Police Officer Suing Taco Bell Over Food Tampering

An Oklahoma City police officer is suing Taco Bell.

He claims the employees doctored his food to make it so hot it caused an injury to his throat.

The police officer said he had to take two weeks off work after eating a quesadilla from a Taco Bell.

KFOR reports that Oklahoma City police officer Shawn Byrne was volunteering at an event at Putnam City Baptist Church, and stopped at a nearby Taco Bell on his way home.

He ordered a steak quesadilla, and it didn’t taste right and began to burn his throat.

After going to the doctor, he says he had severe burns on his throat.

The leftovers of the quesadilla were tested and it contained “an extremely hot pepper sauce” and cologne on the quesadilla.

Shawn was in uniform when this all happened and says the employees were laughing at him.

Charges were presented to the district attorney but they were declined.

Byrne is seeking more than $75,000 in damages.

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