Suspect In University Officer Shooting Captured

Fox 2 reports that a person of interest in the shooting of a Wayne State police officer has been arrested.

DeAngelo Davis was arrested in the area of Michigan and Trumbull, Chief James Craig told Dave Spencer.

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The victim, a canine officer, was wounded in the head during a stop of a man on a bicycle in the Woodbridge area of Detroit. The officer, a five-year veteran in his late 20s is in critical condition at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

The shooting happened in front of an apartment building at Lincoln and Brainard during a traffic stop at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday.

A woman said she witnessed the shooting.

“The officer was trying to get him to put his arms behind his back.” the woman said. “And I’m assuming he didn’t want to and he just shot him. We heard one shot and we looked, and the officer was down. And he shot him twice.”

It is unclear if the suspect was armed or if the officer’s gun was taken and used. Police say they do have the officer’s weapon in their possession.

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  1. koowah

    Another thug commits a violent crime and there are still those who consider them human..

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