Trayvon Martin Awarded Posthumous Degree In Aeronautical Science

A historically black college plans to award Trayvon Martin a posthumous degree later in May, the school announced Wednesday.

Florida Memorial University will present a bachelor’s of aeronautical science May 13 to Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

Trayvon Martin died in 2012 after neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman shot him during an altercation.

The award serves to honor Martin’s memory and pay homage to the work his parents do for social justice, the school said.

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  1. Jennifer

    Well shit, I’m going to go get shot by a cop. That way my Bachelor’s Degree I’ve been working on for 3 years will miraculously get finished and my parents will get free college degrees and they won’t have to do anything. This is a joke. Pretty stupid a criminal gets shot by a cop and his family gets a Bachelor’s degree in something they probably knew nothing about, hell they probably can’t even spell it.

  2. dale hager

    Why not? The left advocate’s for posthumous voting.

  3. disqus_wZUB6w9ANy

    Zimmerman should not be free and if Trayvon was my son, he would be dead. Why is this on a site “that advocates for the profession”? Was zimmerman a law enforcement professional?

  4. commonsense

    Hmm, surprised it’s not in Chemistry since he was apparently perfecting his “Purple Drank” formula. Another reason to shut down racist “Historically Black” colleges and take away any Federal monetary support.

  5. Justin Borgnine

    So, we have reached such soft times that a thug gets a degree after he’s dead. I know it’s not nice but G. Zimmerman was not charged with murder. There is no reason to keep dragging this on and on. Five years later- “hey guys. I have an idea, spotlight money! Attention from the media. Distraction from Trump and the potential deaths of 24M Americans”…

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