Watch Tulsa Police Run Over, Kill Wanted Suspect

We reported on the deadly force incident in Tulsa (OK) earlier in the week and now dashcam video has been released in the deadly confrontation between Tulsa Police and Most Wanted suspect Madison Dickson.

The Tulsa Police Department released several dashcam videos recorded during the incident on Saturday, March 18th, involving Dickson.

Dickson jumped out of a truck in the 9000 block of South Harvard and took off running. An officer ran down Dickson after she pointed a gun at officers.

In the video Dickson gets out of the truck and starts running down a sidewalk, pointing a handgun at officers as she goes. Some of the officers exit their patrol cars and fire at her, while one officer drives up close to her.

The officers directly involved in the incident are on routine leave with pay while the investigation is completed.

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  1. Brian Nicholson

    Works for me

  2. you don't need to know

    I have no sympathy for this person. She got what she wanted. DEAD!! When you use deadly force against a police officer, you deserve what ever happens. I would rather have 100 criminals like this idiot killed, than 1 law officer. You don’t want to die? Maybe you should live your life a little different. Not prey on others.

  3. Karl B Golledge

    love the comments…..the argument is over when they call you a racist! when we see dumb asses of any color becoming violent and get killed…my heart bleeds for them….its to bad we have to listen to BS for months when a black guy gets killed or even asked for ID from white cop…..oh screw it, yeah im a racist!

  4. K Morgan

    Good job. To the Officers involved….Go home at the end of your shifts….there is no reason for you to die for those that cannot or will not follow the rules that a fair and balanced society have decreed must exist to keep it safe.

  5. Dick Hertzer

    In Madison WI where I live, a man was running down the street high on drugs and waving a weapon at passing cars. When the officers arrived at his house, he was shot dead when he wouldn’t show his hands. The city of Madison WI, just settled with his family for 3 million dollars. Yeah, really.

  6. conquest915

    Whatever it takes! Thank you offices that serve.

  7. Richard Wadzinski Jr

    crackhead Ho shooting at cops, what do you expect? stand there and be a target? ran her ass down so she could not be a threat to the public or the cops, threat was ceased to exist,,, hope she is dead so she cannot terrorize any one else ever again.

  8. Chuck Badon

    It boils down to one thing…If you point guns at the police….you’re probably gonna die!.

  9. Wesley Bruce

    Clearly she fired at the police car. Lawful death if she was trying to kill the cop and no mention of her crimes. Why do some think that police should have no right of self defence. We do not yet have wide angle stun ray yet.

  10. Draco

    The point is..what did she do before the police started chasing her. She may have been justified in her actions until we know that.

    • jamesben

      Ummm…no. Pointing a weapon at police officers is, at minimum, “suicide by cop.”

      It doesn’t matter what preceded the chase – surrender peacefully – live another day.

      • William Wallace

        Its been established that it is ok to defend yourself from unjust police actions, up to and including killing them.

        • jamesben

          Ya. Ha. You try that Skippy, see how it works out for you. Lolz

  11. Joe Vargas

    Looks like a good shoot. Background was a school with an armed suspect who had already engaged. Vehicle was a good alternative given the school being downrange.

  12. Nick Hall

    Everytime i see a happy ending like these videos first thing that pops in my head is queen’s another one bites the dust! I would rather see a 100 dead criminals vs 1 dead officer anyday.

  13. Larry

    Boy good think she wasn’t black the officer would be screwed for using a white Ford as excessive force. GOOD JOB officer ….

  14. Gene Hubbard

    Fat chicks can run fast enough to get away from a car , and in her case don’t shoot well enough to either !

  15. capios

    So glad no tax-payer money has to wasted on defending her now. Also glad no officer’s were hurt.

  16. nwbrian

    Keep blaming racism, even when there wasn’t a black person involved. Racism is here to stay as long as we blame everything on it. Take effing responsibility for yourselves. You’re not victims. On the contrary, stirring the racial pot makes you the real idiot here…

  17. Lynched1

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  18. Buddha

    The larger the weapon, the greater the damage. She determined the level of force allowed.

  19. Brian Unfried

    I feel like playing some GTA V now.

  20. Dennis Scott

    Don’t bring a gun to ” Death Race 2000″

  21. JBo

    Dang! Gotta get that slippery brake pedal fixed!

  22. IdahoBOB

    She was firing on officers. They were returning fire. No one would have said a word if the officers had shot her dead in this situation. Why is this any different? The officer’s decisive action to use his patrol car in this manner was the fastest way to contain the threat and ensure the safety of the public and other LEOs from someone who knowingly fired on officers with what looks like a school playground in the background. Kudos to him for a job well done.

  23. Dano

    I hope that one of her “BUCKET LIST WISHES” wasn’t to run with the bulls in Spain. She just ain’t fast enough!

  24. righttosayagain

    She pointed a gun and fired on officers. End of story. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her. I’m glad she’s dead and the officers are alive.

  25. Eddie Fulmer

    Play stupid games you win stupid prizes. SMH Good Job LEO.

  26. dbb555

    The front end alignment will cost a lot less than that bitches court trial and incarceration. DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  27. LibLieExposer

    Call it a VERY late-term abortion. Libs might accept that.

  28. LibLieExposer

    Probably less paperwork to file using a Ford instead of a duty weapon to take down a d-bag.

  29. Digna Jacqueline Lara

    She is just invendibles lol

  30. Dale Rhoades

    Why waste a round?

