Protesters Attack St. Louis Mayor’s Home

Black Lives Matter protesters converged upon St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house, hurling rocks and breaking windows on Friday night.

The Daily Caller reported that law enforcement officers dispersed the crowd with pepper spray and tear gas after declaring the gathering an “unlawful assembly,” and made at least one arrest.

Police in riot gear then deployed tear gas to force protesters away from the scene of the vandalism.

Three police officer were struck with bricks and seriously injured later in the incident.

Later at night, demonstrators burned American flags.

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  1. Katrina

    Did the Mayor thank the police for saving her home, or fault them for the arrest?

  2. Barbara Ray-Velazquez

    What? We don’t have to accept the decision of a court of law anymore? Pure bullshit. I bet if these idiots were interviewed none of them could actually discuss the case in a coherent manner. All based on feeling and not facts…but your damned feelings don’t rule the world around you and what made you believe they did?

  3. TM

    The rioters should be shot. Zero recidivism rate and zero cost to taxpayers.

  4. LegalBeagle

    Those are not protestors. They are rioters and should be arrested and processed as such.

    • Katrina

      Will be interesting to see what the Mayor has to say. Very interesting!

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