Officers Defy Omaha Judge’s Order For No Weapons In Court

Judge James Gleason in Douglas County continues to deny officers the right to carry weapons inside of his courtroom.


The issue continued on Monday as two officers refused to disarm.  Many believed that the judge would order the arrest of the officers but it did not occur as both officers remained outside of the courtroom.

Omaha City Attorney Paul Kratz did not help matters when he stated that the city will not appeal the judge’s gun ban, even if all of Gleason’s district and county colleagues disagree with the ban. 27 Douglas County judges have indicated they support the sheriff’s security policy for the Douglas County Courthouse: Armed police officers are preferred in case of an active shooter.

Omaha Police Sgt. John Wells, head of the Omaha police union, said Gleason’s order puts officers at risk and that Omaha’s police union will campaign against Gleason when he comes up for a retention vote in 2018.

“Frankly the (gun ban) is completely unnecessary, it compromises public safety and at some point I’m sure he’s going to be held accountable,” Wells said.

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  1. Luke

    Check out Fulton Co. Where a judge, court reporter and two deputies were killed as a result of this ignorant thinking.

  2. Ralph Streicher

    Oakland Police Department in Ca faced the same situation in the ’80’s. The Officer testifying, who had received death threats from the bikers he was testifying against, refused to disarm while on the stand, and the Judge threatened him with arrest. The Officer showed up to Court in uniform, with an empty holster…escorted by two uniformed Officers with shotguns. They stationed themselves on either side of the inside doorway throughout the primary’s testimony, then escorted him out.

    Problem solved.

  3. Terry

    Geezowhiz! Now a judge is trying to put our ‘guardians in blue’ at an even higher risk than these Police Officers already have had to deal with on a daily basis? The criminals and their asinine protesting idiot supporters must be laughing so hard they’re dropping their illegal weapons on the floor. To hell with this poor excuse of a judge and a human being. And continual blessings to all our Police Officers everywhere… and always.
    Most Very Sincerely & Appreciatively, Terry Collins

  4. David Cobb

    The officers should refuse to escort prisoners into the court room unless they, the officers, are in full uniform. See how the judge likes it being in the same room as the prisoners without the protection of police officers.

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