Virginia Trooper Killed, suspect dead after bus station shooting

Update:  9:30 PM (CST) – The Virginia State Police has released the name of the Trooper as Chad Dermyer.  He was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and had served with the Virginia State Police for 17 months.  He is survived by his wife and two kids.

You can read the ODMP Memorial here.


Update:  5:05 PM (CST) – We just received confirmation from a source at the hospital that the Trooper has died.

Update:  4:55 PM (CST) – The Mayor just stated that four individuals were shot including the suspect and a Trooper.  The trooper has “life threatening” injuries and the suspect is deceased.  News outlets are retracting their earlier statement that a trooper was killed.

A Virginia State trooper who was shot when a suspect opened fire at a Greyhound bus station in Richmond Thursday afternoon has died, multiple sources told WTVR CBS 6 News.

Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham said at least six people were shot when a suspect opened fire inside the bus station in the 2910 N. Boulevard at 2:45 p.m.

Durham two of the victims are in critical condition.

Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne N. Geller earlier said two troopers were shot as well as a female civilian.

Multiple sources told WTVR CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett that Virginia State Police were at the bus station for a training exercise when gunfire erupted.

Those sources said the civilian suspect started shooting at troopers inside the bus station. Those troopers then returned fire.

Sources told Burkett that the suspect has died. Those sources also said one of the troopers suffered life-threatening injuries.

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  1. Burns

    That brings the total to 29 killed so far this year ?as a retired firefighter married to a police sergeant of 40 years I say again when will it stop ? Police officers are disrespected today open targets victims of ambushes and the media always shows law enforcement as using excessive force well speaking for me and my husband I don’t care what he has to do who he has to shoot he will come home alive and safe and uphold the law as he has done so proudly all forty years ?RIP Trooper you are a part of Gods platoon now

  2. Wendy Marshall

    It’s a sad day in our state of Virginia. As a community of people who care and or are involved in the safety of others we morn the loss of a true Virginia state hero. He will be missed and honored. I feel he did his job honorably and knowing personally the training these troopers go through he did his best as he was trained to do. God bless him,his family and the wife and children that he left behind. RIP.

  3. Lee

    Little wordy, but I get the point. Virginia doesn’t take mental illness very seriously even after the Tech Massacre. It wasn’t until one of the Politicians were personally touched that any meaningful change was made.

  4. Bennett Norris

    May God bless this family, friends and coworkers. You are now part of a group no one wants to be in. Look up C.O.P.S. organization. We are all in the same boat. Reach out to them on Facebook. You can vent and not worry about anyone thinking bad about you. We all have been where you are. It’s not where we want to be. Lean on God first, friends and coworkers.

  5. Lois

    Hmmmm do you think that the shooter just woke up on day and said I think I’m going on a tangent He had issues for sometime. Again our insurance company’s say the don’t help you unless you have money up front. Who has 100 $ for a counselor and another 150$ for a the psychiatrist then their meds This is our system. Pay for drug addicts and alcoholics.

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