  31. MO JO Ham

    So this is what the police does? Kill people? Isn’t that the easiest mission on earth

    • NeoBlackdog

      When those people point a gun at and fire at the police, yes, it’s what they ‘does’.
      Good job, LEO!

      • MO JO Ham

        I think its only like that in the US. and I guess people and police there deserve whatever happens to them coz they accept being infiltrated by companies who trade weapons and turned them into an aggressive society and their culture into an ugly one where carrying weapons for everywhere seems normal as if they are living in a jungle.

        • NeoBlackdog

          That is one of the most nonsensical statements I’ve ever heard. This woman was a criminal by choice. Tens of millions of Americans own firearms and have never even considered using them in a criminal activity.

    • Daryl L. Hunter

      You will see a time when you will have wished you had supported the police, one day the Ferguson effect will make your world much more dangerous, not from the police but because of the people who live in your hood.

    • Eric Atchley

      When needed, yes they kill people! If this happened more often we would stop the overcrowding of prisons and stop releasing thugs back out onto the streets.

    • vtac

      Another cretin heard from.

  32. nankani

    She didn’t merely point a gun she was shooting. Could you not hear her gun fire? Sorry she’s dead but she chose to do what she did.

    • Draco

      Didn’t hear her shoot at all in the vid.

  33. Donald Doe

    I personally, don’t see an issue with the way law enforcement handled this. Why is this a story?

    • mike melli

      It’s a feel good story. Enjoy it!

    • Michael Odell Davis

      The issue is she was a human being. And I completely understand she was shooting and it was the endangered officers’ call, but I feel they should have backed off and extinguished every avenue to bring her in alive, to have her day in court. Not run here over with a squad car, like an animal!!

  34. Arthur Ledezma

    Justified! Officer used that force “deamed necessary” to remove the threat to himself, fellow officers and the public. Job well done!

  35. Linda

    cop killed a white woman ! Hell no…where’s myfree tv?

  36. Brian Rapp

    Looks ok to me. Don’t want to die? Don’t point a gun at a cop. It doesn’t matter who you are. They don’t discriminate based on color, gender, religion etc. You threaten their lives and you are done. Isn’t gender equality fair?

  37. MB670

    She couldn’t run any faster. She was “tired.”

  38. William Avery

    Good work LEO.

  39. Alonzo Salazar

    This shows how important it is for our LEO to be equipped with cameras.

  40. Ed Livesay

    Damn! I hate it when that happens!

  41. Daryl L. Hunter

    Glad she was white so we don’t have to watch #blacklivesmater claim it was an unjust killing for the next 5 years in another lying campaign.

      • scott boyd

        can you deny what he said would be true?

        • Michael Odell Davis

          You’re an idiot too!!

      • alex connery

        You are much worse than that ,,,

        • Michael Odell Davis

          And you’re idiot #2

    • Marc Hilliary

      I’m glad she was white too. One less cave bitch in the world

      • Kip

        52% of all murders in the US are committed by blacks (13% of the US population) .. Not to mention that the ratio of black on white rape as opposed to white on black rape, is so exponentially greater than the latter .. That there is virtually no statistic to reflect it (Whites raping blacks..) Blacks are the most race conscience,violent,and self loathing people in the Us.. Most rap music contains vile language about drugs,violence,racism,sexism,crime,and hate… Any area that is predominantly black is almost always a shit-hole of crime,and poverty.. Let alone,we “Cave dwellers” are pretty much responsible for virtually all modern technology… So STFU..Tree Dweller !!

        • Martin Vontray

          “I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills which are unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.” – Please Kindly Share.

          • Dave Heinrich

            I love your satire. Too bad the black communities won’t understand it, though. They don’t have a clue what property value means.

          • Michael Odell Davis

            I completely understand that you’re a Racist!! You need proof?? Anyone that places a group of people in one box, is actually an Idiotic Racist!! In my 48 years, I’ve actually cashed in on my home equity several times!! So, is your comment inaccurate or simply racist?? Seems to be both.. But what’s your motivation?? Are you teaching this to your children?? The satire that you fell in love with, actually describes me precisely!! So, while you cuddle your new found love, maybe you should do some soul searching on the real reason you exist, because as of now, the world would be a better place, if you did not!!

          • Dave Heinrich

            Then tell me why in the hell you or anybody can drive thru the innercities and there’s trash laying all around, yards that look they haven’t been tended to in ages, liguor bottles on the side of the roads, whereas, driving thru the suburbs, lawns are kept up, the properties aren’t trashed, people out and about making sure their houses look presentable? Is it just laziness or a lack of enthusiasm? Sure, whites have trashy places, but, at least they are confined to trailer parks.

          • Michael Odell Davis

            I understand it completely!! Im from a Black community!! The problem with OUR country is Racism is so embedded, you don’t even realize that your Sarcasm is Racist!! But i guess you thought your little comedy would help you to fit in. Youre the young man at his first lynching 😉 Afraid to do anything, so you take two kicks at the lynched body 🙂 Does your mother know what you posted?? Does she disagree or is she a Racist too?? Or were you Bullied by someone of darker complexion?? I guess it’s okay to spew your little statistics, but it doesn’t represent all Black people!! And the simple fact that it does not, makes you a Racist!! But since you brought it up, Black People were purposely placed in these areas. And their conditions or situations and their outlooks are formed by their surroundings. Remember Castro in Ohio, that held three girls in his home for ten years, as sex slaves?? Just imagine, after ten years, when they finally walked out of that house, there were No Police, No Ambulance, No Psychologist, ZERO services. Then Castro says, “You can stay here and let me continue Fucking You or you can walk the fuck away, with Nothing, No Help!!” That’s what happened to Black people after Slavery!! And thats why those who have no foundation or a reason to reach for their tomorrows, act the way they do!! The horrific events of Slavery have never been healed or addressed.. Where would the sex slaves of Ohio be if no services were outside?? So, before you post your superficial opinion, do some serious homework before you open your mouth!!

