Police At Wrong House When Deadly Shooting Happened

Police were at the wrong address when they fatally shot a man in his Southaven (MS) home Sunday, an arrest warrant issued by a Tate County judge shows.

Ismael Lopez was shot dead by a Southaven police officer while standing in the doorway of his home while refusing to put down a weapon.

DeSoto County District Attorney John Champion said Monday that it was possible officers were responding to the wrong address.

Southaven Police were sent to pick up a domestic violence suspect at a duplex at 5878 Surrey Lane.

Lopez lived across the street at 5881 Surrey Lane.

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  1. LegalBeagle

    While Mr. Lopez did have the duty to comply with the directions, this incident is disgraceful and could have easily been prevented had the officers been literate, let alone competent. You would have one hell of a time convincing me that they should keep their jobs. There is no basis for prosecution that I can see on brief review, but a firing should be in their future.

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