Mayor: Black On Black Crime Is A ‘Black’ Problem

Former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton is 76 years old and some might think age has mellowed the former Mayor and Memphis City Schools Superintendent.

It hasn’t.

Willie Herenton wasn’t trying to win friends and influence people at the New Years Prayer Breakfast.

He was talking about crime, black on black crime as he called it. “We talk about black on black crime,” he said, “… and I’m going to be very critical of the Crime Commission, of the Juvenile Court Judge. I’m going to be very critical of the Sheriff. You know why? Because they’re floundering.”

“Mass incarceration has never worked,” he said. “When are we going to try education, rehabilitation, and for those of us who believe in a God, we believe in redemption.”

Herenton wants 10,000 African American men to volunteer to help young folks who are heading in the wrong direction. Current Mayor Jim Strickland liked what he heard. “We cannot afford to lose a generation of young people.”

Mayor Strickland is also urging people to volunteer to make Memphis a better place.

He wants volunteers to teach children to read, to be mentors, even to volunteer to help clean up the city block by block. “If we really get a lot of people to help out on this city,” he says, “…I often say some of our challenges are too big for city government to handle themselves.”

“No one can help us,” Herenton says, “… if we don’t help ourselves. It’s up to us to protect us, from us.”


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  1. elladeon

    New *Year’s*, not New Years. It’s possessive (the day of the new year), not plural.

  2. Jenkem Huffington

    Where thar’ be Africans thar’ be Africa.

    • JohnCoolidge

      No, where there be Africans, there be white supremacists stealing all of the resources.

      • Jenkem Huffington

        Blame whitey and stick out the begging bowl. What an absolutely pathetic species.

        • JohnCoolidge

          Only thing I beg cave dwellers to do is go back to the Caucuses and stay there.

          • Jenkem Huffington

            Because getting rid of all the white Europeans has worked out for your kind so well in Haiti, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Detroit, or any place else you infest. You would really thrive without us.

          • DDDDDuane

            Okay…We WILL go back to the Caucuses (if that is where DNA testing indicates that is where we are from…)….ONLY after all negroes return to “afaca”….
            (Afaca means: NO welfare, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, WIC, social security,
            section 8, affirmative action (do nothing government job), vacations in jails and prisons…etc….WHERE DOES IT EVER END?

      • DDDDDuane

        I agree with you….Negro Africa should be left alone by the White man to implode itself into disease, murder, starvation and extinction….
        Actually it’s rothschild banks paying the best killers in those african nations a few shekels for those natural resources….It no different than when the tribal chiefs in africa captured african natives and brought them to coastal slave departure points and were paid for them in rum by jew slave dealers….
        Yes, White “shabbos goy” sea captains and merchant seamen sailed the ships but they weren’t responsible for the slave trade….There were many jew sea captains as well….
        Christopher Columbus himself was a jew from Italy…Being a jew I’m sure he was involved in slave trading….If he lived in the 20th century he probably would have been a pornographer…

  3. John Coolidge

    The Mayor would do well to take up magic, so that he could create some livable wage jobs.

    • Jenkem Huffington

      I’m sure all the denizens of Memphrica are just champing at the bit to run out and find gainful employment. I’m also positive that businesses will be just lining up to move there to take advantage of the skilled, polite, articulate and industrious workforce, and the clean and safe city streets would make a tremendous location for a fortune 500 corporate office.

      • DDDDDuane

        Mayor Willie is talking like a “White Man” which is why they seem to hate him….
        If he was threatening to incite riots for more “FREE SH!T FROM WHITES” he would be loved by his fellow negroes….

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