex’s testimony here.

“We have a huge problem in our nation with our hometown heroes taking their own lives when they are supposed to be saving lives. City leadership is ignoring this problem, the media is not covering it and that is why Fit First Responders was created. We have had first responders joining us that were overweight, on the brink of suicide, on multiple medications, and marriages that were falling apart who are now winning in life,” says FFR Founder, Coach JC.

Law Officer Editor In Chief Travis Yates attends the home gym of Fit First Responders and he is certain that this monumental donation can make a difference.

“I’ve seen the impact of this program with my own eyes and the issues addresses inside this gym and online will help those in need both physically and emotional,” Yates declared.

Fit First Responders will be working immediately with Houston Police representatives to ensure that their officers are given this opportunity.


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  1. Degotoga

    Is this a bribe from a Soros org? Who donated the funds?
    Well I found out it was supposedly donated by a non-profit “First Responders*” fitness website; but the main page says they ONLY have 478 members. So, where did a little outfit like that come up with 100K? They started the website in 2017 and don’t even have a .com website, but they can give away 100k. Maybe they’er betting this publicity will suck in enough members and donors to cover their bet, because they don’t look or sound prosperous. There is no physical address, no snail mail address or real email address listed on the website. Just think if it is nothing more than a scam, it would be the ultimate scam since they are scamming LEO’s LOL Reminds me of the “**Clinton Foundation” scam.

    Name of org: 2017 Fit First Responders, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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