Occupy Denver Leader Shot Three Colorado Deputies

Martin Wirth, a leader in Occupy Denver, shot three Colorado Deputies on Wednesday, killing Park County Sheriff Cpl. Nate Carrigan.  Carrigan was part of an eight man force serving a “contentious eviction” notice. Wirth had defaulted on his house in 2013 and was facing foreclosure proceedings.

Wirth opened fire on the officers upon their arrival. At the time of the shootout, he had a pending court case for eluding a police officer, obstructing law enforcement and driving under restraint during a January 20th incident.

In his role in Occupy Denver, Wirth often spoke out against corporate welfare, big banks, the cost of higher education, and in favor of sustaining and expanding public transportation.  He ran for Senate in 2014 on the Green Party ticket.

Wirth’s Facebook page photos and comments show he participated in several Denver demonstrations in late 2014 involving the Black Lives Matter movement. They included “die-ins” where people fell to the ground in protests against the deaths of black men in confrontations with white police officers in the United States.

The Denver Post also reported that the accused cop killer was an opponent of the death penalty, quoting him as saying:

Interest in this question suggests fear towards addressing the root causes of violence in our society. Poverty is a form of violence that leads to malnutrition, homelessness, and hopelessness. The destruction of our sense of community, and treating people like disposable commodities opens the gate to deeply anti-social and violent thinking. This is itself the result of unconscionable thinking within the ranks of our political class.

Wirth’s potential for violence was revealed in this Facebook post from January 22nd.

The abuse, of course, doesn’t stop with extortion and beatings. Cops rape and kill people. Others are maimed for life. One cop repeatedly punched my face and knocked two of my teeth out after others piled on. This was after aiming loaded pistols while screaming threats at me. I may have provoked them with a finger or gave them the skunk eye. Then I turned my back to go home. They were about to open fire. It’s better to be shot in the back while unarmed because the coroner will usually record that as a homicide.

A Jefferson Country sheriff’s deputy came all the way into Park County and did that. None of the Park County cops made any effort to help a citizen of their own county being attacked by a homicidal psychopath from the neighboring county over six miles out of his jurisdiction. In fact, they drew their own pistols to assist my assailant. Maybe they needed to dust off the old shooting irons, or missed that special camaraderie you can only have when you threaten to shoot someone for attempting to purchase car insurance.

When people like me run for senate, you know it’s bad. But it’s much more entertaining when the cops are pulling out any excuse to kill you for it. My neighbor suggested that I head on over to the sheriff’s office to apply for a concealed carry permit. What do you all think?

In a YouTube video from a year ago, Wirth discussed illegal foreclosures and said that giving money to criminals was aiding and abetting a crime, which appeared to be his justification for not paying his mortgage or property taxes.

Fallen deputy Cpl. Nate Carrigan had served with the Park County Sheriff’s office for 13 years and was a coach of the local high school team. In 2013, Carrigan was honored for his work capturing a burglar and kidnapper.

Master Patrol Deputy Kolby Martin remains in critical condition in the hospital. Capt. Mark Hancock was treated for injuries and released.

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  1. David Thrush

    Clearly a left wing Occupy wall street radical Environmentalist who hated authority…

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