Orlando Police Officer Shoots Suspect At Same Wal-Mart Where Lt. Debra Clayton Was Killed

An Orlando police officer shot a suspect who had a BB gun Thursday in the parking lot outside the Wal-Mart on Princeton Street near John Young Parkway, Chief John Mina said.

Police were called to the store at 3101 Princeton St. for a suspicious incident just after 4 p.m. Mina said a man was approaching people in the parking lot and saying, “Hey, what’s up” before shooting the BB gun.

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“He just came up to the people and started shooting,” he said.


Police said an officer confronted the man down the street, and he pointed the BB gun at the officer.

Mina said the gun looked realistic and had a larger-than-normal muzzle for a BB gun.

Witnesses said the suspect pointed the gun and opened fire at the officer.

The officer shot the man at least once. The suspect, who Mina said was an adult male, was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where his condition is unknown. The officer was not injured.


Mina said it was tough hearing the shooting happened at the same Wal-Mart where Lt. Debra Clayton was killed in January.

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