          • LeePefley

            “….you don’t even realize that your Sarcasm is Racist!!”

            Certainly it’s racist. That’s why I like it. I’m a racist, too.

          • Michael Odell Davis

            Please!! Spare me your elementary response!! Responding to a Racist with Racist Comments, does not make me a Racist!! People, like you, can be Scum if they so choose!! I don’t give a Damn!! But if someone pulls a gun, I have the right to protect myself however I choose!! I will always Eat Up and Spit Out a Racist, any way I fuckn choose, JackAss!!

        • George Lockard

          Well put, thank you.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          Wow!! How ill-informed are you?? There are 37.7 million Black people in these United States, and you want to place all 37.7 million in one box, with the several hundred thousand that are Fucking Up??!! A white man murdered someone last night.. Does that make you a murderer, since you’re White?? What an Idiot!! 😉

        • RangerInIraq

          They do to funeral homes…..

          • you don't need to know

            Glad to see you on here.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          You’re an Idiot 😉 I’m Black!! My life matters!! And I don’t fit the mold of the Blacks you’re complaining about!! There’s some White trash out there, whose lives don’t matter!! Does that include YOU?? Or does that only apply to Black people?? Does it apply to all 37.7 million Black people or just the several hundred thousand that are Fucking uP?? Thats a very ignorant statement you made!! And it only leads me to wonder, what’s your mental capacity on rational judgement?? What level of schooling did you complete?? Do you live in a rural area or within a major city?? Are you raising children to judge or hate someone’s complexion?? And if you’re married, is she with or against your pathetic outlook?? You should really step back and take a deep look at your life because if you’re judging people, solely based off of complexion, you are a Racist, and should be Lynched!! 😉

          • Saint James Matamoros

            TRIGGERED! Blacks kill more blacks in one weekend than the police do in a decade, try again black snowflake, your behavior as a group would lead any critical thinker to the conclusion that BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER. As for white trash NO ONE IS DEFENDING THEIR BEHAVIOR OR PROMOTING THEIR GARBAGE CULTURE OR VALUES. You sure are dumb.

          • Michael Odell Davis

            By your conversation, you barely graduated high school 😉 We’re you Bullied by someone of darker complexion or did you catch your wife bouncing on a Big Black Cucumber?? But who cares?? What ever happens to a Racist, they deserve it!! And if you were from these areas, regardless of your complexion, you would be the same as them!! What you fail to understand is a gangster in Chicago would be a totally different person if he were in rural Idaho!! But since you never studied on a collegial level, I don’t expect you to understand.. And just to prove that your statements are inacurate, I’m Black, I graduated college with an MBA. My kids are in college. I’ve owned several homes. Nice cars, we like Rap music but we’ve never killed anyone!! So, to place all 37.7 million Black people, in one bad box, based on the actions of several hundred thousand bad blacks, is Insane 🙁 You need to rethink yourself!! And No, collegial does not mean college, DumbAss!!

    • Michael Odell Davis

      It’s funny how white people complain about things when they are the sole reason these things exist. If white police were not gunning down unarmed Black people, BlackLivesMatter would not exist. If your grandfathers had been Fair & Just, Affirmative Action would not exist. And to the extreme racist, that feel Black people don’t belong here, if your forefathers had not kidnapped, enslaved and forced Black people to build the American Dream for FREE, we would not be here! So before you open your mouth, to vomit your ignorant hate of one’s complexion, just make sure your words are Truth! And not your twisted, divisional understanding of reality!!

      • Daryl L. Hunter

        Enjoy your Ferguson effect Michael, you asked for less policing and you won’t like it when it gets its full effect. Just because some of us white people don’t like the actions of #blacklivesmater, doesn’t make us racists. I will though admit that #blacklivesmater and you New Black Panthers don’t help advancement of a color blind society. What does help are those who lose the chip on their shoulder like Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Claude Brown, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Justice Clarance Thomas and many more you disparage for being uncle Toms.

        Cheers ~

      • Dcronan

        Perhaps if we kept blacks as slaves, we wouldn’t have problems that we currently have in Chicago, Ferguson, L.A., Detroit…..
        Maybe we should go back to what worked before.
        Get them off of welfare, put them back to work as slaves, and
        If they get Uppity….Hang Em !

        • Amanda

          That’s pretty trashy of you to say. You can disagree with a statement without sounding like a neo-nazi skinhead ?

        • Michael Odell Davis

          Everyone on here agrees that the world would be a better place, if you were Hung!! 😉

      • David Crockett

        Black violence, low I.Q., terrible self-control, and the inability to consider the long-term consequences are their actions are the root causes of all black failure all over the world.There is no place on earth where blacks enjoy better civil rights, experience fairness and justice, and have a higher quality of life than in the United States (The West in general) and that is due entirely to the fact that these are White societies. You know nothing about slavery, as you just ape whatever some half-witted African studies professor taught you. And “Complexion,” has almost nothing to do with race.

