Officer Makes Student “Honorary K-9 Officer”

We have heard a lot of neat stories of officers and their contributions to the communities they serve.  Much of it is not reported in the media and we are committed to doing just that.  The story of Ft. Smith (AR) Corporal Travis Watkins and “Officer Jamarrion” is about as good as it gets.

Thank you Fort Smith P.D. and Cpl. Watkins for showing us all why we do this job!

ftsmith1When Ft. Smith (AR) Corporal Travis Watkins met Jamarrion Franklin at Howard Elementary School a few months ago, they quickly became friends.  They had a lot in common. Jamarrion aspires to be an officer and Cpl. Watkins happens to be a K-9 Officer. Corporal Watkins regularly visits Howard Elementary and Jamarrion is always quick to seek him out and the two always talk about being in law enforcement and specifically a K-9 officer.

Jamarrion has sent several pictures and letters to the FSPD K-9 Unit and gives them to Cpl. Watkins to share with the other handlers. Their relationship and bond has grown so much, Cpl. Watkins now refers to Jamarrion as “Officer Jamarrion” when the two see each other.


Cpl. Travis Watkins

After Cpl. Watkins shared Jamarrion’s pictures and story with the other handlers of the FSPD K-9 Unit, they were quick to decide they had to meet him. On March 8, 2016, the entire FSPD K-9 Unit and their furry partners made a surprise visit to Howard Elementary to introduce themselves to “Officer Jamarrion”. They took the time to show Jamarrion around their cars, equipment and their partners.

Jamarrion did not expect to be named an “Honorary K-9 Officer”.

The Fort Smith Police Department announced via their facebook page:

Please join us in congratulating “Honorary” K-9 Officer Jamarrion Franklin to the Fort Smith Police Department’s K-9 Unit!   Welcome to the family and we are proud too call you brother!

On behalf of the Law Officer Team, we welcome Jamarrion to the family of blue.

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