Two Industry Leaders Join Forces to Provide Military, Government, Law Enforcement and Individuals with Specialty Designed Armored Vehicles

(Detroit, MI – August 19, 2015)   The Armored Group (TAG) and Vehicle Development Enterprises (VDE) have partnered on marketing and manufacturing right hand drive armored vehicles for military, government, law enforcements and individuals needing the highest level of protection.  Vehicles will be modified to meet individual clients’ needs at the TAG and VDE manufacturing plants in the Detroit area.

The two industry leaders will work synergistically to help clients find the right vehicle, up-armor the vehicle, conduct the right hand drive conversion, provide the necessary modifications and transport the vehicle to its destination.  This start-to-finish turn-key solution reduces time, cost and potential damage to the vehicle in transit.

VDE has over 23 years of Right Hand Drive Modification experience on over 3000 F-series modifications and have worked closely with government and commercial fleets throughout the world.  TAG’s world class engineering and design team has the capability and experience to design and build everything from an armored pick-up truck to off road 4×4 APC vehicle and anything in between.  Together, the two companies offer complementary specialization abilities to ensure that customers receive vehicles that meet their needs on time and on budget.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to join forces with VDE, our customer base, dedication to quality and innovative tactical solutions are a perfect pairing,” said Robert Pazderka, founder of TAG.  “Both companies believe in following strict protocols and hire trained vehicle and armoring specialists to make sure that each vehicle meets the precise needs of the individual or agency it is being manufactured for.”

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The Armored Group (TAG) is a highly respected armored vehicle manufacturer with over 20 years of experience engineering, manufacturing and modifying armored vehicles for use by government military agencies, law enforcement, private businesses and individual citizens around the world.  TAG will engineer, design, build or modify tactical armored vehicles for any environment.  They specialize in three categories of armored vehicles:  SWAT, luxury armored vehicles and cash-in-transit. 

TAG provides the highest quality armored vehicles available and sets the standard for customization, reliability and protection.  To ensure that all TAG vehicles meet the highest standards of safety, they undergo extreme ballistics testing and have received VPAM-BVR 2009/VR7 Ballistic/ERV 2010 Blast Certification for their Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux armoring solutions. 

All facilities are ISO 9001 certified and managed by fully qualified and experienced professionals who serve customers around the world.

TAG is a full-line commercial armored vehicles builder and has provided customized engineering, design and building solutions to a vast array of clients including law enforcement agencies all over the world, Brinks, Loomis, Dunbar Armored, KBR, Lockheed Martin, DynCorp, U.S. Army and Air Force, U.S. and foreign governments and agencies such as the DOD, DOS  and the United Nations.


For more information, please visit these company websites: and or call: 1 888-997-5607 or 602 840 2271.

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