        • Kip

          Not to mention any countries ruled by blacks are always shit holes…

          • Michael Odell Davis

            Most of these Shit Holes were Fine before European White Intrusion!!

          • David Crockett

            Why is it that the only self-sustaining, modern, productive placing in Black Africa are the places that were colonized by Europeans? Compare Liberia to the Ivory Coast. looks whats happened in Zimbabwe since the Whites left. They cant even feed themselves without White people.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          You’re a Idiot too 😉 Blacks suffer all over the world because of European White Intrusion.. The middle east is fuckd up because of European White Intrusion!! Europeans have always traveled the world to take and rape!! You can spew your Lies but I know the Truth!!

          • David Crockett

            Blacks have lower standards of living in places where there isn’t a White man for miles around to blame. What happened in Haiti? They had a whole land of lush green and fertile land, ready-made farms and industry left for them, great ports, and the fine French example (including a great city “Port-au-Prince” built for them. And within 100 years after Black rule, the farms were destroyed, the cities crumbled, voodoo, zombies, poisonings, and poverty replaces all the civilization the French left. And 100 years since then, it hasn’t improved. In other words, they created Africa where there was once Europe. And the people suffer for it.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          It’s called France, idiot!! Many Black Americans, especially Black Celebrities, ran to France during the Civil Rights Movement because the French dont care about Complexion!! And youre Right!! Complexion has nothing to do with racism!! Because if we saw each other as the same, just different complexions, we wouldnt have as much racial conflict!! And the Black violence, low I.Q., terrible self-control, and the inability to consider the long-term consequences, that you speak of, is actually the Aftermath of Slavery!! And your White Societies were all stolen and built by another race of people!! And the societies that you claim to be White and successful, we’re taught to Whites by Blacks!! My half-witted African studies professor told me about the worlds first civilization called Kemet!! And guess what?? It was a successful Black society, until it too was invaded and raped by European White Intrusion!! When Europeans were still living in caves and unaware to stand up straight, Kemet had politics, commerce, streets, buildings, running water, indoor plumbing, make up, science, grooming, doctors, dentist, etc… but don’t take my half-witted African studies professors’ word, Goggle iT BiTch!!

          • David Crockett

            Oh, I love when Blacks revel in their Afrocentric fairytales; it’s so transparent and it’s humorously pathetic. You are part of the, “We Wuz Kangz,” crowd, huh? That’s what you took out of the privilege of getting to attend a school? I suspect that you pray to the hilarious, Martian-headed Yakub cartoon, too. Fortunately for the rest of us living in the real word, we know who the people who build Memphis, the great Pyramids, and the Sphinx were (and who they were not). We have well preserved mummies, art, contemporary documentation, and DNA evidence proving that those people were NOT Negroes. Nobody believes that except mentally deranged, bitterly envious Blacks who have almost nothing to point to other than jungle savages, cannibals, and slaves. Sorry, but that is true.
            And let’s talk about France. Look at their crime statistics and you’ll find that Blacks there, even without the same history of slavery and Jim Crow, find themselves in a familiar situation, which is at the bottom of that society.

            I never said that complexion has nothing to do with racism, I said complexion has little to do with the biological reality of race. Race is far more than skin tone, as you seem to indicate. Is an Albino Nigerian Negro a, “Caucasian?”

      • Charlie Visscher

        Perhaps should go baack to Africa and check on WHO actually sold them into slavery…. a LOT where captured and sold by rival tribes to the portugese, dutch, english, etc. So before you condemn ‘whitey’, you might want to look at yer forefathers IN Africa……
        Oh, and you might want to look into how many BLACKS had other blacks as slaves. Or check into Irish slavery if you think the black slaves had it bad….
        Or how about all of the fellow blacks shooting and killing other blacks in chicago, ny, blatimore la. all the big cities, AND with the toughest gun control laws, killing innocent kids in cars and their rooms or front porches
        and all! Where is the outcry on that?

        • Martin Vontray

          A lot were owned and sold by jews.

          • Charlie Visscher

            So did the Egyptsons, so did the indians, so did the muslims, ( and they still do and sell slaves and sex slaves to this day) And so did the african tribes, so did a LOT of people throughout history….
            So what’s your point?
            My point is the past is over, no one is owed anything from it from anyone. How about if so upset about it, work on getting rid of the slavery still going on to this day….

          • Steve Linsky

            Now that’s funny, where did you come up with that? Did your grandaddy say so? Jews aren’t even 1% of the worlds population, let’s see they were the people that captured and sold 40 million African people, they run all the banks and wall street, gee maybe they even flew the planes on 9/11.. also are destroying the land of the Palestinian Arabs. I just shake my head and say wow! They must be mighty people to do all these terrible acts with so few of tnem..

          • Michael Odell Davis

            Not only owned and sold by Jews, Jews owned Slave Ships and most of the Slave Auction Houses in America. And if a Jew ever tries to argue with you, ask them, “Then why were slave auction houses closed on Jewish Holidays?” Only a Jewish owned business closes on Jewish Holidays!!!!

