Watch: Tulsa Police Sergeant Shot Deploying Less Lethal

Body camera footage was released and charges were filed against John Chatman who is accused of shooting at police in a QuikTrip parking lot last Tuesday in Tulsa (OK).

Tulsa Police Officers originally saw Chatman in a parking lot and when they asked what his name is, he refused and asked if he was free to leave.  The officers said that he was free to leave and even asked if he needed a “jump” when his vehicle had trouble starting.

As the vehicle left, officers discovered that the car had an improper tag.

The vehicle was located at a QuikTrip parking lot.  Upon making contact, Chatman refused to give his name and then refused to exit the vehicle.

A Sergeant responded (17:10) to the scene with less lethal technology in an effort to remove the subject from the vehicle.

As less lethal was deployed, Chatman shot at three Tulsa police (19:26) officers and struck a police sergeant. The sergeant was hit in the leg and was released from the hospital later in the day.

Officers returned fire, striking him in the chest. He remained hospitalized Wednesday.

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