Police Officer Talks About His Experience At A Donald Trump Rally

Tucson Police officer Brandon Tatum made a video talking about his experience with protesters at the Donald Trump rally in Tucson, AZ. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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  1. Questor3000

    I am a Sept 11 responder from NYC, TRUMP saved my life and you will hear about it soon

  2. Katielee4211

    Interesting perspective & witness – thank you for taking the time to record and post this video.

  3. Eddie H

    Its SAD that Donald Trump turned these world upside down. If only Officer Tatum heard Trump’s comments from day one. im sure he would be upset about the comments Trump made about others. come on Officer Tatum, be a “ROLL MODEL”.. your an “OFFICER”.. You don’t realize it but your getting more negativity within the Law Enforcement field and you made your Department look BAD.. Hear both sides of the story first before you Judge.. with that said, God Bless You and God help our Nation…

  4. Roger

    Ahh Mr. Tatum? Where do I start? You are so naive! Either way, your experience — aka propaganda for lawofficer.com — is yours to share. There are other people who experienced something opposite and shared that. And while you might have a point about the perceived media bias, your take appears to be bias as well!

  5. Rob

    I was for Carson before he pulled out and I’m not sure about Trump but this is good to hear, because I will vote for him if it comes down to him vs. Shrillary or BurnMe. Thank you!

  6. Paula

    Thank you for your perspective! I hope your position in law enforcement speaks volumes to inform Trump haters.

  7. Ann

    thank you for sharing with everybody your impression about what you saw personally. The media will never report this to anyone, so private citizens need to stand up and share the truth about how Mr. Trumps Rally’s really are. So I appreciate you sharing this with us. God bless you

  8. S.Rossman

    Wonderful explanation of what this man observed.
    Thank you you your time.


    Hats Off to Brandon, great video

  10. jon gutmacher

    Thank you for your honesty and insight. A real eye opener. Excellent.

  11. William Kleppel

    Thank you Officer Tatum for you insight. I am a retired Detective from NYPD and understand how the news workes. That is the problume we have in this country they don’t reoprt the true news, only what they belive. It is good to see that you went and reported on what you observed. Stay safe my friend and God Bless.

  12. PSC J V

    Officer Tatum, there are names for persons such as yourself who enter situations with an open mind and tolerance for those with alternate viewpoints; view the totality of the circumstances; draw conclusions and support your stance with facts and first hand assessment and research; and present same as shared “food for thought” for others with a straightforward and neutral tone.

    Gentleman. Citizen. Patriot.

    I am proud to call you, a fellow sworn officer, my brother. Stay safe.

  13. Arturo

    Lies lies…propaganda.

  14. Drumpf

    I was at that rally as a protester. I am a white female who was located at the entry next to the police. You and I had completely different experiences. In no way shape or form did the protesters prevent thousands of Trump supporters from entering this event. Ask your fellow officers.

  15. StopTheHate

    “He was asking for it.”

    Really? A police officer condoning violence. Do you also think girls wearing short skirts are asking for it? Come on.

  16. Martin C Brhel, Jr.

    Brandon, Marty Brhel, retired DA here. I now write books, when I don’t have Judge Pro Tem duty. My first bio is about Joe Arpaio and Andy Lee. Longtime buddy of “Murph,” aka James Murphy, who sent me your video. Xlnt presentation.

    FYI, your view of Trump is the same one I’ve had, over and over and over again. Thanks for sharing! Please feel free to contact me. ‘Til we speak again, be well and stay safe.

  17. STM

    You are basically blaming the protesters.. This your public. Announcement for Trump you full of shit… Negro he started the hate.. You can’t slap people and then blame them when they hate u now this was shit my brother

  18. Ellen Schmaberger

    Thank you so much young man!

  19. Philip Kirschner

    The EU, President OBAMA and certain key leaders won’t be happy till they see Western Civilization brought to its knees by radicalized muslims engaged in terror operations. At this point, counter terror measures must go into full swing world wide. I don’t want to see another attack happen. Go phones, thing of the past, disposable SIMCARDS, thing of the past, I hope no US nationals were wounded or killed at the American AIrlines check in counter. Terrible my heart is broken to see this, as a Sept 11 first responder. It makes me thinking about the day that changed my life and many other New Yorker responders. My throughts are with EMS, FIRE and POLICE and security services of BELGIUM. I am starting to THINK TRUMP and CRUZ are not only right, but very right about suspending immigration from these nations till they can be properly screened for terror ties.

  20. John

    Ive personally witnrssed the direct opposite of everything this man just said. The protesters are definitely out of control. That much i eill agree with, but not one sentence further than that

    • Katielee4211

      You’ve witnessed the direct opposite, but the protesters are definitely out of control….. without elaborating, those appear to be mutually exclusive statements.

