5 Dallas Area Officers Dead, 6 Others Shot In Dallas Protest

Five Dallas Area Officers Are Dead including 6 others shot when two snipers attacked them from a downtown roof.

One DART Officer and four Dallas Officers are deceased.

It is the deadliest attack on American Law Enforcement since September 11, 2001.

The shooting occurred just before 9 p.m. in Downtown Dallas where there were protests in regards to African Americans being shot by police across the country.  The protesters were marching near Lamar and Main Street when the shots were fired.

Dallas Police estimated 60 shots were fired at officers from a roof.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the suspect holed up in a downtown parking garage had exchanged gunfire with officers for 45 minutes and claimed “the end is coming”, as well as saying that he had planted bombs across Dallas and wanted to hurt more officers.

Brown also said authorities had earlier taken a woman into custody near the garage. Two men were also being questioned after police pursued their vehicle away from downtown onto Interstate 35.

Brown said “our assumption” is that the four suspects were “working together with rifles, triangulating at different positions.” He had no information on a possible motive or the identities of any of the suspects. He also noted that police were not completely certain that every suspect was in custody.


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  1. The Punisher

    they are imbeciles, killing cops isnt going to do anything but make sure the cops are more on edge then ever and even more likely to not take a chance and shoot first to protect themselves.

  2. shutit

    Soros is sitting somewhere with a big smile right now.

  3. pen44

    This is an attack on our nation, on our security and laws….nothing less. Our law officers have become afraid of the citizens that they are sworn to protect. This is hideous. And, Obama, and also Eric Holder, are very much to blame for this situation.

    My prayers go out to all of our police persons every day!! Dear Lord God, protect them all!!

  4. Fedup Veteran

    This, folks, is the TRUE black lives matter animal! Please, be safe out there brothers and sisters because apparently, the war just got kicked up a notch. And where is Obammie’s outrage and demands for the killing to stop?

  5. Van Hamlin

    My family is praying for those involved in this horrible incident. God bless those who died and God protect those who survived. I am retired but still work as a SD- USMS-Court Security Officer. I hope all Law Enforcement Officers, past and present, will band together and vote out politicians who do not support us.

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