San Francisco Chief Wants To Try Smart Gun Technology

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr has offered to let his agency test smart guns once the technology is more fully developed.

Suhr said he would be willing to give tech-savvy officers the option of trying a weapon that can be fired only by its authenticated owner.

“Officer safety is huge, so you wouldn’t want to compel that upon officers…….But we have so many officers who are so into technology, I am all but certain there are officers that would be willing to do such a pilot.”

Suhr spoke at a news conference before the San Francisco Smart Gun Symposium. The conference comes in the wake of President Obama’s recent 10-point executive order on gun control that included a call for research into smart-gun technology.

The symposium focused on guns that use biometric technology to identify the proper owner, much like an iPhone gets unlocked by a fingerprint reader. However, designing a smart firearm is far more complicated than designing a smartphone, because its reliability in life and death situations is critical.

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  1. Ameerah Ishthar

    Just let them keep their guns! This could put them in more danger! I’m sick and tired of the F…..g leftist agenda! Sticking their snotty noses into our lives ! Trying to change and control everything! I don’t trust them! They want to castrate our Cops so they can’t go up against Obama’s Troops if the Devil calls for Martial law! Be careful folks!!!

  2. Jim B.

    No, after in Law Enforcement for almost 40 years now, would hate to depend on something like that…

  3. Barry Williams

    Chief Suhr…You’d better check with your officers first before you spend any time or money on this folly. Just because some of them might be very “tech savvy” doesn’t mean they want to risk their safety or their life for your 15 minutes of fame (by initiating such a pilot program).

    If *YOU* were on the street would you want to risk YOUR life or limb on technology? As a “tech savvy” retired LEO, I sure wouldn’t!

  4. Dr. David Th. Schiller

    Good luck, you are up to some nasty surprises. Some German police departments tested that much heralded “smart gun technology” and their response – after serious problems – were abysmal.

  5. tristatetacitcalshooting

    Of course a political beast in arguably the most politically correct city in the most restrictive state in the country would endorse a technology that is unproven, virtually nonexistent and has a very high risk of getting his officers killed or injured.

  6. Frank S

    Last year I bought a high tech biometric lockbox for use in my bedroom. It works about 9 times out of 10.

    Anyone willing to trust their life to something with a 10% failure rate in real world use?


  1. Police Chief Wants To Test Smart-Gun Tech With His Officers - […] “Officer safety is huge, so you wouldn’t want to compel that upon officers…….But we have so many officers who…

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