  21. Tracey Lyles

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  22. Susan

    Thank you so much for your honesty and willingness to speak out. I also want to thank you for your commitment to law enforcement. It is absolutely the truth that the ‘Only place evil can reside is when good men stand by and do nothing’. It is clear you are part of the solution! Keeping you and all law enforcement in my prayers!

  23. J Jirby

    hank you. The American people need to know the truth. We the people need to vote the senate, so many of the need to go. I really glad that you shared this with us.

  24. Marjorie King

    I worried about this. Protesters should be trained in non-violent civil disobedience. Trump has cleaned up his act and now makes the folks reacting to him look like the trouble-makers.

  25. Judy Pafunda

    Thank you sir for your service and for telling the truth. God bless you!

  26. Guy

    My USSS friend was site supervisor at the Tulsa Trump rally.

  27. Terry McElrea

    Thank you for coming forward and telling the truth. Also thank you for your service as a policeman.

  28. Stacy

    Nice to see the TRUTH for once instead of what the media wants us to see. Election by the people has become election by the media. It’s who the media likes and who the media wants to be president and then they control what information gets out there and what the people see. I’m glad to see Officer Tatum with his firsthand account and to know the truth and what really happens at Trump’s rallies. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  29. Vanessa DiMola

    It’s amazing what you learn when you get the information first hand. Shame on the media outlets for spinning these stories falsely.

  30. Katy Vaitkevicius

    I should note, to be fair to the opposite viewpoint, that three of my friends (all unaffiliated and attending without knowing each other) attended this rally as well. They come from different walks of life. One is an avid Bernie supporter, one is very unsure as to their political beliefs and one refers to themselves as a staunch moderate but unhappy with the current administration. One is a self-employed local businessman, the second is a Doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona and the third is a retiree, having worked as an accountant for many years. All three shared a very different story from the video above. None of my friends knew each other, yet all three shared a similar story of violence from the part of those already in the rally. They spoke of people randomly being verbally attacked by the crowd because they were suspected of being protesters. They spoke of six groups of individuals all tossed for protesting peacefully with slurs thrown at them from the crowd, including death threats. They spoke of a man who was attacked and beaten purely for being a protester. All three said that they felt fearful for their own safety because of the crowds around them. All three described a “mob mentality”.

    Trump is one man and is not my concern. His followers are my concern. Hitler never killed a single person. His followers did, in his name. I am a little concerned that a Tucson Police Officer, a man who should be protecting the city of Tucson as a civil servant, created a video which so blatantly contradicts the experiences of three unaffiliated individuals, two of which were attending because they felt that they might be potential Trump supporters.

    • Colby Myers

      Katy Vaitkevicius, did you work side by side with Hitler? How would you know that he not once killed a man? That statement is so inaccurate as there is no way you could know that. Can you honestly say that Trump is controlling these people? Do you really think that he has a little army going around and starting fights? You cant be serious! Those people are acting on their own free will. Let’s be clear here, I am not a Trump supporter as I voted Ted Cruz just today, but I am tired of all the blatant lies and idiots like you stirring up false and made up crap about people that you disagree with. If Ted Cruz was leading in the polls you would be just as unhappy because he doesn’t fit your agenda. Stop stirring up lies and promoting hatred. You are the problem, not Trump. I suppose Steffanie Graf the tennis star was to be blamed for the guy that stabbed Monica Seles because that guy was a Steffanie Graf supporter. Listen to your logic. People do stupid things and no one is to be blamed but themselves. Until the “force is truly awakened” everyone’s decisions and actions are on there own heads. Give me a Frikin break. Go get a life!!

  31. Sandra Magruder

    This was wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your honest opinion.

  32. Royce Edwards

    Thank you for providing an unbiased report of your experience. Whoever someone is planning to vote for, it really upsets me that the media is not providing unbiased reporting. It makes me question everything I see in the media.

    I also am sad that so many people only support freedom of speech when they are talking. It seems like it doesn’t matter who wins the election if our country has gotten to this point.

  33. Timothy J. Arnold

    Thank you for your truthful honesty. It is sad that other people force their views on other people who are trying to attend an event and being peaceful . The media needs to find out who is behind all this protest.

  34. Mary

    Did it ever occur to you that he hire people to do these things?

  35. Mary Dodson

    Thank you for calling the media out. The protestors need to be arrested in my opinion.

  36. Susie walton

    The media is part of the problem and the hops that are against Donald trump is the other part of the problem with these protesters. The protesters are probably getting paid to protest st Donald trump events and another thing why doesn’t the media cover it all and tell it like it is ..they obviously don’t. Donald trump all the way for our next president of US!

  37. Paul Shepherd

    So what is the cause of all the hatred?
    Why are people showing up to rallys protesting?
    Why are these conflicts allowed to happen?
    Why is it so divided at these rallys?
    Why are people sweating and hitting g each other?

    Answer: Donald Trump.

    He is loving the fact you are all arguing and will betray you all if ever elected.

