President Trump Sanctions Cuba, Demands Return Of Cop Killer

In a speech from Miami today, President Trump announced new sanctions on Cuba and sent a message to the Cuba regime to “stop jailing innocent people.”

Trump also demanded that Cuba needs to “return the fugitives from American justice including the return of the cop killer Joanne Chesimard.”

Chesimard, convicted in 1977 of killing State Police officer Werner Foerster four years earlier, escaped to Cuba in 1979, where she remains in Cuba’s protective custody today.

Chesimard, 68, a Black Panther and Black Liberation Army activist who also goes by the name Assata Shakur has been harbored by Cuba and despite pleas, from the State Troopers Fraternal Organization of New Jersey, President Obama lifted some sanctions and allowed travel to Cuba in early 2016.

Today’s actions by President Trump reverses that action and Trump’s mentioning of Chesimard is a first from the highest office in the land.

President Trump went on to say that the harboring of Americas criminals “will end…it will end, you will have no choice.”

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  1. Michael DeMeo

    Actually, she fled to Cuba in 1984. It is believed that she may have participated in the 1981 Brinks Robbery that left two Nyack NY police officers and a Brinks guard dead, and got away with another member. The robbery was committed by members of the Weathermen, which Obamas bff Bill Ayres was an alumnus.

  2. Michael DeMeo

    Finally! Someone in the Federal Government cares! Thank You President Trump.

    • Kyle Osterloh

      He doesn’t care about anything unless it’s undoing something Obama did. He’s a moron. “they will have no choice” Bullshit they won’t. They’ve lived under an embargo from the U.S. for the past 50 years. What do they care if Trump puts sanctions back on them? Trump is a moron. Nothing he has, is, or will ever do is going to make a positive impact on this country. Nothing.

      • Michael DeMeo

        Yes, and what a great lifestyle they have in that country! The left
        thought Americans would flock there when the travel restrictions were
        lifted, but the ones who went were disgusted when they ate all they
        wanted at the tourist restaurants and saw that the residents could not
        eat the same way. It was discovered that the money coming in from
        tourists was financing the government and not being reinvested in the
        general population. Perhaps if Obama demanded the return of Chesimard
        as one of the many possible conditions for normalization of travel it
        would be understandable. As it was, his experiment was a failure.

  3. AAA

    God bless President Trump !

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