        • Michael Odell Davis

          You sound like a FooL!! Yes, tribal wars were waged, and prisoners of war were traded to Whites to sell in America! But there’s a word we use in law enforcement called ACCOMPLICE!! The Accomplice is just as guilty as the Perpetrator!! You think you can diminish White involvement by saying, “We didn’t round them up! We just gave them a ride and forced them to build the American Dream, for Free!!” You sound like a Fu@king Idiot!!! And with 37.7 million Blacks in America, you’re online judging all 37.7 million Blacks, off the actions of several thousand Blacks?? America is based and built on racial division!! I’m a Black man in America, and I have ZERO connection to the Blacks that youre complaining about!! There’s a White man, somewhere, sitting in jail right now, that killed someone last night, does he represent YOU?? Would it be fair for me to say, “Since he’s White and your White, you’re a murderer too!” Come On Man, Please!! Dont waste our time with your inadequate, incorrect conversation!! Are you even American??

      • roy

        Why did ur forefathers got enslaved / killed by whites ? Were they not capable enough to defend themselves or they were just like chimps ?
        All started growing together and ur forefathers chose to work as bonded labors rather than leading others – so u should actually abuse ur forefathers – not whites …
        BTW, I’m and Indian and not White race … Same goes for Indians where British colonized us – n that is because we were cowards …

      • Jim Gregori

        Black Lives Matter….. shouldn’t they be helping each other out of their hardships instead of grandstanding all the hatred and ignorance that hasn’t stopped the hood way of life? My life matters when I help the less fortunate by actually fixing something, or forming a good block party to help each other clean up the mess that breeds vermine and squalor. If it’s broken, fix it… don’t toss into someone elses backyard.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          Sorry, that’s not the purpose of BlackLivesMatter!! First of all, the actions in the inner city are not 100% their own fault.. It stems from slavery.. If you don’t understand, lets not rattle your small brain!!

      • Michele Berne

        My father and grandfather’s never owned slaves. White Americans didn’t go to Africa and in slave Africans. Your ancestors sold you’re people to the highest bitters. Before Africans were brought to this country Europeans were were the slave workers here before the African slaves came. You want to be pissed off be pissed off at your own ancestors. My ancestors are from the Algonquin tribe. Anytime you want to talk about the unjust that was done to them we can have that conversation. Our land was stolen from us and so was our medicine.

        • Martin Vontray

          enslave* bidders*

        • Michael Odell Davis

          White Americans are Europeans!!

      • Laurence Lance

        Not to put too fine a point on it, but BULLSHIT!!

        Blacks make up about 13% of the population but commit some 50% of the murders.

        Take your racist nonsense someplace else.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          If Whites had gone thru American slavery, then set free, with no healing or addressing the mental damage of slavery, Whites would be in the inner city, killing each other at alarming rates!! What Racist people don’t understand is most of these problems could be fixed but the average Black person is divided and conquered, taught not to trust each other, mass violence against each other… All this stems from Slavery!! And if you don’t think so, study a little deeper!! I honestly believe that the Black condition, in our country, was planned!! Anyone who knows what a fake Democracy needs to turn, understands exactly what I’m saying!!

      • Nicholas Mottola

        Fucking ignorant fuck you need to pull your head out of your ads and wake up. Know your history before you make such a bullshit comment

      • Bryan Satterfield

        As an American Indian, I’d like to know since when did Black people build the American Dream? Chinese and Irish built the railroads, Italians did a lot of the mining, I’ve seen the pictures of American Indians on skyscrapers in NY and Chicago with no safety lines. You were just a small part of it, but you don’t want to acknowledge anybody else? Isn’t that being racist? The reason people are so sick of your diatribe is cause you do the most whining and want to blame everyone else for your misfortunes.

      • Judy Wingard

        Michael . don’t forget there were Africans who captured other africans,chained and collared them marched them down to the sea to sell them.two wrongs makes two wrongs.why do you focus on only one wrong?it would seem in all cases the ones who are truly trying to “deny” guilt or “absolve” themselves of it are the ones who insist everyone focus merely on one wrong rather than all of them.humanity, REGARDLESS OF COLOR,will never suffer a shortage of guilt.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          I never said the Africans were innocent. I responded to a Racist comment that attempted to diminish White involvement in slave trade. They are all responsible and to blame. But my point is don’t place ALL 37.7 million Black Americans in one bad box with the several hundred thousand that are fu@king uP!! I nor any Black person I know has murdered anyone!! 83% of the 37.7 million Black people in America are decent, hard working, family oriented citizens, and I am one of them!!

      • Searcher

        If Africans had not raided villages and captured and sold their fellow Africans, then whites would not have had a supply of slaves. Unfortunately, just as it is today, blacks are willing to sell their own race out for the right price, just look at the Black Congressional Caucus and every other black Democrat politician. Who knows if BLM would not have started a couple hundred years earlier if Africans had not been so corrupt and greedy. They all might have joined together to fight off White slavers coming into the interior of Africa to take slaves. History is a real bummer for those who would rather write their own narrative.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          You sound like a FooL 😉 So, you’re saying White people are innocent from slavery because the tribal wars gathered the slaves?? In law enforcement, we have something called Accomplice!! And the Accomplice is just as guilty as the Perpetrator!! Oh, we didn’t round them up! We just gave them a ride to America and forced them to work for free!! And when you talk Shit about Black people, are you talking about ALL 37.7 million Black people or just the ones Fuckn uP?? Log Off Idiot!!

