Police K9 and Suspect Killed

Credit: Port Authority of Allegheny County Police

Port Authority of Allegheny County Police

The Tribune Review reported that Port Authority of Alleghany County (Pennsylvania) responded to a disturbance on Port Authority Property involving a father and a son.  Bruce Kelley Jr. confronted and fought one of the responding officers.  A foot pursuit ensued where officers attempted to stop the suspect with a stun gun but were unable to do so.

Port Authority officer Brian O’Malley joined the pursuit with K9 Aren, a 4 year veteran in patrol and explosive details. In the pursuit, Aren suffered multiple stab wounds and was rushed to a local animal hospital, but died after being transported.

Officers fired at the suspect and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident east of downtown Pittsburgh.

Aren is the eighth K9 officer killed since the beginning of 2016, with an average of two police dogs dying every week in January. Aren’s handler, O’Malley, worked with him for the past four years in the Port Authority’s explosive detection K9 unit.

Read The ODMP Memorial on K9 Aren.


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  1. Mike Maloney

    From a retired K-9 Officer from the Philadelphia side of the State, I cannot even imagine the pain your going through at this time. but know that I am praying for you and K-9 Aren, a True HERO !!!

  2. Kelly

    This is just heartbreaking… No words.

  3. Kathleen Steiner

    This piece of shit that stabbed this fine animal deserved to die. You parents better start doing a better job raising your kids You are just as responsible, and yes a dog’s life is more important than this thugs life


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