President Elect Donald Trump Thanks Law Enforcement In Acceptance Speech

Donald Trump, defying the odds, defeated Hillary Clinton on Tuesday and will become the 45th President of the United States.

In his acceptance speech, just before 0300 hours on Wednesday, he thanked his family, many members of his staff and then law enforcement.

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He started with a mention of the United States Secret Service.

“I’ve gotten to know some incredible people.  The Secret Service people.  They are tough and they are smart and they are sharp…”

He then transitioned specifically to New York Law Enforcement.

“Law enforcement in New York City.  They are here tonight.  They are spectacular people.  Sometimes underappreciated unfortunately but we appreciate them.”

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  1. SPKorn

    Class Act by President-elect Trump. It is a new day in America

  2. Katrina

    Time for Law and Order to return to this country and respect shown to them! Thank you President Elect Trump!!

  3. kenneth wise


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