      • John Keefe

        “If white police were not gunning down unarmed Black people, BlackLivesMatter would not exist.”
        Haven’t you even read the statistics you’re repeating a false narrative that has been disproven so many times. This false narrative has led to the killing of several police officers. You should be ashamed of yourself repeating such falsehoods. More Native Americans are killed by the police then Blacks. Studies show more whites are likely to be shot over Blacks in the same situations. Young Blacks make up 8% of the population and are responsible for 50% of the murders. Given though statistics do you think when they confront the police there might be more intense violence? Yet the police are more likely to shoot whites.

      • R3Stripes

        It justifies killing black officers too?

      • Jesse Donelson

        Wow, what a racist idiot you. No white people are to blame for your stupidity.

      • Byron Greenberg

        Michael, I am a professor at an HBCU. I am truly troubled by your comment “if white people were not gunning down black people…” you go on to demand that other people’s words should be true before they speak. I would refer you the data/facts/truth out of the Obama administration’s DOJ ie Holder’s data which clearly indicates that 80+% of black men are killed by black men and that a white police officer is 11 times more likely to be killed by a black man then a black man by the police. If black lives mattered to Black people these statistics would be different. And don’t kid yourself, there are social movements that are created by misinformation and sustained by opportunists, I.e., one side of the global warming issue must be wrong! Please sir, know that I am not against you, I AM for the truth….and the truth is not regulated nor dependent on what you believe. In peace,

        • Michael Odell Davis

          You’re not a professor because you can’t even read!! I said,”If white COPS were not gunning down unarmed Black people, BlackLivesMatter, would not exist!!” And your comparisons are idiotic because there are way more Black men than cops!! So, of course cops have a higher chance of being killed in a Black neighborhood, because theyre outnumbered!! and there is more Black on Black murders because inner city violence mostly take place in the inner city!! Everyone on here is so quick to say Blacks do this, Blacks are doing that!! The bottom line is there are many factors that contribute to the actions of SOME Black people in our country!! And every thing thats going on, is not 100% their own fault!! And if everyone on here is doing nothing but complaining, with ZERO action, sit the Hell down and shut the Fuck uP!! Because all 37.7 million Black people, should not be placed in the same box as several thousand bad Black people. There’s a White man sitting in jail, right now, for killing someone last night, does that make ALL White people bad or murderers?? I’m Black, I have an MBA, I’ve never murdered anyone, my kids are in college, I have a mortgage, I have a beautiful, successful Wife, we like Rap music!! And there are millions of Black people, just like me!!

          • you don't need to know

            Why are black cops being executed by blacks? Ambushed and executed by blacks. Slavery has nothing to do with wanting to be a better person. Wanting to have a better life than maybe even your parents or grandparents. Respect for yourself has everything to do with it. Don’t give me the B.S. about how they are raised. I am a white woman, raised by 2 alcoholic parents. My Dad was murdered when I was 10. He was beat to death in a drunken brawl. I vowed to never live like I had to as a child. Know what? I haven’t. I have held a job since I was 14 years old. I wanted nicer clothes for school. I didn’t go to the rich kids house to break in and steal their clothes. I worked for mine. Respect and ambition have everything to do with how your life ends up. It doesn’t matter how you were raised. You make your own choices as a teen and as an adult. People need to quit blaming generations before them for their acts. They need to respect themselves and have enough ambition to get out there and work for what they want. Respect for themselves and others, along with ambition, are the key words. It is too easy to be a thug, robbing and looting. To me that means they are too lazy to work for what they want. Black or white. It is too easy to take other peoples property that they have worked for. I have worked very hard my whole life. If someone tries to take whatever it is I own, without my giving it to them, black or white, rest assured I will fight like a rabid dog. I would not hesitate to shoot them. Black or white. You decide if you want to be a criminal or not.

      • Cathy S Holland

        Michael you are clueless. As far as slaves go, Blacks bought Black Slaves owned black slaves and treated them like crap also. Read about what is really going on because the majority of black killings are blacks killing other blacks. it’s a fact. And the white race did not start that. You can not hold all whites accountable for all black crimes and the same for the black race. If we are being honest here there is a lot of black people that think the white race owes them something for things that took place decades ago and that is fact. I hear it all the time, all you have to do is get on social media or turn your tv on. Just so you know white people are not the reason for the BlackLivesMatter Movement. People are getting a little fed up with that movement and they have a right to be. And why is that every time the BLM Movement is around there is always violence, burning business down, stealing and beating people nearly to death. Why is that?

        • Michael Odell Davis

          I’m Black, and I dont feel Whites owe me anything! And there are many Black people who feel the same as me! I was only responding to a Racist who wants to place ALL 37.7 million Blacks in America, in the same Bad Box, as the several hundred thousand that are Fu@king uP! Im 48. Never been to prison, never killed anyone, never been on Welfare, my kids are in college, with no court appearances! And there are millions of successful, hard working, law abiding, family oriented Black people in America! There’s a White man sitting in jail, right now, for murder! Does that make every White man a murderer, simply because they’re White too?

          • Richard Wadzinski Jr

            perhaps mr mba who is spewing the race card and calling folks racist, look in the mirror and see you are the racist with your dumb ass rants.

      • Larry Seals

        Wow!!!Really.You probably have shot or stabbed a few of your own.You can not argue your point

        • Michael Odell Davis

          Nope! Ive never owned a gun or a knife.. I live on the beach, Fool..

          • Larry Seals

            If its not gated you will wish one day that you had one fool!!

