Tiger Woods Arrested For DUI

Tiger Woods was arrested on Monday and accused of drunk driving, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

The 41-year-old golfer was arrested around 3am in Jupiter (FL).  Woods resides in Jupiter Island.

The Daily Mail reports that Arrest information shows Woods was booked into jail at 7:18am and then released on his own recognizance at 10:50am.

He faces a charge of driving with a blood alcohol level above Florida’s legal limit of .08.

This is not the first time time that Woods has been suspected of drinking and driving.

In November 2009, two days after the National Enquirer broke the story that Woods had been cheating on his then-wife Elin Nordegren with a New York City nightclub manager, Woods left home and crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant, a tree and several hedges.  However, he wasn’t charged in that incident.


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  1. Katrina

    Watch this POS get off because it was drugs, not alcohol. He was still driving impaired and should have known better. Sick of hearing about this has been.

  2. Drama

    Is anyone else sick of Tiger Woods? He’s a has-been.

    WHY does the media continue to promote every little nit picky thing this guy does? Thousands of people got DUI’s this weekend, I don’t care about Tiger. He’s old news. Why doesn’t the media try to not say a word about any of him for a whole year just to see what happens? Im sure the earth wont burst into flames But i Could be wrong?

    These sports celebs all live in their own little bubble and could care less about the common folk. None of them understand the true face of struggling Americans.

    We don’t care about Tiger’s BMW’s or DUI’s. We are struggling to pay taxes, rent, healthcare, etc. Health insurance is unaffordable (mine is 700 bucks a month… contrast this to my $24/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or my $11/month life insurance). Two thirds of young adults have student loans to which they cannot pay back due to lack of good jobs in the community.

    Can someone make an app like AdBlock but call it TigerBlock so that I don’t ever have to see anything about this man again?

    Seriously. I’ll even pay for a copy.


    Damn. Tiger looks pretty smashed. You would think he could afford a chauffeur or a cab.

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