  38. Kim L.

    Thank you for your insight Officer Tatum. As an Arizonan, I am very ashamed of the incidents you’ve described from other Arizonans. I hope their ignorance and actions only prove to strengthen Mr. Trump’s standing.

  39. Lena Rothman

    Lies.All lies.I was there yesterday as a protestor.One of Trump’s people came barreling down the staircase, stopped and punched a young Latina womyn in the back of the head and then elbowed her twice in the same spot. She threw up.Probably had a concussion.And then Brandon you lied about how that scene went down with that Davis Montham worker and Sanders.I watched that video several times. Sanders did nothing,absolutely nothing to the DM worker. That man was out of control and the rage was intense.But not only from him but from the Trump people I encountered.I was scared.So what’s the truth here?I was aklso knocked down by the same brute as he barreled his way up the staircase and pushed us and shoved us.I’m 67 yrs old.I had a right to be there.I did not, nor does anyone have a right to strike another person just because you believe differently.It is my experience and others that I know and trust and to listen to Trump himself-is frightening. So,I don’t agree with this officer.

  40. Mike Jones

    Thank you for speaking out and telling how it is something the bias media is not going to do. Your message needs to be spread across America so all can hear and possibly shame the media into reporting the true facts. God Bless

  41. Dan Nainan

    Thank you very kindly officer Tatum for your honest and heartfelt words. And thank you for putting your life on the line to protect us every day.

    I had the chance to perform for Mr. Trump at his golf course in Palm Beach Florida a few years ago, and he was extremely nice to me, which was not what I expected. You can read more about it on my website.

    In any case, thank you again sir!


  42. Walter

    I think at this point with all the violence at his prior rallies, Trump supporters would be better behaved. With a heavy Hispanic population in Arizona its understandable the protests would be more intense in Arizona. I don’t think this experience was indicative of the rallies before. And bc of the vitriol and hate his supporters displayed before, you have a more intense and aggressive protest at the AZ rally. I’m not excusing the uncivilized behavior of the protesters in AZ, I just don’t think this was indicative of the other rallies where the media allegedly only focused on the pro Trump supporters.

    • Kelly Gibson

      The Officer said, that most of the protesters were African-American, I don’t think he even mentioned Hispanics. Remember, he said they were yelling “black lives matter!”

  43. Bronwyn

    Thanks, man. Good video. It’s nice to hear from someone who was there. It took me a while researching before I realized I’m a Trump supporter too. There was so much false, exaggerated, and crazy info on him, I was surprised when I finally realized that I agreed with most of his positions on issues. Plus, he is the most supportive of military, police, and working Americans. Thank you for your service and stay safe out there, brother! -Bron (former military, former law enforcement, current stay at home mom)

  44. Edwin Luster

    Thank you Brandon for sucker punching us with the truth.

  45. nowinningoptionforusa

    I’d be “cussin n screamin” too. this Donald trump motherfucker is gonna get us killed. at least they won’t have to cover their kids ears from the sound of carpet bombs. they’re just lucky they’re on the safe side of the republican world atrocity

    • STEVE

      of course you would be..because you’d rather die a slow and painful death under clinton who is just like obama and refuses to see and recognize who our enemies are…either we go after them or we wait until they come here…make up your mind how you want to fight on there soil or ours…no matter how politically correct you want to be they don’t care they’ll cut off your head just as quick as they would a republican

  46. Nicki

    Thank you Officer. Honest and true. God Bless You and keep you safe. Good accounting.

  47. Michael Dean

    Thanks my brother, Tatum for the heads up and your honesty. I really feel that Mr. Trump is the only one that will turn our country around and stand beside us as we fight to make America great again! Be safe out there Tatum!

  48. Joseph P

    Hi Brandon, Thanks much for making this video and telling it like it is!! I am a Trump fan, and I know he’s not a conservative but that doesn’t bother me at all. Trump is the man for the times we currently live in. The current president HATES cops, HATES the military, HATES the Constitution because it’s “in the way” of things he wants to dictate. I hope Trump is elected in a landslide. There’s nothing more I want than to: 1) See Hillary go down in flames, followed by conviction and prison, and 2) Trump in the Oval Office bring back the morale of cops and public servants everywhere. Trump is the only man who can do it. He is the person for our time. I pray for Trump to win and bring America back from the brink. Thank you again for telling it like it is. -Joseph P. (retired LEO in CA)

    • Tom Segal

      The current president hates stupid. It seems that he hates cops, because so many cops write stupid comments about there not being enough respect for LEOs. It’s become far too blue in the past 15 years. Time to cut back.

  49. Michelle Yost

    Thank you for sharing this with us. What a mess!

  50. Paul Schuepp

    Thank you Officer Tantum for speaking out with honesty and transparency. Refreshing.

  51. Terry L

    Thank you Officer Tatum for your willingness to be informed and your willingness to share the truth about your experience.

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