      • Cuthbert J Twillie

        — First off Mr Cry-baby, **MY** Grandfathers WERE Fair & Just – It was YOU’RE Democrat Masters and THEIR Grandfathers who came up with and enforced Jim Crow Laws.
        — Secondly, it was YOU’RE own people in Africa who Kidnapped your Forefathers, enslaved them, then sold them to the European slavers. (News Flash: Even today, ‘your people’ in Africa are still raiding other Tribes / Villages and taking your ‘own people’ into Slavery.)
        — Thirdly, take a guess who bought the slaves that wound up here — well I’ll tell you who, DEMOCRATS
        — Fourth and Last; Over 140,000 Northern Soldiers — that’d be Republicans — DIED to free ‘your people’ from the slavery of their Democrat Masters. SO SHUT UP. Or take your beef to DEMOCRAT politicians.

        ps: America owes you zero!

        • Michael Odell Davis

          I never said Africans were innocent and played no role in the slave trade. Nor do I have the time to pick and choose which government party is responsible. But you CAN NOT diminish White envolvement simply because Whites didn’t round them. An Accomplice is just as guilty as the Perpetrator!

          • Richard Wadzinski Jr

            the first man to own slaves in America was a black man, geez learn your history and quit making shit up,,,,,,how about pull the race cards out of the deck and move on.

      • Richard Wadzinski Jr

        your about one racist ignorant knuckle dragging idiot, if your black ancestors did not sell your sorry ass in to slavery the problem may not ever happened and you would A still be in Africa or B, the mooslim hordes would have you as slaves some place. so get your facts right you moronic heathen, if savages are not out committing crimes there is no reason for a police response thereby armed and dangerous blacks would not be getting killed , but you won’t understand this will you, ya all just wanna play the race card and whine & bitch and blame uncle tom. one day you may understand there is good & bad in every race ,creed,color around the globe, so to you STFU and your racist rants M.O.Davis. & if you really do not appreciate the land of the free we can arrange a ticket 1 way to Somalia for you and get you a mud hut in the Mogadishu district.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          No, in reality, if my African heritage had never been wrongly enslaved, I would have never been born!! Because I’m the product of Black, French and Native American!! Therefore, stop attempting to place all 37.7 million Black people, in the same Fu@king Box, Assh@le!!

          • Richard Wadzinski Jr

            what part of this did you and your mba not comprehend…

            whine & bitch and blame uncle tom. one day you may understand
            there is good & bad in every race ,creed,color around the globe, so
            to you STFU and your racist rants M.O.Davis. & if you really do not
            appreciate the land of the free we can arrange a ticket 1 way to Somalia
            for you and get you a mud hut in the Mogadishu district. and the name calling your so great mr mba asshole….

      • Johnny Doe

        Michael, whitey funds your welfare! STFU ! Go back to Africa and swat flies!

        • Michael Odell Davis

          You’re a Racist for the simple fact that I’ve never been on Welfare and I’m not from Africa! I’m from Dallas, Texas 🙂 Slavery didn’t end yesterday, Loser!! 😉

        • Michael Odell Davis

          Sorry! I’ve never received a welfare check in my life! A white man killed someone last night! Does that make you a murderer, since you’re White??

      • Matt McDonald

        actually, most black slaves were kidnapped and enslaved by moslems and other blacks. My forefathers never owned slaves… what about yours?

        • Michael Odell Davis

          When physical slavery ended in America, the slaves were given the last names of the owners. And there are many Black people whose last name is McDonald. So, you may want to recheck your family history!

          • Matt McDonald

            Well, since you asked my ancestors immigrated to Canada and the northern US from Scotland and Germany. Recheck your history. No slaveholders in mine, can you say the same?

      • LeePefley

        “…to build the American Dream for FREE….”

        Free my ass. Slaves were damned expensive.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          You’re Extremely Ignorant 😉 When I said Slaves built the American Dream for FREE, that means they received No Payment for 400 years of Labor, which made the US what it is today!! Do you honestly think your forefathers transported Millions of Human Beings, if it were NOT extremely profitable and beneficial?? And when I say that racist people, like you, don’t even know what’s happened or what’s going to happen, not only did your forefathers enslave Blacks, when the preappointed time came for the US to end physical slavery, it change to economic slavery!! And that made everyone a slave, regardless of your complexion!! 😉 And that’s why the slave owners of the South financed the assasination of Lincoln!! White people were protesting Lincoln and the Whitehouse, holding signs that stated, ” Lincoln wants to make White men slaves” But you don’t need to take my word, Goggle it, BiTch!!

          • David Crockett

            You don’t even know how many Black slaves came to North America! “Transported Millions of people?” It wasn’t millions of people. There was only about 400 thousand Blacks transported to North America. There was 15 Million Blacks who went to Hispanic Countries in Central/South America, and about 30 million that went to the Islamic world into a much more brutal slave system than what was here in North America. Did the Hispanic world or the Islamic world get proportionally wealthy off of Black slavery since far, far more went there than here? NO! Because slavery isn’t a good business model. You also forget about the 150 years of White Slavery that proceeded and concurrently happened along with Black slavery in North America. And you also forget that the Blacks who were brought here were already enslaved by the Blacks in Africa who sold them (Those Blacks are the real profiteers in the Slave system). Where did all that Wealth go in Africa since they are who Sold the slaves in the first place?

