Watch Deputy Strike Deer At 114 MPH

This Isanti County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s Deputy was responding lights and siren to a man with a gun call in Cambridge early on October 21st when out of the ditch came a deer.

It is a lesson in how quick something can go wrong at very high speeds.

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  1. Hefailed

    114mph to a call? Insane…

  2. Mark Stephens

    Unarmed deer. Hope it wasn’t a reindeer. I’d sure hate to see Santa Claus take a knee…

  3. Gary Chiurazzi

    Totally support our officers but there’s absolutely no reason to drive that fast at night, he’s overdriven his lights to a ridiculous degree. Thank God there wasn’t a disabled vehicle or a person in the road or he’d have killed people.

  4. Yolanda Parker

    It can go like that at 60 and 70… have a higher potential to go through the windshield and kill the driver. His speed may have contributed to his survival. Deer from no where; by the time you see them, it is usually too late. I hope the Officer wasn’t harmed.

  5. Merrill Henderson

    This is pretty much what it looks like too. Back in January of 1979 I turned to give chase to a speeder on the interstate. I was running close to 115mph when 3 deer decided to cross. The first 2 made it but not the buck. I hit him square dead center and smashed the front end of a solid 1977 Ford LTD. The radiator blew and immediately blocked my view through the windshield. I was at the start of a long overpass (over a 4 lane highway) and because the master cylinder was blown also I had to steer into the guardrail and hold against it to get stopped. Didn’t get a scratch but the squad was totaled.

    • The_Right_Is_Right

      Thank you for your service and I’m glad you’re okay but I have a question- What do they teach you, if anything, about how fast you can or should go to an emergency call? If you’re going so fast that you can’t react in time to something not in your control such as an animal or someone turning in front of you, isn’t that too fast? On the one hand seconds count in an emergency but on the other hand it won’t matter if you don’t get there at all.

      • Merrill Henderson

        We are talking of a time in rural America when new officers were handed the keys to a car and told to go arrest the bad guys. Up until the late 80’s they didn’t even teach EVOC (Emergency Vehicles Operation Course) at the State Academy. It should also be noted that at the time of the crash it was around 3 AM with hardly another car on the interstate and a clear night. Over my 40 year career I struck 4 deer at speeds varying from 40mph to 115mph. It is one thing to see something on the road that gives you time to react but another thing entirely when something jumps into your path while it is running at top speed on a dark deserted stretch of roadway. I have avoided just as many deer over the years in the daylight because they could be seen in advance of landing on the roadway.

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