Reports: Georgia Police Officer Has Died, Suspect Identified

Photo:  Minguell Kennedy Lembrick, Suspect

Members of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are on the scene of an Americus (GA) shooting that has one officer in critical condition.

WSBTV is reporting that one police officer has died.

Phyllis Banks with the Albany Police Department has identified the shooting suspect as Minguell Kennedy Lembrick, 32.  He is outstanding.

According to the Twitter account for Georgia Southwestern State University, one of the injured officers is a campus public safety officer and one is a local law enforcement officer.

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  1. Police Chaplain

    I would not use the word “outstanding” (meaning in this case, “at large”) about this perp. When will the protests and riots take place in support of our slain brother? Oh yea — there won’t be any. {sigh} Praying for our wounded and the family/colleagues of our slain.

    • Scooter McHeadshot

      Yep, we need about 10,000 white people to go to their neighborhood and burn it to the ground, and show them how pointless and stupid this kind of behavior is.

      • Jamal Warner

        So you are advocating violence toward black people by “10,000 white people”. Let me guess, you are trying to criticize others about violence. Go Figure!

    • Jamal Warner

      There is no need to protest someone that is going to get justice. Why aren’t you out protesting?

      • Police Chaplain

        I do: I go on duty like I have for the past 30 years and fight for justice by putting criminals behind bars and fighting for those who have been victimized by criminals of all colors. And I’ve been on duty defending neighborhoods against the Black Lives Matter criminals/terrorists bent on destruction.

        • Jamal Warner

          What terrorist act has Black Lives Matter committed? What neighborhood is Black Lives Matter attacking, since you are “on duty defending neighborhoods against” them? Name a specific act of terror committed by them or a crime directly associated with them?

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