          • Michael Odell Davis

            Davey Crockett, youre a Joke!! 😉 Only 400k Black Slaves were enslaved in North America over a 400 year period???? I’m not sure what history books you’re referring to but I’m no longer interested in your Debate!! Good Luck, Loser!!!

          • David Crockett

            There were only 400 thousand Black slaves transported to North America. Only about 4 percent of Black African slaves came to North America. There were 15 million sent to South American and over 30 million sent to Islamic Countries under a much more brutal system. The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade to North America did NOT last for 400 years, half-wit.. It lasted about 150 years, or so. You don’t even know your own history, half-wit! But I didn’t expect much more from a bad-end-of-the-Bell Curve brain like yours

          • Richard Wadzinski Jr

            bitch your about one racist idiot, and you forget the irish, the chineese and others that were slaves and indentured workers who built America, they built the railroads, worked in the mines, and all you do is keep playing the pity card and race card, give it a break man….

      • you don't need to know

        And if your black ancestors would not have sold the blacks that were captured from other tribes to the slave traders, maybe they would have just been traders. I have never been a prejudiced person against any skin color or nationality, until this black lives matter bull crap. All lives matter!! When they start condoning the murdering of Police officers they sink to the lowest level of being. Why does it always go back to the “and if your ancestors would have been fair”, blacks would all be wealthy, fine upstanding citizens? It makes no difference what color your skin is. YOU, determine how you will live your life. Want to be a lowlife? Okay. Want to be a productive member of society? Okay. You might have to work at it though. It usually isn’t delivered on a silver platter.

  42. Don Sturn

    She brought a gun to a demolition derby!

  43. Frank N. Hill Jr.

    Thank goodness he didn’t have to clean his firearm afterwards, good thinking, not to mention you saved a ton of money by switching to a patrol car!!

    • Ethan

      but now he’s gotta clean the car…

      • vtac

        Put the car up on a lift and pressure wash all those little pieces of her off the car. Good as new.

  44. Paul Persson

    Madison: “Cash me ousside den!”
    Officer: “how bow dah?!”

    • nankani

      Ohhh how i tried not to laugh

  45. Crackerhead

    I want to see her head flatterned

    • Marc Hilliary

      I saw your mom’s head flattened….. Against the headboard

  46. Gary Holland

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes lol

  47. Paul DeBecker

    #blacklivesmatter…oh, wait…

    • Michael Odell Davis

      It’s funny how white people complain about things when they are the sole reason these things exist. If white police were not gunning down unarmed Black people, BlackLivesMatter would not exist. If your grandfathers had been Fair & Just, Affirmative Action would not exist. And to the extreme racist, that feel Black people don’t belong here, if your forefathers had not kidnapped, enslaved and forced Black people to build the American Dream for FREE, we would not be here! So before you open your mouth, make sure your words are NOT your twisted, divisional understanding of reality!!

      • vtac

        Here we go. Another black racist thug piece of shit blaming all that happens now on things that happened years ago. Pull up your pink panties and grow up.

        • Michael Odell Davis

          Good One vtac 😉 All im saying is I’ve never killed anyone, Ive never received a welfare check, nor do I feel the Government or White people owe me anything!! But most Black people in the inner city have no life foundation! No fathers and no reason to reach for their tommorrows! And there are many factors why they are in these situations! But dont judge all 37.7 million Black people in America by the actions of several hundred thousand. There’s a White man sitting in jail, right now, for murder! Does that make you a murderer, since you’re White?

      • Jonathan Nelson

        You do realize that black people kidnaped black people and sold them. Also white people where enslaved long befor black people. The Slavic people where the first to be inslaved, thus this is where the word slave originated from.

      • Saint James Matamoros

        Its funny how knee-grows complain about everything but live the highest standard of living of any blacks on the planet ONLY in countries created and maintained by white people. Face if you are LOSERS you have low IQs lack discipline, impulse control, conflict resolution, you embrace failed parenting practices, violence, instant gratification and a culture of entitlement and victimization. No one likes you, no one wants to be around you, you ruin EVERYTHING you come in contact with! GO BACK TO AFRICA SUB HUMAN!

        • Michael Odell Davis

          I’m not African! Im from Dallas, Texas 😉 And i dont fit the stereotype you’re complaining about!! What makes you a Racist, and most of the White people debating here, you attempt to place ALL 37.7 million Blacks in America in one Bad Box, with the several hundred thousand that are Fucking up! There’s a White man, sitting in jail right now, for murder! Does that make YOU a murderer, since you’re White?

  48. 2ifbyT

    Put the officers back on duty.

    • Helen Yelen

      Standard procedure 😉

  49. SandyLey

    One less piece of crap for the world to worry about.

  50. Ken Prehart

    and that’s the end of that,, ,IAM GLAD NOBODY GOT HURT..

    • nankani

      Nobody got hurt? She’s dead

      • Fred Dunbar

        And that’s a good thing.

      • Evan Pallesen

        But she’s nobody…

  51. Matt1972

    Guess she should have stopped while she had a head, I mean was ahead. Ooops! LoL

  52. Jason Tamvakis

    see ya bitch.

      • Jason Tamvakis

        hahaha she is too busy hanging out with flat stanley!

  53. Katrina

    Madison wanted to use deadly force on police, was surprised to have the favor returned in such a manner. Glad all Law enforcement made it home!

  54. GarandFan

    Happy ending. PERIOD!

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