Mississippi Officer Killed

Law enforcement authorities are reporting that one officer is dead and three are hospitalized with gunshot wounds after a standoff in northeastern Mississippi.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain says the standoff ended in gunfire early Saturday at a home near the town of Iuka, Mississippi.  The suspect is dead and the wounds of the two other officers are not life-threatening.

The Clarion-Ledger has identified the deceased officer as Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Officer Lee Tartt, 44.

A 22 year veteran, Tartt was the 2011 MBN Agent of the year and won the H. Lane Caldwell Award for Valor in 2012.

Tartt is survived by his wife and two children.

Gov. Phil Bryant issued a statement Saturday morning about Tartt.

“Our men and women in law enforcement put themselves in harm’s way every hour of every shift. This is a tragic reminder that their willingness to serve can exact the highest price,” he said. “Deborah and I ask all Mississippians to join us in praying for the family of the fallen officer. May God hold him in the hollow of His hand.”

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  1. KR

    As we laid our Deputies to rest this past week in Harford County, it is so sad to hear that another officer has lost his life to gunfire. Our hearts and prayers go out to you!

  2. Ernesto "Pete" Castillo

    Like a avalanche of discontent, the blue line is perforated- lawlessness grows-while some quiver over our Bill of Rights.
    We are sworn to protect while in service and now. It’s s lifestyle, not a job. The soothers and sellers of death ( be they pharmaceutical conglomerates or cartels) must be reigned in.
    Again we morn a fallen peace maker. My condolences to his loved ones. My dismay and disgust to the people and polices which engender this affront to civility.

  3. vera milligan

    In The Name of Our Lord JESUS…. We Pray for your comfort & Grace be with this Family ,give them your powering strength.Officer Lee May You Rest In Peace in the Presence of Our Saviour…. Amen

  4. Carrie

    I don’t know what to say but Thank you to all the brave, dedicated public servants I am tired of stuff like this happening

  5. Helen Kay Holland

    My family prayers every night when we say our bed time prayers for our Law Officer’s an our Fire Fighters. May God take him home and let him rest now. Our prayers are with his wife an children now.

  6. Aretha Carver

    This is sad R.I.P. Praying for all the victims families

  7. Gayle

    So sad! Another Hero taken from his family by murder! When will America do something!
    He can’t go home and read to his kids, go camping, his wife can’t celebrate happy events with her husband! Not because he was 100 years old, but because to someone, (HE WORE BLUE). KNOW G-OD IS WITH YOU!

  8. Ron

    Lord I ask you to comfort this officer’s family at the loss of ahusband an father in Jesus name Amen+

  9. Kay Murphree

    Lee Tartt was a role model to law enforcement officers and civilians alike! He was truly one of the good guys! He is highly respected and much loved…a man of integrity that loved his family and friends and his job! He strived to make the world a better place ….and he did!

  10. Carla Barnes

    Very sad to hear ♡ Our thoughts and prayers for His family and ALL LEO ♡ What would we do without you ♡

  11. Michael Lofton

    Matthew 5:9. Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the sons of god.

  12. JK

    R.I.P brother in blue. God speed.

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