Details Emerge In Appleton Shooting: Officer Disarmed

A 23-year-old Appleton (WI) man who was a suspect in two retail thefts attacked an Appleton police officer early Saturday, taking her handgun and shooting her and a Good Samaritan before killing himself on the city’s east side, Police Chief Todd Thomas said.

The suspect shot himself in the head, according to multiple people who witnessed the event, and died at the scene, Thomas said.

Post Crescent reports that police declined to release the names of the suspect, the officer or the man who stopped to help her, to give their families time to cope with the incident. Thomas said the officer was shot in the hip and the man was shot in the upper chest. They underwent surgery at a local hospital and are recovering.

“Their injuries are not life-threatening,” Thomas said.

The officer spotted the suspect walking in the 900 block of South Kensington Drive near Kensington Court about 12:15 a.m. Thomas said the suspect refused to stop and at some point turned around and approached the officer. She got out of her squad car and gave the suspect orders, Thomas said, but the suspect didn’t comply and came at her.

The officer retreated and tried to stop the suspect with her Taser.

“The male suspect continued his assault and attacked the officer and attempted to disarm her,” Thomas said. “The officer and the male fought violently for control of her firearm.”

Two men in a passing car saw the fight and stopped behind the police car and got out to help.

“At this point the suspect was able to disarm the officer and fired at her,” striking her once, Thomas said. The suspect then fired additional shots toward the men who had stopped to assist, hitting one of them.

The suspect then shot and killed himself with the service weapon.

The Green Bay Police Department is investigating the shooting at the request of Appleton police.

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  1. BillHolly

    Too bad she is not in the Border Patrol where she could get one of those stupid new awards to be given out when an agent does not use deadly force when it is necessary. Sarcasm intended!

  2. stop crying

    At least a happy ending.

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