Video Of Phoenix Police Altercation And Arrest Goes Viral

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Phoenix Walmart parking lot erupted in screams and vulgarities as a police officer forcefully arrested a woman accused of shoplifting Thursday afternoon.

The woman, 26-year-old Delores Imboden, shouted that the officer was choking her while inside a car in the parking lot.

Dozens of people gathered around with cellphones to record the violent arrest, during which she fought against being handcuffed and taken out of the car.

Police say Imboden bit the officer before he “used strikes to prevent any further injury to himself.” According to police, the bite came as the officer reached to turn off the car, which the driver refused to do.

We have the video below.

Police say the driver, now-arrested Steven Katzeek, was holding on to Imboden, keeping the officer from pulling her out of the car. They also said Katzeek began driving forward slowly during the altercation.

Police officials said security personnel and the officer, who was working off-duty in the area, had monitored Imboden via security camera in the store as she put merchandise in a duffel bag and started walking toward the exit. According to police, as the officer approached the exit, Imboden put down the bag and ran for the exit, getting into the car driven by Katzeek.

The video begins shortly after, with the officer on top of Imboden, trying to handcuff her. Eventually, she was dragged out of the car by two officers and handcuffed. A third officer got Katzeek out of the car and handcuffed him.

Police said they recovered stolen merchandise and drug paraphernalia from the scene.

Imboden was booked on one count of resisting arrest and one count of shoplifting. Katzeek was booked on one count of hindering prosecution.

This is the second video that we have seen in as many weeks where the force appears appropriate but have some upset.

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  1. Bootsie Martinez

    Every person on the street is an expert on police procedure. Did you hear the helpful witnesses commenting on everything the officers did? Gee, if only those folks could provide their services at the academy.

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