University Police Officer Shot In Detroit: ‘Very Critical’

Photo Courtesy:  Fox 2

A Wayne State University police officer was shot near campus tonight and was rushed to Detroit Receiving hospital while Detroit police help search for the shooter.

Reports indicate that the officer was shot once in the head.

sWayne State Police Chief Anthony Holt said that “the officer is very critical.”

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The officer was working an area off campus when he stopped to investigate a subject. A responding officer found the officer on the ground with a gunshot wound.

The Detroit Police Department is assisting in the search for the suspect and the investigation.

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  1. Monica English

    Officer Rose passed away today, November 23, shortly before 6:00 pm, surrounded by his fiancée, family and 130 police officers.
    Rest easy, sir. Rest easy. ?

  2. CMRocks10001

    What was he “investigating” the subject for? No mention of a crime suspected. Sounds like he detained the guy in violation of the 4th amendment. Your cops break the law and act surprised when people defend themselves? lol

    • Phil Bullock

      “Sounds like he detained the guy in violation of the 4th amendment”.
      Sounds like your armchair needs rebooting.
      Prove the police officer was in the wrong and broke the law. You can’t. You just want to bash the police for being there. Your hatred of the law enforcers is your own. I will pray for your enlightenment.

    • Alan Doherty

      R u serious you disrespectful vile excuse for a human being?

    • Buddy

      next time you need help call the mail man because your a POS !

    • kenneth wise

      You’re an idiot you know that right?

  3. Monica English

    I am sorry to report that as of 9:00pm, the unofficial but verifiable word is that the Wayne State University Police Officer did not survive. He has not been identified at this time.
    Early reports say the officer made contact with the suspect, who was on a bicycle.
    The officer did radio for help, calling “Officer down”.
    A resident of the area reported hearing three gunshots.
    As of this posting, the suspected gunman was still at large, and most probably in possession of the officers missing sidearm.
    Detroit Police, Wayne State University Police, Michigan State Police and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office are assisting in the search for the suspect.
    The officer worked for the Wayne State University Police, who are contracted to respond to calls in the area surrounding the campus, as well as the campus proper.

    • Law Officer

      Thank you. We are trying to get official confirmation now.

      • Monica English

        As of 11:00pm, WDIV reported that the WSU officer, identified as 29 year old Collin Rose, survived the shooting, is out of surgery at Detroit Receiving Hospital, and listed in critical but stable condition.
        A person of interest has been arrested and identified as Dangelo Davis.
        Police are still searching for the gun used in the shooting, and the ATF has offered a $5000.00 reward for that weapon.

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