There Are No Part-Time Heroes

There are no part-time heroes in law enforcement.  That is the first thing I thought of when I heard that 25-year-old Officer Christopher Dorman of the Folcroft (PA) Police Department was a part-time officer who had just celebrated his one-year milestone with the department.

At 10 a.m. on Friday, Dorman responded to the report of a man selling drugs at an address.

Suddenly, a common call (if there is such a thing) became an ambush and is now described as one of the most horrific police shootings that the local authorities say they have ever seen.

Donte Brooks Island – also known as Abdul Wahi – fired seven shots from a .40-caliber pistol as Dorman approached, striking him in the face through both cheeks, in his groin, in a leg, and four times in his chest.

Dorman was wearing a ballistic vest.  That vest and his sheer warrior mindset permitted him to shout to dispatchers, “I’m shot in the face! I’m shot in the face!”

The call, broadcast over police radio, captured more shots being fired and Dorman repeating, “I’m shot! I’m shot!”

After firing at two officers who arrived after Dorman was hit – and hitting neither – Island fled, launching a three-hour manhunt that drew nearly 200 officers from across the region.

By Friday afternoon, law enforcement found Island hiding out in an apartment on the same block.

Hours preceding that, authorities had driven armored vehicles up and down the block and evacuated homes.

We know very little details about the seconds that Officer Dorman encountered this coward but we know one thing for sure.  He stood up, he fought, he summoned officers and he is alive today.

The road has not or will not be easy for him.  As of late Friday, Dorman was listed in critical but stable condition.  He has already undergone multiple surgeries and Folcroft police announced on Twitter Friday night that he is expected to make a full recovery.

Officer Dorman grew up in Folcroft and long aspired to be a police officer. At 16, he joined Folcroft’s fire company, volunteering mornings and nights throughout high school.

One year ago he joined the Police Department and this summer, he was in the final steps of applying to work for SEPTA Transit Police.

Regardless of whether Chris is part time, full time or which agency he continues his career with, we applaud him.

You sir, are a hero to all of us.


Police Officer Shot 7 Times, Suspect Arrested

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  1. Dave H

    It is truly pathetic that so many in law enforcement regard part time officers with such disdain. Many part timers work part time because full time opportunities are limited, as political subdivisions cut back. Many part timers work in multiple departments, collectively amassing more work hours than many full timers. They do so while being paid much less, generally having no benefits, being looked down upon by their full time peers, despite generally having the same training, and taking the same risks. Officer Dorman did the job successfully, and that’s what matters most. I pray for his complete and rapid recovery.

  2. Pieter Brons

    As one has sad before me: you Sir, are a real hero. You did what had to be done, and than you sounded the alarms that made it posible for your collegues to react. My best wishes for you and I hope a speedy recovery.

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