“Shop with a Cop” Event Interrupted by Police Shooting

Photo: Scene of police shooting in Walmart parking lot, White Hall, WV; source WV MetroNews

Deputies of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department were taking part in a holiday “shop with a cop” event inside a Walmart store in White Hall, West Virginia, when officers from attempted to arrest a suspect for outstanding warrants in the parking lot outside.

Neither event seems to have ended as planned.

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While the community shopping event was going on inside the store, officers from two different law enforcement agencies approached and attempted to arrest a suspect for felony warrants. Instead of complying with officers, the suspect “operated a motor vehicle in an aggressive manner toward officers’ according to an ABCNews report.

Due to the suspect’s actions, the officer’s shot the suspect. After shots were fired, Marion County Sheriff’s deputies responded and rushed to the scene outside.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, was later pronounced dead.

The West Virginia State Police are investigating the incident. The names of the officers involved in the shooting have also not yet been released.


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    • Obie Gibson

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  1. lab seven

    Evil has been motivating cop shootings by dumb folks.
    I think you know who and what is behind this evil.
    The press is the puppets of this prince of darkness.
    He was born an arc-angle in the darkest of days of the year.
    He wears a red suit and hangs around the fire (place).
    I think you might guess his name; “Satan Claws”.

    Merry 666

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